Must I Follow The Slots “Sheeple”?

4 August 2021 3 minutes to read
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Let’s kick off the first week of August 2021 with a slots belter. We received a letter from Karen recently. In it, she asked us what’s the best coin denomination to play slots online? She also told us she has a friend with an ‘unusual betting strategy’.

Here’s Karen’s note to us.

Hi Whizz Team,

Great site by the way and thanks for all the informative pieces! A friend of mine recently told me that she plays slots at different stakes. If the min bet of the slot machine is 20 cents; she’ll play a session at that bet, then bump it up to $2.50 then to $5 per spin. By the way, she swears by it. 

My question to you is, is it wise to follow her example, or is it risky?

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the compliment! The betting range you described to us your friend uses to play slots online sounds risky. Before we dive in and answer your question. Just the following about us. We consider ourselves slot experts that play for fun. On occasions, we do win a bit of money too.

Moreover, we have the honor of reviewing some of the best slots online (and worst) on a daily basis. As such, we get to experience slots with different themes, bonuses, RTP, and hit rates. Back to your question. You didn’t tell is if you had any luck using your friend’s betting range?


The Best Coin Denomination For Slots That Works!

Suppose you’re just hearing the good news about your friend’s wins and not her losses? Now, it doesn’t make sense to us as to why your friend keeps on changing her bets. If she starts playing at the lowest coin option she potentially sells herself short on the big wins. Do you agree?

As a rule of thumb, we don’t recommend it. Another factor to consider is the size of her bankroll and her average session? To be honest, it’s a bit vague to us. This is what we suggest and we’ll even share our own ‘secret sauce’ with you.

Slots studios categorize their slots not only by their themes but by their volatility as well. In other words, slots can be low, medium, or high variance. You sound like a casual slot machine player to us. We could be wrong.

We’ve taken the liberty of picking The Hive and Mystic Hive for you. In our humble option, they’re Betsoft’s finest low variance slots for real money. The visuals and the audio track are great. Both these slots are now live at our best legal USA online casinos. You can also look forward to smashing payback rates of above 96%, free spins, and sensational jackpots.

In fact, you can win as much as 378x your stake on a single spin. Above all, you can play them at different stakes! For the best results, play The Hive slots for at least 200 spins with dummy money first. The next step is to play it at the min bet of $0.10 for 50 spins with money. That’s a casino budget of just $5.

Keep track of your wins in the base game. How many spins it took to trigger the free spins at that coin denomination.


Play With Bigger Stakes Cautiously

To help you out, you can use the Auto Play feature. By now you should have a fairly good idea about the slot’s overall mechanic. The third and final step is to play The Hive at a stake of $1.50 per spin for 25 spins. If you use the Auto Play feature. You’ll see that 25 spins will cost you $37.50. Then again if you’re not comfortable with the betting range. You can always increase or decrease it.

When you play slots online for real money. The trick is to maximize your playing time and to cash out your money while you’re ahead. You don’t want to squander your money and forgive us for saying so; on silly slots play.



Karen, always remember you’re already up against the online casino the moment you press the spin button. Hence the old saying the House always wins after the long haul! So, why muddle the waters with a coin betting range that’s not in line with your bankroll? Believe us when we tell you your friend’s coin bet option is risky!

As a parting shot, we’ll always advocate independence and it’s entirely up to you how you want to play. After all, it’s your money. Let’s be clear on this point, don’t copy other people. Besides, it’s impossible to see what’s going on inside their heads. Be yourself, follow our slot’s advice, and only play at the casinos recommends.

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