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Let It Ride Poker Tips And Strategy

A casino game that’s relatively new and quite popular with players is Let It Ride. This poker variant is easy to play and offers huge payouts. There’s no dealer hand unlike other poker-based table games. The player’s results are based purely on his own hand.

Let It Ride is played like five-card stud but just in reverse. If the odds don’t look promising you are allowed to pull back parts of your bet.


The House Edge

Like all casino games before you play it must give you a good return on your investment. Let It Ride is no exception to this rule. The house edge is defined as the ratio expected loss to one of the original 3 bets. Strictly speaking we’re looking at 3.5%.



If you want to become good at this game you must know when to ”let it ride.” A pair of tens is the hand that offers the smallest payout. A high card is a 10 or greater.clubworld poker

  • Once the player played three bets of equal size the game begins in the three wager circles normally marked as 1, 2 and $.
  • Cards are dealt face down to each player. Two ”community cards” are dealt face down in front of the dealer.
  • Players then have a look at their cards. From here on end they decide to bet *1 stay in the hand or remove it from risk.
  • One of the two community cards is revealed by the dealer.
  • Players can decide if they want to stay in the hand or remove the remaining two bets or ride by removing bet *2.
  • The second community card is revealed, winnings are paid out according to the pay out schedule.


Theme Variations

Like Caribbean Stud, online casinos have changed the original version of the game. The biggest changes include the addition of a progressive jackpot and altered pay rates. There are few online versions of the game like Let It Ride, Free Ride, Let ‘Em Ride and Let Them Ride. Some of the payout structures offered online can be found in the below table:

Royal Flush500-1500-1250-1200-1
Straight Flush200-1100-150-1100-1
Four Of A Kind50-125-125-140-1
Full House11-115-112-115-1
Three of A Kind3-13-13-13-1
Two Pair2-12-12-12-1
Pair of 10s or better1-11-11-11-1

Some internet gambling sites, especially those under the Realtime Gaming banner offer a progressive side bet of $1. It’s similar to that of Caribbean Stud Poker. Keep in mind that payouts may differ from casino to casino.


Let It Ride Progressive Wager Of $1

Royal Flush100%
Straight Flush100%
Four of A Kind$500
Full House$500
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How To Win At Let It Ride

To win at Let It Ride centers around the first four cards and the first two betting circles. The player must decide whether or not his hand is good enough to continue on playing.

Once you’ve received your cards you must assess their potential value. If you receive three kings, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to ”Let It Ride” because this is a good hand. This hand may even improve to a full house or better. Alternatively you may be dealt a lousy hand. Your best option here is to wait for better cards or to take back as many bets as possible.


The Rules Of The Game

  • Four of a kind: One can say this hand is a guaranteed winner since it pays out 50 to 1. When you receive this hand you must let your bets ride.bovada-poker-300-250
  • Three of a kind: This is also a very good hand and pays out 3 to 1. You can improve this hand to four of a kind or a full house.
  • Pair of tens or higher: This is a common winning hand since the player with this hand wins 20 percent of the time.
  • Four cards to a royal flush: Although this hand is not a guaranteed winner, it’s best to let it ride just to see what happens. Potential winning hands can be a royal flush, straight flush, flush, straight or high pair.
  • Four cards to a straight flush: Although this hand may not have the same winning potential as 4 cards to a royal flush, it can yield some spectacular results. Possible winning hands include a straight flush, flush, straight and high pair.
  • Four to a flush: If you’ve beaten the odds of 23 to 1 of landing a flush with 3 cards and reduced the odds to 4.5 to 1 for a hand that pays 8 to 1-you have an edge. This hand could result into a high card with a winning pair.
  • Four cards to an open-ended straight: Without high cards there are no winning pairs. The odds of you drawing the fifth card to an open-ended straight is five to one. Neither the casino or you can win this hand.
  • Four cards to a high straight: Of all the payable hands this is the most marginal one. The odds against you for drawing an inside-straight is eleven to one. But, it’s buffeted by the high cards which could produce a winning pair.

In summary. The above mentioned rules of Let It Ride are pretty basic. I’ve just covered the most important ones obviously there’s far more to the game than meets they eye. If you decide to play it and it doesn’t meet these guidelines rather leave it. Simply put you won’t stand a chance because of the game’s high house edge. Overall it’s a fun game to play and in theory it’s pretty simple.

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