Newbie Mistakes Playing Slots – Pokes Online: How To Avoid Them

7 December 2020 5 minutes to read
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It so happens that when you play slots for real money you end up with a few dismal sessions. Or, to be exact you slay your bankroll by your own stupidity. One way or another we all made silly mistakes by not playing sensibly. After all, stupid is as stupid does.

The mistakes we made when we started playing casino games online were naivety, impatience, playing the wrong game. And of course, that old devil greed. We think this will be a nice article to kick off the December holidays.“Newbie Mistakes Playing Slots Online: How To Avoid Them”.

It’s that time of the year again where USA casinos online dole out special bonuses and Free Spins left, right, and center. To the savvy player, they’re special treats because they know how to use them. However, if you don’t use them sensibly they can become the proverbial thorn in the flesh, or so to speak.

Please note, we’re referring to the pre-UIGEA times. In other words, prior to 2006. Things were a lot simpler back then, yet the online casino industry wasn’t near as safe as it is today.

Never Abuse A Bonus

We’d like to say beforehand that the welcome bonus online casinos offer newbies is one of the best perks. As it injects your bankroll with thousands of dollars in extra cash to play real money slots. Now, the reason why we brought up the bonus as a potential hot potato is because players still don’t read the T&C’s. Herein lies the problem.

The first American friendly online casino we played at offered a whopper of a USA slots bonus of 1500% up to $3,000. In itself, it was a bonus trap because it’s way too big for us to handle. The terms attached to it were downright diabolical too. We accepted the bonus and deposited $2,000 because we believed it’s too a good offer to miss.

The casino matched our bonus with an extra $30,000 giving us a massive bankroll of $32,000 to play with! The only thing we saw in our casino account was the money.

Check The Bonus Terms Before You Play

We started playing a few slot games immediately without any prior knowledge. Various casino gambling sites recommended that we must bet the maximum to meet the WR fast. This is exactly what we did. $32,000 is a lot of cash to a newbie; it’s like giving a kid a Ferrari on prom night.

We hit a windfall of $25,000 on one spin and another $17,000 on a different slot. You can imagine how elated we were with these payouts. We decided there and then to cash out our money. Back then the wasn’t any software to notify you if you meet the bonus WR or not. Players just accepted the bonus and played with plenty of strings attached. That was us.

Due to the size of the withdrawal; the casino manager told us that he cannot approve it because we violated the bonus terms. It’s one of those WTH moments! As our luck would have it both slot games did not contribute towards the weighting of the bonus.

It didn’t help our cause either as the permissible max bet was $5 per spin. We bet way more. As a result, the casino confiscated our winnings. Luckily the casino manager was a decent enough bloke and returned our initial deposit. It still hurts to this day to have dipped out on $42,000.

Why The Bonus Is Still Important

Instead of slating the online casino at public gambling forums. We decided to do a bit of introspection. We admit that it was an extremely costly mistake and we’re to blame. The bonus remains a great incentive as it increases your budget with a lot of money.

Learn from our mistakes and always check the bonus terms. If you don’t know how the WR works, contact the casino. In our experience, they’re more than happy to help you. How we violated the casino’s bonus terms.

Let’s begin with the wagering requirement (WR). When the casino site advertised the bonus of 1500% up to $3000. The bonus carried a 60x deposit plus bonus sum. It meant that the casino topped up our bankroll with a bonus of $30,000 on a deposit of $2,000. To be able to withdraw our money we had to stake 60x$30,000+$2,000=$1.920,000 in bets! We don’t have to tell you that it’s a prodigious sum and that the WR is super steep!

When you play slot machines. Make sure that slot games count 100% towards the bonus wagering. More importantly, have a look what’s the max amount you can bet per spin.


Newbie Casino Gambling Mistakes

Another mistake we made we didn’t know which casino game is the best to play. When we finally picked a game it didn’t suit our bankroll not our style of play. For example, we’ll play a high variance slot machine with a small bankroll. More often than we lost our money quickly and blamed the online casino because it “rigs” its games.

Impatience and Greed

Despite being KO’d by a bonus because we did not read the terms. We were “bonus shy” for a while and only played with our own money instead of the casinos. Sorry, we KO’d ourselves and not the bonus but that was our sentiment at the time.

Enter greed! We’ll win plenty of money on a slot just to blow it all again. We did not time our sessions, we became greedy and impatient. Neither did we employ proper bankroll management. We just played and played until we no longer had any cash left.

Afterward, we felt terrible because we knew the mistakes we made but we still kept on making them. Suffice to say greed got the better of us more than we cared to remember. The moral of the story here is if you have a big win, cash out! You won’t be that lucky again any time soon. Casino online sites now give players the opportunity to test their games for free before they deposit. It’s a great way to test the game risk-free and to see if you like it.


We strongly encourage you to learn from our mistakes. As you can see they can be very costly. Playing for real money at online casinos is a risky endeavor. If you feel that your gambling habit is getting out of hand. Seek help immediately. Furthermore, successful gamblers know that casino games have a negative expectation. They never let greed, impatience, and stupidity get the better of them.

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