How To Win At Slots? Best Slot Tips Strategy Guide

11 January 2019 6 minutes to read
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How to win at online slots? Good question. The Internet often contains bogus information that misleads real money online slots players. has a legion of online slots fans today thanks to our unbiased slot reviews, and fact-based strategy dispelling any myths. As a team, we’ve been in the online slots business for more than two decades. We’ve seen it all, and nearly lost it all! Some losses were so bad we’re still crying in our beer! Be that as it may, our expert online slots advise stands you in good stead. So far we encountered a few sources that are accurate on slots. Most of the online slots review sites out there are biased, so don’t always believe what you read or hear.

How To Win Online Slots

Before you play slots online, ask yourself the following:

  • Which online slots should I play? Play slots that suit your style of play and bankroll we always recommend to try the free slots demo before you play with real funds.
  • When must I stop playing slots? When you have a bad spell, or when your money is finished. Whatever you do, never try and recoup your losses.
  • How do I get out of a losing streak? The only way you can get out of a losing streak is to play smarter, be more disciplined, do proper planning and play slots that are less volatile.
  • What should my average bet per spin be? Your average bet per spin should always be within the confines of your budget.
  • Must I consult the Paytable (Help Screen) before I play? Yes, you must. It gives you all the information about the slots such as its, RTP, premium symbols, jackpot, and how to trigger a bonus round.
  • Is it easier to win at progressive jackpot slots or non-progressive slots? It’s easier to win a non-progressive jackpot. Your odds of winning a progressive slots jackpot are 1 in 50 million.
  • What’s the difference between a low, medium, or high variance online slots? In a nutshell. A low variance slots usually has a small jackpot, and it offers plenty of winning spins, but the pays are small. While medium or high variance slots online have large jackpots and offer less winning spins.


How To Win Slots Online

Online slots are not skill-based games. You don’t need to be an expert to play them, but you must have a good betting strategy. Otherwise, you’ll lose a copious amount of cash in no time. If you’re playing at an online casino, the chances are good that you’re just playing for fun or out to win some money. Hopefully, we’re not laying it thick, but a random number generator or RNG determines the outcome of any slot game. Therefore, every online slots within the casino’s library are fair and random.

Establish A Bankroll

Smart online slots gamblers plan in advance, and they know how much money they’re going to wager within a session. Your bankroll is the amount of cash you’re prepared to risk at an online casino playing slots. Don’t count your winnings as part of your bankroll and always leave the plastic at home.

Set Your Own Rules

Commit to a set of rules that are easy to follow and stick to them. When you play at 24K Casino, have a clear-cut bankroll where you assign a portion of it to each slots or table game you’re going to play. We usually set aside £200 or so to test our highest paying slots. Some are timeless slots classics while others are new slots busters! Should we have some cash to burn, we’ll play Jacks or Better video poker. The remainder of our money (winnings), we’ll withdraw to our Bitcoin wallet account. This kind of self-discipline pays off over time.

Slow Down

A lot of players play multiple slot games at a time; to be honest, it’s not a bad strategy per se, but caution is still advised. Playing two or three slots means that you’re only risking your cash three times faster-don’t play reckless instead play it safe. Sit back, relax, and calculate how many spins it will take to trigger a bonus round.

If you don’t have much money stick to low variance games, it takes typically 40 odd spins to trigger the free spins feature. The reels of an online slot machine spins at a blistering pace, avoid the quick spin feature, the sounds and winning animations of the game. Don’t forget scheduled breaks, wear a watch, set the alarm if you have to.
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Lock Into The Online Slots Bonus

Online casinos offer great welcome bonus packages that stretch your hard-earned buck even further to help you win on slots you play. Regular depositors get cashback on their losses and receive comps for slots they play. Try and get as much” free” cash as possible without risking your bankroll too much.

Do I Pay Tax On Online Slots Wins?

The fact that a random number generator governs slot games doesn’t make it very palatable with some players. If you visit a land-casino and they create your Player Club Card, you must show them your ID and give a valid email for the latest offers. In the United States, players lucky enough to win a taxable jackpot must know the casino requires a tax ID along with a photo ID before they’ll pay out the win. Online casino sites do the same or more or less at least; instead of using a Player’s Club Card, they use tracking software that keeps tabs on every game you’ve played, the number of bets you’ve made within a session and the comps you earned. The information above is vital to the casino because it must know how much money it must” reinvest” in its customers to retain their business.


Different Types Online Slots Players

Each casino reinvests into each player differently. The casino’s player base low, medium, or high rollers. Players who deposit and play small amounts of cash at a time receive modest perks. Players who spend more money receive exclusive bonuses, cashback (Rebate) on their losses, loyalty points, and comps they can exchange for real money, making it easier to win at slots. Let’s a assume a low roller spends $50 and a medium staked player spends $300 on a 3D slots like Betsoft’s Yak Yeti & Roll which you can play at MYB Casino, the casino is willing to invest a 10% cashback on the player’s losses and award one comp for every $10 wagered.


High Rollers

If you play in a land-casino, your Player Club Card tracks every game you’ve played, once you’ve accrued a fair amount of comps you can either exchange them for gifts or real cash. To say the least this is really a good deal. Let’s put it differently, if you’re presented with a choice between buy 5 coffees and get the sixth one free, what will you do? If you like drinking coffee as we do, it’s a win-win.

High roller slot players must play slot games with a max bet jackpot and bet the max bet. If you’re not prepared to follow the advice we’re going to give you in this section, we suggest you find another game. When playing slots, never play a game that expects you to wager credits beyond the number of paylines.

Players not prepared to wager the maximum stake or feel uneasy about it should walk away. Now, how about winning at reels slots? The same rules apply, cover all the lines, play the maximum bet, make the bonus wager, and play the max bet if the game requires it. If you can’t play the game this way, lower the coin denomination. Now that you understand the basics, let us reveal our’ secret online slot machine’ strategy to you.


Online slots Perks

The same principle applies when it comes to online casinos doling out perks. Whether you are trying to win at slots playing at brick-and-mortar casinos or online, make sure you get rewarded for the cash you’re going to spend. Players who receive rewards based on the amount of money they’ve wagered are returning players. It’s safe to say the more returning players a casino has, the better its incentives are.

When playing a slot game, the first rule is always to don’t play under the influence of alcohol. Once you’ve set a budget (bankroll) aside, let’s have a look at how much cash you must wager. Players who prefer video slots must pick a wager that covers all the possible ways to win. Assuming you intend on playing a 30 payline game wager, 30 credits. If the game has 20 lines and offers an additional 15 credit bonus bet, wager the 35 credits! If you play slots that are 1,024 ways to win for 50 credits, bet 50 credits!

In summary, we hope you enjoyed this article and that you found it interesting. If you play slots, don’t go chasing the jackpot; obviously, it would be nice if you hit it, but be careful. Only increase your average bet per spin if you’re up and for a certain amount of spins.

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