Myths & Facts: Common Questions Players Ask About Online Slot Games

1 February 2017 4 minutes to read
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We receive a lot of questions from players asking us all kinds of questions about slot games. There are always recurring questions we receive on a daily basis from our readers and fans which tend to overlap at times. To best answer some of the pressing questions, we’ve put together common casino myths and explain why they are false.

Myth: By stopping the reels suddenly can I influence the outcome of a slot game?

Reality: Once you’ve pressed or clicked on the ”Spin” button, the computer program in the slot machine already decided the outcome since it is governed by a random number generator or RNG. When you press the ”Stop” button the game skips all the sounds, lights, animations and graphics by displaying the selected reel positions on the screen randomly. You cannot ”catch” the bonus or wild symbol on its way down the screen. If the the randomly selected reel position contained a wild or 3 scatters that triggers the free spins feature then it will display those symbols. As such a player cannot influence the outcome of a spin, period!


Myth: Progressive slot jackpots are set up by the online casino?

Reality: No they are not. Each and every progressive jackpot slots is linked to a progressive jackpot network which belongs to the gaming vendor. For example, a game like Mega Moolah runs on the Microgaming progressive network and governed by the software provider and not by the casino. Once again the outcome of each spin on a slots is determined by the random number generator. If the RNG selected by the slot machine corresponds to the progressive jackpot’s winning combination, it pays out. The jurisdiction in which the online casino is licensed ensures that no external factors can interfere with the software.

As a matter of fact the casino wants the progressive jackpot to be hit because they are not liable to pay the progressive jackpot. At the end of the day it’s very good PR (public relations) for the casino. The slot machine’s developer is responsible for paying the winning player and they cannot determine when progressive jackpot hits. These games are extremely popular with players because of their life-changing cash prizes. Before you play a game make sure that the online casino it’s listed at does not have a dubious clause that states that progressive wins will be paid out in installments. Long story short, all online progressive jackpot slots wins must be paid out in one payment!


Myth: If I stop playing a slot game and someone else plays it after I stopped and hit the jackpot could that have been mine?

Reality: For this to be true you would have had to make the same wager and pressed or clicked the ”Spin” button at the exact moment as the other individual. I don’t think any of us is capable of such a feat. Gaming regulations state that a random number generator (RNG) must constantly be computing new random numbers, even if no one is playing it. When the spin button is pressed the slot game asks the RNG for numbers. Therefore in order to win the jackpot, two different people must press the spin button at the exact same time. The RNG calculates the numbers in milliseconds.


Myth: It’s pointless pressing the ‘Max Bet’ button on a slots because you’ll never win.

Reality: This couldn’t be further from the truth and a myth that can cost you the difference between winning £1,000 and over a £1 million! High rollers are forever playing the maximum wager on a slots simply because they’re in pursuit of the game’s top cash prize. Some experts are of the opinion that the game developers deliberately increase the chances beyond the bet factor. The max bettor might have a 25 times better chance than the minimum bettor of winning a progressive game!

Before you play and I hope you make it a habit, read the game’s help screen or as we call it the ‘Paytable’. Normally it’s displayed as a ‘?’ to the left hand corner of the game’s screen. Regulators require that each slot game must have one. On some not all games betting more than the minimum may increase your chances of winning.

That said, I’m a low-staked player and can’t afford it to wager the max bet on every single spin. The downside of betting the max bet is that if it’s a highly volatile slots it can cut through your bankroll like a Swiss knife if you don’t play smart. By smart play I mean set yourself a realistic goal, i.e if you don’t trigger the games free spins mode after a certain amount of spins stop playing.

In summary. Before you play any slot game always study its rules and only place wagers that you feel comfortable with. I hope we dispelled some of the myths in this article, happy hunting until next time.

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