How To Become A Better Slots Player?

14 March 2022 3 minutes to read
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Next time you sign up at the best real money online casinos, don’t play right away. Now, we have a valid reason for saying so.

Unlike in a land casino where you can watch other players play, and perhaps learn from them. You don’t have that luxury in an online setting.

So, what do you do? We want to propose an experiment. Look, we’re not trying to dissuade you from your natural slots play.

In our experience, players become lost in their own slots world. To a degree, it’s a good thing because they’re getting their value in entertainment.

Remember, slot machines take more than they give.


Are Online Slots Play All An Illusion?

Slot studios are hand in glove with online casinos. In other words, they design games to extract money from their gamblers.

Perhaps we could have sugarcoated it a bit more. The reality is many players including us are ‘awake and away’ when we play slot games.

This brings us to our ‘hunch’. We believe online slots vendors don’t just design slots for the sake of designing them.

They have a specific purpose in mind, apart from the fact to snatch your money.

In layman’s terms, slot machines channel unconsiousness as opposed to acute awareness.

No, we’re not losing our marbles, it’s just something we’ve picked up over the years.

If you just started playing slots at online casinos. Have a look at our piece on how to stretch your bankroll when you play slots.


What Players Are Thinking

We can only speculate what players are thinking when they play slots. It can be what they’ll do with the money if they win the jackpot.

Or, what they’re going to eat for lunch or supper. Anyway, the sky is pretty much the limit.

In James Clavell’s brilliant novel, Shogun, the protagonist is a British adventurer that ends up in Japan.

As he struggles to understand the new culture he finds himself in. Someone tells him to “sit and watch the rocks grow“.

Focusing on the rocks gives his subconscious mind the time to work out problems.

Generally speaking, slot games are noisy. As such, slot machines are the Western version of the rock garden and players the adventurers.

In Western terms, it means to watch and learn. When he finally heeds the advice he understands the wisdom of the practice.

Believe it or not, the noise in the casino has no impact on the player.

More to the point. The graphics, audio, and in-game features, they’re the ones that take players far away.


The Impact Online Slots Have

What’s so enthralling about slot games, and how can they do such a thing?

Live online casino blackjack and roulette players talk to each other. While craps players moan and cheer.

In all honesty, they remind us of altars in religious ceremonies. Slot players remind us of monks meditating in a cave.

Basically, it’s a solo experience all around, and it consumes the gambler’s consciousness and mental state.

A mental state we slots players call mesmerism. Therefore, the inner being overtakes the outer being.

This also explains why slot players hate it when someone interrupts them whilst they’re playing.

Make no mistake there are slot players that will talk to someone sometimes.

But, for the most part, playing slots remains a solitary experience.


Slot Players Are In A World of Their Own

Sometimes we wonder if slot players are not in some kind of relaxed awareness. Moreover, it’s akin to the same kind of relaxation meditation brings.

Besides, you can drop a hand grenade next to slot players and they won’t even realize it.

In hindsight, we now understand why slot machines have such exciting themes. Themes that bridge different cultures which teleport them to that world.

Whether it’s slots with Asian, pirate, horror, or fantasy themes, they’re all there!

Let’s not forget about the extras such as the graphics, bonuses, jackpots, hit rates, and audio tracks.

Slot studio and online casino executives know this. Which explains why more than 70 percent of the games in casinos are slots.

The punchline is, they’re highly addictive! Use a betting strategy that will help improve your odds of winning.

Things like bonuses, free play, discipline, and bankroll management.



Online slot machines are not mere instruments to gamble away time. They whisk players off to a world of their choosing.

A world within a world, a place where time and space don’t exist. Is it a good thing? Yes, and no.

The yes bit is that slots enthrall players and they’re entertaining. However, losing yourself in a game is not always a good thing.

Be pragmatic and systematic about it and play the slot ‘cold’. Software providers design slot games to take your money.

Next time you play, look beyond the facade and let it be all business.

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