How To Improve Your Online Casino Experience In 2022

16 February 2022 4 minutes to read
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2021 is now a thing of the past. We look forward to playing at the best real money casinos online in 2022.

Even though 2021 was a good year for There are still a few areas we can sharpen our playing pencils on.

Anyway, we hope that the old year was kind to you at the top instant withdrawal online USA casinos.

If it wasn’t, now is the time to forget about it. And, to look forward to the new year.

Besides, the Whizz team made a few resolutions in January.

In keeping with the tradition. We share our resolutions that will help you next time you play casino games.

Not All Online Slot Games Are Equal

Only Play The Best Slot Games

It still beats us that so many players still don’t know how to pick the right online slot.

Despite our best efforts to educate players about slots and casinos online.

Some folk still pick the wrong slot machine that’s completely out of whack with their budgets.

They soon realize that their money went up in flames like last month’s salary.

They immediately go from Mr. Nice to Dr. Jekyll. They start slating the online casino at popular gambling forums.

Stating that the site rigs its games and it’s dishonest to boot. Whilst they’re the ones to blame.


Commons Mistakes Slots Player Make

Gamblers still don’t read the Paytable of the slot machine. The help screen contains all the valuable info about the game.

It tells you how to trigger the bonus games, RTP, symbols, jackpot, and the hit frequency.

Unknowingly players will also play with shoddy RTPs. Now, if you read our online slot reviews.

You won’t make that mistake. We mention the default average return percentage including the RTP ranges.

Make sure you play with the default RTP.


Picking The Wrong Slot

Even the high rollers with little to no experience choose the wrong slot.

Instead of playing a high variance slot. They’ll pick a game like Betsoft’s Primal Wilderness.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Primal Wilderness. In fact, it’s a great slot machine. The difference is it doesn’t offer a life-changing jackpot.

Low rollers on the other hand pick high variance slots. This means their bankrolls are completely out of whack with the slot.

Play a slot game with a theme you can relate to, and one you like. But, more importantly, a slot game that suits your pocket.


Resolve To Learning A Playing Strategy

In order to minimize your losses or maximize your wins. Not only must you choose the best game, but you must play that game properly.

To do that you must use a proper betting strategy. To learn the best strategies for playing casino games.

You can visit casino gambling guides like Casinowhizz, purchase books, or study gambling software.

If you play blackjack with real money online. Study the basic betting strategy.

Furthermore, check the rules of blackjack at the online casino. In other words, make sure you play 3-2 blackjack as opposed to 6-5.

The return is quite good and the swings aren’t that bad. Unlike blackjack, you can use a betting strategy to reduce the house edge playing slots.

Online slot games are completely random. In other words, they are casino games of luck and not skill.


Play At Your Own Pace

Playing casino games with real money is not a sprint but a marathon.

You don’t have any reason to play fast. Don’t play online slots like you’re on your way to catching the 7’o clock flight.

If you play at a comfortable rate your bankroll will last longer. Remember slow and steady wins the race.


How To Play Video Poker?

Video poker is a fantastic game you’ll find in the lobbies of the best online casinos.

It’s another casino game that requires a degree of skill.

Players that use a video poker betting strategy can reduce the game’s house edge.

If you just started playing video poker, start with Jacks or Better. The video poker variant is easy to learn and it has an RTP of 98% and above.

Moreover, bet the maximum of 5 credits on every hand. The reason a royal flush pays 250 to 1 when playing 1 to 4 coins.

You’ll reduce the payback rate by a full 2% if you don’t bet the max 5 coins.


Don’t Overlook The Casino’s Perks

A slew of players including us still focuses on the games at the online casino instead of the perks.

We forego checking the casino’s dollar rewards for regular play.

Basically, it’s stuff like bonuses, comps, VIP programs, and cashback on player losses.

The more you play, the more rewards the casino must hurl your way.

You’re not getting a good shake at the online casino if it has a shoddy rewards system.

While each online casino has its own reinvestment strategy. The casino will look at the payer’s theoretical loss.

In return, it calculates their free play offers as a percentage of that player’s theoretical losses.

The typical rebate at most online casinos is in the region of 10 percent.

As your luck changes at the casino, so will the coupon rates vary.


Is The Site Mobile-Friendly?

Part of an online casino’s design process is that it must be mobile responsive.

So many players browse the internet with their mobile phones looking for the top sites.

The last thing you want to do is to pinch and squeeze your screen when you sign up.

Only sign up at the online casinos we recommend. They’re 100 percent compatible with the latest iOS, Android and tablet devices.

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