How To Deal With Dry Online Casino Gambling Spells

5 February 2022 4 minutes to read
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When it comes to gambling at the best online casinos for real money we always hear about the good stuff. In other words, it’s a good news highlight reel all the time.

Admittedly, we’re creatures of good news. We don’t want to hear about the bad things in life. After all, the world can be a scary place sometimes.

Anyway, a few players were kind enough to share with us how they deal with those moody gambling dry spells.

1. When My Favorite Slot Machine Clams Up


I swear sometimes it feels like the slot games at MYB USA online casino just clam up on me. Then again I know that the house always wins.

I had a few good runs on Betsoft’s latest release lately, Lost Mystery Chests. The visuals are great and it’s not a complicated game.

I was winning $20 to $30 regularly with a budget of $50. Nothing big, I’m a casual slots player by the way.

Then all of a sudden bam, dry spell upon dry spell! I also noticed that this usually happens at the end of the month.

I might be wrong, but that’s my observation. So, what did I do? Instead of playing at MYB Casino.

I tried a different gambling site like Wild Casino. Plus, I focused more on playing slots in free mode.

This helps me to work out a betting strategy that suits my budget and style of play.

Moreover, I started reading arts like how to win at online slot tips.


2. How To Deal With Those Soft Hands


Half the players I come across have no cooking clue what to do with those soft hands.

One player told me she had a terrible spell and was on the verge of losing it.

Besides, if you want to know how to lose your shirt playing blackjack, don’t miss this one.

She had a soft 17 against a 6. She asked the dealer, how the heck do I deal with that?

The dealer’s reply to her was, “I don’t know honey, I just deal the cards. You ask them“.

However, I didn’t leave her hanging because I felt sorry for her. I asked the fellow payers at the blackjack table what they would do.

I told her to double, a few players agreed. While others said “hit”. She agreed and the dealer dealt her a draw 4 for 21.

The moral of the story is don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sooner or later every gamble has a dry spell.


3. Risking Big Bets Playing Slots


Oh, why do I bother playing high variance slots! It’s not worth my energy.

I lost thousands playing Nolimit City’s Punk Toilet at the max bet. I love this slot because it takes a hilarious stab at British culture.

Punk Toilet slot also offers an insane jackpot of 33,333x. So, if I win it I can retire, well almost.

Maybe I should resign myself that I’m never going to win big. All the best non GamStop casinos do is take my money.

I stopped playing for a few months, to clear my head. And, of course, to like my ailing wounds.

I started playing again and this time I tried a different Elk Studio slot, Tombstone RIP.

Ever the optimist I finally won $50,000!


4. How Nearly Lost My Marbles Playing Video Poker


I recently did a “double or nothing” with Double Double Bonus video poker. Suffice it to say, the game handed my butt on a silver platter!

The rules were simple and I started playing with a bankroll of $500 at MYBookie.

Don’t think for one moment that video poker won’t smash you. Believe me, it will.

Furthermore, a friend of mine and I had a little competition going on. Whichever one won the most money after an hour’s play is the winner.

Excitedly, I rolled up my sleeves and started playing. The first few sessions were slow. Either I got my money back or I lost a bit.

I took a short break to figure out a proper strategy. Now and again I glanced at my friend’s PC to see how he was doing.

As luck would have and to my horror, the machine dealt him four aces! Not only did he win a few thousand dollars, but the competition as well.

At least, someone won some money at the casino. Sadly, it just wasn’t my day.


5. Don’t Lose Control When On Tilt


Going on tilt can mean various things. For one it can mean a player is playing too long trying to recoup his or her losses.

It can happen to the best of players. I blindly signed up at an online casino where US players can play legally.

The online gambling site I played at was great. It’s just I lost my marbles a bit because I was playing recklessly.

I played blackjack with insurance which is a huge mistake. The next huge blunder I made was I played American roulette.

After all, I’m a patriot. What could go wrong, right? Instead of calling it a night. I kept on playing hoping to win the money back I lost.

Although blackjack is a fantastic game to play. I didn’t play it with the proper betting strategy.

American roulette has an extra zero that reduces the house edge to 5.4 percent.

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