How To Play At Online Casinos Without Using Russian Ruble

3 March 2022 3 minutes to read
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The current crisis between Russia and the Ukraine is busy escalating.

Sadly many gamblers in the region can’t play their favorite games with roubles at online casinos anymore.

However, where there’s a will there is a way to gamble online without rouble.

Online casinos that accept real money allow gamblers to deposit and play with a variety of banking methods.

Some of them even allow you to bypass gambling regulations by using certain currencies.

If you’re looking for another currency other than roubles to play your favorite casino games online.

You’ve come to the right place.

Alternative Banking Options Other Than Roubles

In life, there are challenges, not obstacles. Online casinos know this, hence the reason they accept multiple currency options other than roubles.

In other words, casino players can play with USD, Euros, British Pounds, and cryptocurrencies.

Yes, even with virtual money like Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum.

In fact, many Russians bought United States dollars because it’s the world’s de facto currency.


Where To From Here?

Gamblers looking for a bit of distraction can’t play games for money at online casinos using roubles anymore.

Unfortunately, Eastern Europe is a melting pot of uncertainty right now.

The United States and the other global powers imposed sanctions against Russia.

This includes cutting off SWIFT. As a result, gamblers can’t use it to wire money to online casinos.

Therefore, you can cross off credit and debit card options from the list as well.


Mitigating Circumstances

It’s not clear at this stage how much forex the Russian central bank was selling off.

The central bank’s intervention stopped the rouble from crashing even further.

However, even on the back of that, the rouble could still weaken.

To circle back to Bitcoin and other cryptos like Ethereum, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash.

Cryptocurrencies have always been a hedge in times of political and economical uncertainty.


Alternatives Gambling to Roubles

No central bank or government can influence the price of Bitcoin.

Hence the reason cryptocurrencies remain an attractive alternative to play real money casino games at online casinos.

In fact, it’s most probably the safest and most secure option to gamble with at online casinos.

Some online gambling sites that accept Bitcoin only require a few personal details. Which makes it even more convenient to use cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin’s main advantage, other than being secure, safe, and cheap. It enables casino gamblers to make cross-border transactions.

As the situation worsens the Russian Central Bank will find itself in choppy waters sooner than later.

Since the market opened for business the rouble plummeted by more than 40%.


Why You Should Use Bitcoin

We already mentioned that cryptos are safe and they’re secure. They also offer some form of anonymity.

So, if you’re a gambler, you can still play at online casinos from the comfort of your home.

Many players are under the impression that they can only use their bitcoins to play certain games.

Not so. You can play live casino games, slots, video poker, and many other games.

Once you have your bitcoins safely stored in your wallet. You’re already halfway there.

Sign up at a trustworthy online casino. Transfer your bitcoins to the site, pick a game, and play.


Key Takeaways

We must also be realistic. The conflict going on right now is a sorry state of affairs that affects everyone.

Diversifying your roubles into various portfolios is most probably the best thing you can do right now.

This also depends on how old you are and your risk tolerance. Keep in mind, the minimum age to play at online casinos is 18.

Gambling with roubles is most probably the biggest risk. We’re not talking about gambling with it at online casinos.

You can invest your retirement savings by investing in stocks, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

The moment the market experiences turbulence, professional gamblers move to cash or to cash equivalents.

If you’re lucky you can get back in when the prices are way lower.

Basically, you’re looking at pennies on the dollar, or in this case roubles.

As we mentioned previously, Bitcoin is a fantastic choice people could invest their roubles in.



As the situation becomes direr by the day. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are most probably the best option to play real money casino games.

We’ll even go as far and say it’s the only way. We say because you still need a bank to transfer your dollars to an online casino.

Since SWIFT isn’t available cryptocurrencies remain a hedge in times of economical and political turmoil.

Before you sign up at an online casino. Check with the site first if it accepts players from your jurisidctions.

We say so because governments might compel online casinos sites to confiscate your funds. At least until the situation returns back to normal.

Who knows how long that might take.

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