Online Casino Slots Popular Questions December 2020

8 December 2020 6 minutes to read
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We’re fortunate to have so many online slot machines at our disposal now. Not so long ago slot games were as scarce as unicorns at online casinos. As we head on into December and the looming festivities that await us. We’re excited to bring you another informative FAQ slots guide.

The Casinowhizz team receives hundreds of player questions every month. We noted that the majority of the questions are still about slots. Just so you know we do put in an effort to answer all of them.

Furthermore, we decided to lift the lid on the most important real money slot questions for December 2020. Without wasting any more time let’s check them out. Our best online casinos in the USA cover RealTime Gaming slots like Cash Bandits 3 for real money.

FAQ Slots Online For Real Money

The first question is from Gregg, a real money slot player from Texas. He played The Hive at one of our top American casinos recently. Gregg says that he feels disgruntled because online casinos are becoming greedier. “I’m not winning as much money as I used to when I play slot games. I feel that casinos keep on tightening their games and I haven’t received a decent payout in months.”

Hi Gregg,

Thanks for your email and question. It doesn’t matter which casino game you play online; it can be bingo, blackjack, roulette, or slots. All of them have one thing in common and that is to make the casino money. Regardless, of which game you play the online casino has an edge.

To matters into perspective. Gaming studios like Betsoft or RealTime Gaming design their slots mathematically against you! Unfortunately, we have to break it to you that’s the way it is. Some days will be great playing slots and other days not so great.


Online Casinos Operate At A Profit

Online casinos are business entities. Therefore, they must operate at a profit otherwise they won’t remain in business for long. They must pay their staff, license fees, and the software providers from whom they hire their games. That said, casinos also know that if the games favor the house too much they’ll lose business.

Generally speaking, gambling at casinos online is a highly lucrative and legal business. Casino games have an edge to the house of 0.5% up to 30%. In layman’s terms, you’re losing 5 to 30 cents on every dollar you bet. It’s the price you pay for the entertainment online casino games offer.

This is why you should play for fun and not as a means to make money. Granted, progressive jackpot slots offer payouts of millions of dollars on a single spin. Your chances of winning a progressive jackpot is one in millions.


Increase The Odds When You Play Casino Games

You can increase your odds when you play slots online by checking out our how to win at slots strategy tips article.’s goal is to arm you with the skills that will help you to win regularly when you play slots.

We suggest you study the help screen of the slot machine before you deposit money. You can score plenty of extra cash in the form of deposit bonuses, comps, and rebates on your losses. Moreover, online casinos love to award depositors free spins and no deposit bonuses to try out a new slot. Remember, to play and build your status at the casino!

Another important tip we can give you Gregg is to play slot machines with a high payback rate. Hopefully, we’ll be your eyes and ears when it comes to playing slots for real money online.

Do The Slots At Online Casinos Function Properly In Terms of Their Payback Rates?

The next question was from Ben who wants to know if online slot machines are safe to play?

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your question. Jurisdictions such as the UK, Curacao, Costa Rica, Malta, and Panama regulate casino sites online. That said, the laws of certain jurisdictions are more relaxed than others. Before a jurisdiction like Curacao awards the US casino a license.

The casino must demonstrate to the licensing regime that it is financially capable to pay out player wins. More importantly, independent testing companies like TST, eCOGRA, and iTech Labs test the RNGs of the casino’s games. To ensure that the games are safe to play.

The software designers of the games themselves also test the games for compliance regularly. Not only do they make sure that each individual slot game offers random payouts. They check the number of credits that went into the game. The number of credits the game paid out and the amount of credits slot players wagered on the games.

The best advice we can give you when you play slots online is to choose a niche you enjoy. In other words, a slots theme that you like. As avid slot players, we like playing slot games with adventure, ancient Egyptian/Aztec/Mayan, and fantasy themes.

Also, check the payback ratio of the slot game and the casino. For example, a slot machine such as Epic Holiday Party will have an RTP at Sloto Cash casino of 96%. While the RTP for the same game will be 95.8% at another RTG casino. The bottom is online slot machines are safe because the outcome of each game hinges on a random generator. The jurisdictions further ensure safety and transparency. Not only of the casinos but of the games as well.


Have A Slots Game Plan! is the number 1 guide when it comes to slots for real money. Now, to become a successful online slot player you must have a game plan. As you know by now you already have a handicap against you namely the house edge.

The path towards a successful 2021 slots career is choosing the right slot that fits your bankroll. Maximizing the casino’s bonuses, comps, and rewards. And, you must choose the right online casino! Don’t pick a casino just because it has a flashy website. Only play at the sites recommends.

Play higher denomination slot games. There’s a reason why we say this. We noted that payouts are significantly better. That’s when we play medium to high variance slots at a min bet of $5. The higher your average bet the quicker you’ll notch up extra comps at the casino. Online casinos keep track in real-time of every cent you spend and they reward you accordingly.

Online casinos intentionally offer returning players Free Spins bonuses. Before you sign up, examine all the offers the casino lists on its website. If you’re not sure where to find the casino’s most exciting offers you’ll find them under the Promotions tab.

Don’t just play slot machines, we strongly encourage you to try out other casino games. It can be blackjack, roulette, or video poker. If you play blackjack make sure you grasp the game’s basic betting strategy, rules, and odds. The point is if you change games often it keeps things interesting and fresh. Don’t be afraid to ask the casino for a free chip to play blackjack. Some casinos even have special training programs for blackjack newbies.


Know The Bonus Pulls-To-Hit

Peter from Kentucky wants to know how does one determine a slot machine’s pulls-to-hit ratio. The cheapest way to do so is to play the slots for free or in demo mode.

Each slot game has its own special features. It can be Free Spins with multipliers, Re-spins, Pick Me games, or Expanding Reels. Every true slots enthusiast wants to know how many spins they must make to trigger the game’s bonus round. Even if it’s just a ballpark figure.

Essentially, each game has its own distinct math model. The premise is when we play slots for cash we don’t want to just play it blindly. To know how many spins to trigger a bonus event helps you to prep a bankroll.

Let’s say a slot game like IC Wins has a bonus pulls-to-hit of 80 spins to trigger the Free Spins. If your average bet per spin is $1. A reasonable bankroll for this scenario would be a bankroll of at least $80 to trigger it. This amount of money should allow you to experience the bonus at least once. If you know the bonus pull-to-hit provides you with a base value comparison.

It takes around 180 to 200 spins to trigger the Free Spins of high variance slot games. Medium variance slot games to get into the bonus takes 120 spins. And, low variance games take 60 to 80 spins.


How To Calculate The Bonus Pulls-To-Hit

When you play your favorite slot machine online. Start counting how many spins it takes to trigger a bonus round. If it takes you 100 spins to trigger it for the first time, then 70 spins, then 65 spins, and 70 spins. Add, all the numbers 100+70+65+70=305 divide this figure by 4. In other words, by the number of all the times, you initiated the free spins.

On average it will take 76.25 spins to trigger the Free Spins. It’s also important to remember not to rush when you play. As it is the reels of a slot machine spin at a blistering pace. Before you see you’ve just blown a bankroll of $200 in no time. Time your sessions by using the Auto Play button.

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