Is Video Poker The Best Video Slot To Play?

7 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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January 2021 is the start of a brand New Year that brings its own exciting challenges. As the old saying goes the only thing that’s constant is change! The month of January is a busy month because we received plenty of interesting questions from our players thus far.

Sandra from Ohio in America is an online video poker player. She mailed us a sublime question asking us if “video poker is the best video slot to play?” This is a great question so much so that we named our title after it!

Hi Sandra,

As seasoned real money online slot experts we agree that video poker is the best casino game to play online. Sadly, many online casinos know it. It so happens that many of them don’t always offer crowd favorites like Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild. Be that as it may, we’re not here to contest this but to answer your question.


Do You Play Video Poker?

Good for you if your answer is “yes”. If you use optimal video poker betting strategy you’re playing the best casino game online. Since video poker offers the best payback percentage to the player. Now, if your answer is “no” we suggest that you start playing video poker online.

Online slot machines with the fancy graphics, bonuses, RTPs and big jackpots are their to entertain players. Therefore, to some they might be a distraction. Moreover, the payback percentages or the RTPs of some slot machines can be very low. Whereas certain video poker variants like Jacks or Better’s RTPs border on 99%!

The bottom line is, if you don’t know which slots to play you can can lose money very quickly. The true beauty of online video poker lies in the fact that it’s a simple game to play. Unlike slot games it does not have a lot of moving parts that distracts players. Let’s just say video poker gets to the point less the sales talk.

The Help Screen of video poker is practically in your face. Therefore, what you see is what you get! As the payouts for the different hands are right in front of you. Another thing we love about video poker is the interaction it offers. Suffice to say, there’s almost never a dull moment. Instead of just pressing the ‘Deal’ button you feel like an extension of the game. You know what the associated payouts are as well as the winning combinations.


Video Poker Hands (High To Low)

 (Image courtesy Arizona Gaming Guide)

Best Video Poker Tips

When you play video poker at our most trustworthy USA casinos online is to bet the max credit, always! The reason why you must wager the maximum 5 credits; is to score the maximum in case you hit a Royal Flush. Players do themselves a great disservice when their maximum bet is $1 instead of $5. Whatever you do never bet below the minimum when you play video poker.

To give you an example. If your maximum bet playing video poker is $1 and you strike a Royal Flush, you’ll win $250. Let’s look at it from another angle to best illustrate our point. If you play quarter video poker where the maximum wager is $1.25. And, you land a Royal Flush, guess what your payout will be? You’ll win a crazy $1,000, unless you’re playing progressive video poker. Your chances of hitting a Royal Flush in video poker is once in every 2,777 hands.

The good news is that most Royal Flushes are not proportional to your bet. This is why we recommend you play the game at the maximum bet.


Try Other Variants of Video Poker

Common sense says the longer you play a casino game online for real money. The better your odds at winning, not so. Therefore, play video poker games that offer minimum risk. The best ones in our opinion (as we said previously) are Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker. When you land two pairs you can win double the money you invested.

Now, if you want to push the envelope a bit. In other words, play video poker variants with high returns. Check out Triple Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker. The reason why we mention them is because they offer more for four of a kind. Some online casinos deliberately exclude them.

Until you become a seasoned video poker player please avoid Deuces Wild, and Joker Poker. The reason being because they incorporate ‘Wild’ cards which offers less payouts. Moreover, casinos reduce the RTPs for these games slightly. However, Deuces Wild is also the best video poker variant to play. Because if you use optimal betting strategy you can increase the game’s RTP to more than 100%. Another thing about wild card games; they reduce the payouts on the big hands.


Video Poker: Optimal Betting Strategy

The golden rule of video poker play is to play within your means. That’s to say, don’t overspend your bankroll. Ensure that you understand that you know what a Royal Flush or Four of a Kind is. Basically, know poker hand ranking.

Play video poker games like Jacks or Better and stay away from Wild Card games. You can also check out video poker machines with progressive jackpots. Remember, you’re not playing against a human but against a machine. Don’t guess your hand. Make sure you keep the right cards. It so happens that players often discard the Ace when the machine dealt them three Aces. Don’t do that!

Choose a Jacks or Better pay chart that offers you odds of 9/6. Another important video poker tip we can give you; never keep the kicker! Don’t keep three cards if you’re chasing a Flush or Straight. Whatever you do don’t break up a winning hand for a better hand. One bird in the hand is better than 3 in the bush.

You must master the basics of video poker before you can become an expert. Online casinos run special promotions and they offer video poker tournaments. Granted, we seldom see them. They’re great if you want to hone your video poker skills.

If you don’t want to overspend your bankroll. Use a ‘stop-loss’ betting strategy. Like any other casino game online never chase your losses. Make sure the online casino rewards your video poker play with cashback and comps. You can also cash in on bonuses.

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