How To ‘Read’ Weak Poker Opponents

21 July 2022 4 minutes to read
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In the 1998 crime drama movie Rounders, Matt Damon exclaims, “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.”

Playing online poker at a live dealer online casino requires a level of expertise. Reading your opponents and bluffing is what makes poker the most exciting card game in the world.

How to Playing Winning Poker

Except for the face-up cards in the game, winning at a poker table is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  • Spot the weaker player
  • Capitalize on their errors
  • Eliminate them from the table

We don’t mean to sound callous, but these three steps summarize most things in life. In politics, sport, business, education, careers, and many more, this is the golden ratio. Even, when it comes to playing games at online USA casinos for real money.

All poker lovers watch the World Series Of Poker (WSOP). As with any sport, we like to shout out what we would have done in that situation.

Then we think, “ahh, I can go up against any of them.” But don’t fool yourself! You merely see the cards on the screen. Besides, you don’t feel the subtle psychological sparks flying around the table.

It’s exhilarating to see a player say ‘all in.’ Unfortunately, this is not how most poker games play out. In real life, you merely have to add more chips to your stack by taking them from the weaker links.

Basic Mistakes

Spot the poker players who don’t play according to sound poker principles. For example, they tend to fold early.

Or they struggle to manage their chip stack. One easy giveaway is that the blinds confuse them.

Betting Is Erratic

Successful poker players know how to pace their betting. Weaker players bet cautiously or erratically.

Yeah, in poker, you should do that, but not consistently. Moreover, poker players with little to no experience raise all the time, showing no regard for the game’s subtleties.

Top Poker Players Watch You Instead Of The Table

Another thing, it’s easy to spot poker players that are highly strung. They rely on showcasing their psychological prowess. They try to bluff during each round and keep looking at who’s looking.

Smart poker players watch the table and they miss nothing. They listen to the time it takes for chip raises or hand folds.

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Community Cards Confirmation

When you notice a player keeps checking the community and hole cards, it should be a dead giveaway.

They usually peer too long, and once they put it all together, they’ll seem aloof. If they keep betting or raising, they have a good hand.

Chasing Larger Stacks

Getting rich quick is not on the ‘cards’ when playing poker. Inexperienced poker players throw caution to the wind when there are larger pots.

They might have a good hand, but more often than not, they hold a pair. A large pot already signifies that someone is holding an excellent hand.

A team of good players will never build a large pot on a low hand.

Holding Out For Top Hands

These opponents fold quickly. They don’t trust a pair to bring them a win. They fold if they don’t stand a good chance of landing a flush or full house. This behavior is a dead giveaway.

Re-checking Their Cards

Online poker players with less skill look at their hole cards when the community cards land. You should immediately realize that they are trying to build new hands with what they got.

The best poker players remember the cards they hold. The hand building happens in their heads and not in their hands.

They Have a Tell

Weak poker players always have a tell. They think they intimidate fellow poker players with their reflective glasses and caps.

These strategies do work. After all, the WSOP professionals wear them. Even without these props, good poker players have their emotions and gameplay under control.

Poker players that are noobs might have shaky voices or speak too loudly. When they place their bets or raise, they freeze up. This behavior indicates doubt and uncertainty in their hand.

Good Hole Cards Frighten Them

Another big tell is that weak poker players act up when they receive a good hand. For example, it can be a pair of pocket Aces.

They’ll hide the cards they hold on impulse. When you see this, you should play both sets of hands in your mind.


A live game of poker is not about impressing your opponents. Instead, you are there to apply your skills and win real money.

Skilled poker players learn from their opponents and from their mistakes. How else did they learn what not to do at a poker table?

So, if you feel any remorse for ridding the table of a weaker player, get over it quickly. In order to avoid being a weak poker player, you must go through the school of hard knocks. Besides, each loss teaches you more about the game.

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