Is It Worth It To Play Slots For Longer Periods?

13 June 2022 3 minutes to read
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We’ve heard some slots stories that made our heads spin. A player from Germany named Aldrich once played a single slot game for 18 hours for $200.

There is more! In Australia, an unknown player landed up in the emergency room. She hopped online after work and played slots throughout the night.

Apparently, she suffered from low blood sugar, and that is what caused her to faint. We would never advise players to play slots for real money for that long.

However, we can appreciate that once you get into a game, time slips away like mist before the sun. If you plan to play online slots, we suggest setting your alarm to a healthy limit.

Ask a friend or family member to monitor your time if you have any health concerns. No amount of money is worth gambling with your health.

This is first and foremost the most critical issue to keep in mind before opting for more extended play periods.


Are Longer Slot Sessions Financially Beneficial?

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty of longer online slot machine sessions. The greatest online casinos in the United States slap a house edge on each game in their library.

The house edge is the difference between the RTP percentage and 100%. You might think to yourself that the average house edge of 4% on slot machines is minuscule.

And you are correct with that assumption, but only if you can afford the house edge on your budget. If your online slots budget is $300 per month you want to make it last as long as possible.

You will agree with us that most players lose more money the longer they play the same game.

Those anomalies where players win during longer play are not due to luck. Instead, the long-play winners come into the game with a clear head and a money management strategy.


Long Slot Sessions Require Smart Play

Going into a slot game with a ‘this jackpot is mine, or, come hell or high water’ attitude; will be your undoing.

Sometimes players get a gut feeling about a particular slot. Hence the reason, they push too hard for too long, ultimately losing their wallet.

We have heard this many times when players lament their losses. Don’t play like that!

Quit While You’re Ahead

Ever heard someone say? Only all the time! It is good advice for life in general, not just for playing online slots.

Besides, you can never beat a slot with any strategy because they have built-in Random Number Generators. And, the odds of cracking it are similar to finding a leprechaun in your kitchen holding a four-leaf clover.

However, what you can do is to improve your odds of winning such as accept a bonus or free spins. Play the slots online with free credits and cash out when you land anything substantial.

Bells and Whistles Bonus

Consider using a bonus with a small play-through requirement to make your slot game last longer. Once you are ahead in the bonus, cash out your winnings immediately.

Most players will keep playing the credits, lose them quickly; or deposit their own money for a longer session. We advise you to take your winnings and put them in your savings account or buy something you need.

Spit And Polish Discipline

Adopt a stop-loss mindset. Not just with your bankroll but your time as well. When you play with $100 of your hard-earned money, make decisions before starting a slot game.

Decide on the time you want to play and determine the percentage win or loss you can cope with. That’s to say, like 20% on a loss and 50% on a win.

At the end of your allotted time, if you are ahead of $150, withdraw $50 and play with the rest.

On a nice winning streak, you can adjust your stop-loss, but not to the detriment of your original wager. However, don’t go over your set time limit.

If lady luck is not on your side and you are down to $80 after an hour of play; quit and take the loss.

You get out with a small profit instead of a big loss by playing with discipline. Moreover, it helps if you impose stop-loss limits.



Naturally, you can play slots longer but manage your time and opportunities. Make use of promotions you can afford in terms of the play-through.

Call it quits when you see that you are dumping too much into a slot and try a new one. Get to know your slot games by playing in ‘free’ mode.

If you want to play longer, we suggest you research the volatility of the slot you decide on. And most of all, remember, time is money!

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