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21 December 2016 4 minutes to read
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We make it our business to offer you unbiased online slots reviews and we’re not shy to say it because we want to be the number one source for ‘slots’ for online casino players. That out the way we’ve decided to put another mega slots, NetEnt’s Motorhead under our magnifying glass. The game was released in November 2016.

Some slots are cash cows for players while some are so bad I wouldn’t even let my mother-in-law play them. Jokes aside, players have inundated us with emails asking us what’s out take on Motorhead aside from our initial review of the game (

Motorhead Slots Selling Point To Players?

Any slots worth its weight in gold must offer the player something in return for his or her business. Before I continue I just want to point out that the online gambling business is a multi-billion dollar industry. What I’m saying here is that players simply don’t chip and and play just for the sake of playing or burning cash but they play to win. Right, let’s get back on the horse again.

Just like its predecessors (Guns N’ Roses and Jimi Hendrix) Motorhead is a Rock-themed slots that has a Free Spins, Mystery Reels and Bomber features-these are the bonus games that rope in players because they ”pay” well. It’s based on the 1970s English heavy metal band Motorhead with Ian Fraser or ‘ Lemmy Kilmister’ at the helm of things.

I know that NetEnt said that Motorhead is a low variance slots, I respectfully disagree, based on my playing experience and numerous player comments it’s a high variance slots that will go nuts on you if you don’t play sensibly. The original RTP (return to player percentage) states that it’s close to 97% but it’s more like 74%.


Triggering The Free Spins Mode Is Like Paddling Upstream

Now, how long does it take to trigger the free spins mode? After all this section of the game is supposed to offer the biggest wins, not so? The first time I triggered it took me a crazy 650 spins! I also banged my keyboard a couple of times because of the ‘near misses’. The free spins feature is triggered when 3 scatters pitch on the 3, 4 or 5 reels, 10 free spins are awarded and added to line bet wins.


What Did Players Say About The Free Spins?

There’s been loads of replies; we’re not going to add all just the most important ones we think will stand you in good stead.

”Probably one of the most draining slots I’ve ever played. I made 7,459 spins, no free spins maybe there is a flaw in this game concerning the free spins. Piece of absolute sh*t.” Lockinlove

It’s clear as daylight that ‘Loclinlove’ got creamed on the slots, the worst bit for me is that after thousands of spins the game didn’t even toss him a bone. The player didn’t tell us his average stake per spin but taking the amount of spins he made it must have been small bets. Even if his average stake per spin was £0.20×7,459=£1,491.80 it’s still a hefty amount of cash he lost-it’s pretty criminal on NetEnt’s part not to have offered him at least one free spins trigger.

I’m afraid from here on end it gets pretty bad for Motorhead. The sins of sequential slots has been bestowed upon this sequel, NetEnt could have done so much more with it. Die-hard fans of the NetEnt’s ‘Rock On’ slots genre are frustrated and feel that the slots has gone belly up on them after extended game play.

”I have played thousands of spins on it now. Got a few bonuses and features, yay. Its a bit entertaining but mostly just loud and flashy. My biggest hit so far is around x60. I will probably play it again but it’s not a good game.” Sapit222

At least this player managed to trigger the free spins but from what I can deduce is that his wins have not been spectacular even though he managed a win of 60x his stake.

Another negative review about the game, I must say I’m disappointed I really hoped that NetEnt would have upped the ante or the least it could have done is kept it in line with its previous releases.

”Considering I played some 80 battles, which equals 2,400 spins, had only once a full screen of a low paying symbol, it makes the slot look mediocre. Had only 4x Free Spins which is then on average 1x in 600 spins. The bomber feature happens more often but that pays on average about 20x bet, so nothing special there either. This slot looks like a big money drainer to me.” Harry_BKK


Can I Play Motohead With A Clear-Cut Strategy?

What stumps me is that no matter how smart you play (even at the lowest bet per spin) the game is just going to drain your bankroll faster than all of Donal Trump’s ex wives. Motorhead has been touted as a low variance slots with a hit frequency of 16% while Jimi Hendrix is 30%. If one factors in the hit frequency with the free spins which is triggered on average around 400 to 600 spins it indicates that the slots is a high variance one. Therefore, the majority of the players who play the slots will lose while some players will win substantial amounts of cash.

In summary. Having explored the slots from different angles it’s definitely not suitable to players with small budgets (low rollers) but more geared towards high rollers. I agree that the visual side and audio of the slots is slick but it never gels as a cohesive-the free spins is almost impossible to trigger, it sorely lacks momentum while the other bonus modes (Bomber and Mystery Reel) are ‘meh’. Perhaps NetEnt could have made the slots less volatile by making the free spins feature easier to trigger but I may be asking a tad too much at this point.

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