Is It Safe For USA Casino Players To Claim A Bonus?

21 January 2021 5 minutes to read
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Many USA online casino players are still cautious to claim a casino bonus code online. They believe there’s some kind of catch hidden somewhere in the casino’s fine print. To be honest we can’t blame casino gamblers for playing it safe. For the simple reason, not every casino online that accepts US players has honorable intentions.

In hindsight, it’s a case of when in doubt leave out. In this piece the Casinowhizz team takes a closer at the safety of the deposit bonus. Moreover, we check if a bonus still offers the player value in 2021? Or, is it just another trick American casinos use to ensnare their customers?

2020 has been a tough year for brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas. In fact, casinos took a hard knock because they had to lock their doors for a few months. When they eventually opened their visitor volume was at an all time low. Which stood in stark contrast to online casino gambling which went from strength to strength.


Bonus Code Overview: The Mobile Casino Generation

We live in a near-cashless society. It’s safe to say the convenience is now in concert with a player’s gaming experience. Furthermore, the top mobile casinos online now enable players true cashless casino gaming.

What better way to do so by awarding mobile casino players bonuses valued at 500% on deposit. Casino patrons can use their bonuses to play any slots for real money. The buck doesn’t stop there. If you won money with your bonus; mobile casinos enable patrons seamless cashing out facilities.

Our best casinos USA online process bonus wins through Bitcoin, Checks or MST Gift Cards within a few hours. Of the cashing out facilities, cryptocurrencies like BTC, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash are chief. As the offshore U.S casino industry braces itself for new challenges in 2021. Licensing regimes like Curacao follow new rules where it protects players and operators alike.

More than ever casinos encourage their players to use their mobile devices. To accept a bonus as it’s plenty of extra cash. More importantly, to use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin when they gamble online. As BTC erases geographical boundaries, and it bypasses America’s current gambling laws.


Is It Safe To Claim USA Casino Bonuses Online?

Our best online casinos for Americans have been in the industry for more than 20 years. So, the natural response would be, yes! It’s completely safe to claim the bonuses they offer on deposit. Their track record speak volumes. After all, had they been anything less than stellar they would have been out of business a long time ago.

In all fairness not every casino’s bonus that accepts players from the United States is safe. It’s of the utmost importance you only sign up at the sites recommends. We check the bonus terms of each casino and we compare them to that of the industry standard.


Don’t Abuse The Bonus Terms

The common denominator revolves around one term. Guess what that term is? The wagering requirement or just short for “WR”. The WR or the play-through is the number of bets you must make before the casino clears bonus wins.

Since it’s practically “free casino money”. It’s the casino’s way of saying to you must earn your stripes before you can reap its benefits. The problem is there are still players that don’t get the WR! Or, they simply ignore it.

The bulk of the complaints hurled at an online casinos are from bonus abusers. These are the guys that hop from one casino to the next trying to claim as many bonuses as possible. By the way it is illegal to claim more than one bonus. Moreso, they don’t even bother to read the fine print. All they see is how they can abuse the casino’s generosity.

As a result, the casino online US will ban them outright. They’ll also confiscate their bonuses and the money they won with them. More often then not, disgruntled bonus abusers will vent their anger at gambling forums calling the online casino a cheat.

This can cause an otherwise innocent casino a few problems by tarnishing its reputation. Trustworthy USA casinos work extremely hard to build up a positive image. The last thing they need is a player badmouthing them publicly.


Can I Withdraw USA Casino Bonus Money?

No, you cannot withdraw an American casino bonus, unfortunately. Due to the size of their bonuses, USA casinos only offer a “play or sticky bonus“. Once you cleared the WR attached to the terms. The casino will deduct its bonus from the money you won with it.

For example, if the bonus was $500 and you won $1,000 with it. The casino will deduct $500 and credit your casino account with the rest.


Can I Use The Casino Bonus Code To Play Slots, Video Poker and Table Games?

Nothing draws players more than a big bonus to play the loosest slots online. We review each slot in town independently with a touch of expert flair.

The casino’s bonus is primarily slots-centric as they contribute 100% towards slot machines. Compared to table games; players have to place fewer bets to clear the WR when they play slots. Online slots favor the house with an advantage of 4% to 8%. If the casino advertises a bonus of 100% up to $100 along with a WR of 30xd+b.

If the player accepts the bonus and deposits $100. He or she is then qualifies for a bonus of $100. Instead of just playing with $100 the player can now play with $200. This includes the player’s original deposit as well as the casino’s bonus money. Now, before the casino releases the money the player won with the bonus. The player must stake bets to the value of 30x$100+$100=$6,000.

Casinos run special video poker and table game promotions from time to time. Check if it’s a video poker or a table game bonus. How do you know this? The casino says so in its T&C’s.


Is It Safe To Accept Free Spins and No Deposit Bonuses?

Absolutely yes. Online casinos love to offer their customers free spins bonuses on the newest Betsoft slots like Stacked or IC Wins. It can be 20 up to 100 free spins. Casinos usually cap free spins bonuses with a max win of up to $100. They have a small WR you must complete before you can cash out. As always, we advise you to check the terms.

No deposit bonuses range from $10 to $50. You don’t need to make a deposit to claim it. In most cases the casino will ask for a bonus code that looks like NDP50. Once you provide it the no bonus is yours. Moreover, make sure you read its terms.


Final Word

The online casino industry is akin to that of a warzone. As such, casinos online try and outdo one another by offering players the biggest and the best bonuses. However, the ‘biggest’ bonus is not necessarily the best. The bottom line is to check its terms, always.

More importantly, the bonus casinos offer are safe; at least the ones we promote. They enhance any casino budget with thousands of dollars and you can easily claim them. We conclude this piece with the fact that casino bonuses still offer players plenty of value in 2021. They drive operator value and player entertainment.

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