NetEnt’s Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood Slots: Tips And Strategy

13 February 2017 6 minutes to read
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Slot bells ringing, are you listening? Whether you’re listening or not we are…we offer you the best possible slot tips and strategy on the newest video slots releases. Suffice to say if you haven’t been paying attention we have.

We covered Net Entertainment’s Red Riding Hood: Fairytale Legends from all angles. In other words we tell you what our average bet per spin was, how long it took us to trigger the free spins feature, cash amount won/lost and if it’s worth playing the game. From a visual perspective the game copped a fair amount of criticism because of its ‘infantile’ graphics but its bonus modes carries the day.


Although Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood is not a novel concept there’s a couple of interesting snippets about the game that piqued our interest. It offers a slew of bonus modes, 7 to be exact, a free spins feature that awards you a ton of free spins (we kid you not), a high RTP (return to player percentage) of 96.33%, a Fairy Wild that’s sticky, a Fairy Surprise and a top jackpot cash prize of 400x your stake.

The game has a lot going for it and certainly deserves a few spins. The coin range starts off with 20 pence up to £200 per spin, it can be played by players with limited bankrolls and by high rollers. Look out for the Fairy Tale logo, 5 of them at the maximum wager pays you 400 coins, card symbols also offer cash prizes but really not worth mentioning.

Base Game Wins

With a bankroll of £150 I veered away from my standard bet of £0.50 per spin and increased it to £1. The reason why I did this is because the slots has a bunch of bonus features and it’s medium variance to boot-I didn’t want to miss out on any potential big wins if I triggered the free spins feature. I felt with 150 spins at my disposal it was more than enough to trigger a bonus mode or the free spins, luckily I was right.

Expect a lot of dry spins during the main game (up to 15) but they’re also interspersed with the Red Riding Hood wild which offers a bunch of re-spins. She becomes sticky offering wins but it didn’t really blow me away. To say the least base game wins (£5) were palsy and I kept pinning hopes on triggering that elusive free spins or picking the right chest for that matter.


Beware Of The Wolf Bonus

I finally triggered a bonus mode the ”Beware of the Wolf” after 80 odd spins (£75 gone). Three chests popped up onto my screen, the first chest contained the wild bonus while the other 2 chests contained the amount of free spins and coin win. This bonus mode said: ”Congratulations You Won Beware of the Wolf Bonus”. Once the screen opens up you’ll notice a bonus trail that contains a bunch of multiplier wins that range from 1x to 7x.

When you click on the wooden board on the top left end of your screen it spins revealing a figure, if you spin ‘6’, little Red Riding Hood moves 6 steps along the trail. I might add it goes on for quite sometime but in a good kinda way. If you meet the big bad wolf along the trail, the bonus mode ends and you will return to the base game. I managed a spectacular win of a 1,300 coins (£65) or 65x my stake! At this stage of the game I was down 10 quid.

During the main game the Fairy pitched and with her wand she sprinkled gold dust on the reels, 3 sticky Red Riding Hood wilds appeared offering me re-spins where a I won a cracking £3.65 or 3x my stake. Note, when three treasure chests icons appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 it triggers the ‘‘Beware of the Wolf” bonus game. So far I triggered it twice, to be honest I was looking forward to a different bonus game and not the same one. I won 14x my stake (280 coins), a let down from the previous one but I’ll take it, a win is a win even if it’s small.

During the main game the fairy appeared and sprinkled the reels with her gold dust again, 7 random symbols appeared into rows which paid me 400 coins or a win of £20 (20x my stake). Believe it or not and in quick succession the fairy sprinkled the reels with gold dust again, this time round 10 key symbols plus the Fairy Tail legends appeared in combination. I walked away with a win of 345 coins (£17.25).


Sticky Wilds

When the fairy sprinkles her dust on the reels and a wild appears, 5 symbols became sticky offering me re-spins. Shortly after this I managed 7x Fairy Tale logo’s, a full screen of them pays you 400x your stake. Note, it took me ages to hit 3 scatters (treasure chests) about 30 spins. You’re not going to believe this but I picked the ”Beware of the Wolf” bonus again making it the third time in a row and still failed to pick the right box which offered the free spins, by this time I was fed up with the bonus game. Any how I pressed on and won 740 coins, my bankroll started to become a tad ”short” to my liking.


Finally The Free Spins!

The 3 treasure chests appeared again and I picked the middle chest this time round. You can imagine I was on the edge of my seat hoping to pick the free spins chest. I gave a whoop when I picked it, finally! It said: ”Congratulations you’ve won 10 free spins”.

”Got free-spins with loads of re-triggers giving me 30 in total and no more than 2 or 3 winning spins. The “sticky wilds” feature gave me a biggie of betx89 – so I thought “Now were getting somewhere!” KasinoKing

Should the treasure chest appear during the free spins you’ll get an extra 2 free spins, a bunch of them appeared, I won an extra 40 free spins making it 50 in total! When the wild symbol pops up during the free spins it becomes sticky offering a re-spin.

The biggest win I managed during the free spins was 15x my stake (£15). At the conclusion of the free spins I won 2,458 coins or £122,90. All I can say it’s the game’s best feature hands down, if you can pick the right treasure chest this game become well worth the pennies spent.


Strategy And Tips

The sticky wilds spices things up during the base game but you should try and land those 3 treasure chests, after all one of them contains the free spins feature but picking the right one requires a fair amount of luck.

I was fortunate enough to trigger the ”Beware of the Wolf” bonus in quick succession (3 of them) which gave me enough cash in pocket to finally choose the right chest-the one containing the free spins. It’s the game’s best feature but you’re chances of picking the right chest is one in three which lowers your odds at winning something big by a hefty margin. Then again pick the right chest and the wins will come pouring in.

Keep in mind that wins aren’t that big during the free spins feature but what makes it interesting is that every time a chests appears you’ll win an extra 2 free spins. To be honest they just keep on coming awarding you a bunch of free spins, wins during the free spins are small but they are steady. Having started with a bankroll of £150, a huge win of £122.90 during the free spins as well as a couple of decent wins during the ‘Beware of the Wolf’ bonus I still made a profit of £40. I also experienced loads of dry spins which really dented my bankroll.

Will I play it again? No I won’t. I find NetEnt’s Fairytale Legends: Riding Hood slots to be a long-winded affair, the fact that you have a 1 in 3 shot of picking the free spins feature does not sit well with me. However, should you pick the right chest that contains the free spins it’s well worth it.

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