How To Make A Lucky Slot Machine

26 February 2022 3 minutes to read
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Ah, the steps players take to change their luck when they play video slot machines.

Every casino game that depends on randomness will have streaks. These include lucky and not-so-lucky streaks.

Streaks can last for some time. What’s important is how we as players adapt to them.

Steps Players Take To Change Their Luck

Here are the things players do to change their luck when they hit a bad streak.


When I hit a losing streak I change the speed at which I play. Since a random number generator decides my hand.

Changing the rhythm of my play also changes the results of my hands. Normally, if I rush my hands I tend to get a few good ones.

If that doesn’t work I’ll, shortly after things turn around. However, this doesn’t happen all the time.


When the slot machine I play turns cold turkey, I’ll stop playing and take a break.

I’ll play a different slot at the real money online casino. I’ll play the game again after a few minutes.

Now, if it still doesn’t pay, I’ll take another break. My favorite online casino in the United States is Sloto Cash.


Funny enough the technique I use a bartender gave me. For many years she worked in the video poker bar.

Whilst I’m playing I pay special attention to a few patterns. I’ll receive a lot of small wins like pairs and three of a kind.

Sometimes I’ll receive a few full houses and straights. However, there are times when the machine just goes cold.

If you’re wondering what piece of advice the bartender gave me, it’s this. I’ll play another video poker variant.

For example, if I’m playing double bonus poker I’ll switch to Jacks or Better.

I’ll also switch to another video poker game like deuces wild, stuff like that.

After I played a few hands on the new video poker game. I’ll switch back to my original game.

More often than not my luck usually improves. I’m not saying that it will work for everyone.

I just thought I’d share my experience with you. The trick really works for me. I can’t thank the bartender enough!


Like most gamblers, I hate it when I hit a long dry slump. It’s part of the game, yes, I accept that.

I allocate a lot of money to each machine. If I double my money I cash it out. I put two-thirds of that away and I play with my original buy-in.

Now, if I repeat the process, I’ll triple my buy-in again.

If I lose my buy-in. I’ll leave the machine and I’ll play another machine that is the same.

I’ll rinse and repeat my single buy-in up to four times. Believe it or not, this works well for me.


I read a video poker article many years ago that a video poker expert wrote. The play he suggested I use is to play 1 credit per hand for 5 hands.

If I don’t win anything. I’ll increase my bet per hand to 2 credits, then 3, then 4, and eventually 5.

I’ll start winning at the highest bets and recoup the best I’ve lost on the lower hands.

I don’t play video poker the conventional way where I start with the max 5 credit bets.


The method of play I use makes cold streaks irrelevant. I know the experts say that online casinos will always win over the long run.

I only play for short periods at a time. Hope this makes sense.

Because of that method, I have been very successful so far. I’ll start my gambling session with a goal in mind.

I’ll quit playing once I attain that goal. On a quarter Bonus Poker machine I’ll start playing with 10 hands.

If I haven’t reached my goal yet. I’ll continue to play 10 hands on a game like Double Double Bonus Poker.

I’ll switch to 10 and 20 hands on different video poker games.

Now, if I still don’t win anything. I’ll up my denomination to $5 until I’ve reached my goal. I like my method and it never disappointed me.


Take-Aways What To Do On A Losing Streak

Many players have their own methods and how they deal with losing streaks.

There’s no doubt that the above players are smart gamblers. They have their own respective betting strategies.

In other words, if things don’t go according to plan. They always have a plan B, even a plan C.

We’ve compiled the list into a bullet-point style format to make it easier for you:

  • They know when to change their speed of play.
  • When to stop playing and which casino games to play.
  • Vary their bets per hand.
  • How much money to bet and the risk associated with each hand.



If you’re losing don’t continue to pour money into the game.

However, the only thing we might not agree with is betting less than the 5 credits playing video poker.

Since you greatly reduce your chances for the max win on a Royal Flush.

Make sure you play games with the best return and the right games for you.

That’s the best way to find the luckiest machine.

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