How Much Money Should I Spend On A Slot?

16 January 2021 5 minutes to read
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How much money should I spend on an online slot machine? As you know by now online slot machines are a fickle bunch; either they payout on a whim. Or, they simply clam up. Before we continue, our deepest gratitude to all our members for making Casinowhizz what it is today. We wish our regular real money slots players the very best for 2021!

Now, back to the task at hand. As a rule of thumb, we play online slots for fun. There are times when a session overwhelms us completely. We’re human after all and we made some silly mistakes along the way.

We’re in a unique position to test the best slots releases every day. To see what we mean just read our newest online slot reviews. When it comes to playing slots for cash at the best USA casinos online. Never overspend your casino budget. Play the slot game with a bankroll you’re comfortable with and with the money you can afford to lose.


Test The Slot With A Small Casino Budget

Whether we play slots for free or with real cash we always try and keep it real. In other words, when we play a pokie or slot like Mysterious Egypt; we’ll play the free play version just like we would play it with money.

As harsh as this may sound a bankroll of $40 doesn’t cut it anymore. We believe a minimum casino budget of $100 is more like it. That’s if you’re a casual slots player. High roller casino VIPs can spend as much as $5,000 to $20,000 within a session.

Granted, there’s nothing wrong if you use your $40 to test the engine of the slot. Seasoned slots vets including us do it. We’ll play the game at the lowest coin denomination of $0.20 per spin. Which gives us 200 spins.

Depending on the volatility of the slot and at that betting range. It’s more than enough to trigger a bonus such as the Free Spins feature, for example. We don’t have to even mention it, but the modern slot is more volatile. Obviously, there is an upside to playing volatile games as their rewards are so much bigger.

Now, the average spins it takes to trigger a bonus varies from slot to slot. If you play a high variance slot machine; it takes as much as 180 to 350 spins to trigger a bonus. Slots that are less volatile take around 60 to 90 spins. Furthermore, if you play a slot machine rather play a volatile slot at the lowest betting range. For the simple reason the average payout is better.


Play Slots For Real Money Once You’re Ready

We firmly believe that you should have a calculated approach before you play on a whim. Even if it is games like slots that require no skill. Times are hard and players don’t have the money to spend like they used to. is the ultimate real money slots guide. We’ll do our utmost to give you the best slot machine advice.

Unlike other casino guides we put our money where our mouth is. We won’t dispense our advise if we haven’t played a game. Whether it’s the free slots or the real money version.

After you did a test run with a small casino budget of $40. It’s time for the real deal; playing the game with a bigger bankroll. Let’s say you play the game with a bankroll of $200. By the time you hit the spin button you know exactly how many spins it takes to activate a bonus.

If you understand that slot studios designs their games to make the online casino money; you’ve won half the battle. Each game on the casino’s virtual floor has a negative expectation. Meaning no matter how solid your slots betting strategy is; the house always wins over the long haul.

Time your sessions via the Auto Play function, and know when to stop. More importantly, if you had a big win of 150x, cash out. After a big win the slot can become tight. High volatile slots offer big wins after 400 spins and mega big wins after a 1,100 spins.

Free Play Is Important

Moreover, you can play it various ways. If your average bet during the testing phase was $0.20 and it took you 120 spins to trigger the bonus. The cost to trigger the free spins bonus is $24. That’s the amount you can expect at least. You can double your average bet as well. Bear in mind, when you increase your average wager per spin when you play slots. Not only do you increase the game’s RTP, but the payouts too.

A reasonable bankroll for a medium or high variance slot is $200. There are times when we’ll increase our casino budgets to $1,500 especially if the slot is a potential cash cow. Remember, it can’t hurt to play the game in demo mode for thousands of spins.

The biggest mistake most players make is that the refuse to test the game properly. Since they believe that there’s a big difference between the free and real money slot versions. This is not true! And, they don’t want to waste their time playing with free credits. It helps if you’re patience, never play with money’s that’s afraid and don’t become greedy!


Read The Paytable Or Help Screen

There is a good reason why we recommend that you consult the slot’s Paytable, or Help Screen. All the information about the game is right in front of your eyes. Info such as the game’s RTP, bonus rounds, jackpot, hit rate, and symbols.

Suffice to say it’s the quickest way for you to get a “bird’s eye” view of the online slot. If the game has an RTP that borders on 97% and it offers a jackpot of 350x. We know that it’s a low variance slot. If you’re a low roller games like Betsoft’s Gaming’s The Hive and Take Olympus are perfect for you.


Slots Player Collusion?

We often hold regular slots discussions where we bounce some new ideas around. One of our team members came up with an ingenious idea we’ve dubbed “Slots Collusion“. Instead of just having one player play the slots with a bankroll of $200. All of us chipped in an enlarged our bankroll to $1,000! Essentially our online slot sessions have become a joint-team effort without us even realizing it.

We significantly improved our odds at winning at slots. More importantly, our joint slots sessions bonded us a team. The point we’re trying to make here is that you can collude with other slots enthusiast like yourself. It can be your buddies or family members.


Check Out The Online Casino’s Bonus

The last thing we want to do is to shove a casino bonus code down your throat. It so happens that the bonuses of certain online casinos are steep. As such it’s not always in your best interest to accept them. Sometimes it’s better to play slots with your own money.

But, there are times when the casino’s bonus comes in handy. Not only does a casino bonus improve your odds at winning. So, if your average bet with your own money is $0.20. With the help of the bonus you can double your bets to $0.40. We also urge you to check the bonus terms.

Only accept a bonus if you know how the wagering requirements work. If the bonus carries a play-through of 30x the deposit and sum of the bonus. It’s the number of bets you have to make before the casino releases bonus winnings.



The amount of money to spend on a slot machine is entirely up to you. From our own real money slots experience we’ve learned to play the field. In other words, we’ll play the online slot based on its merits. If it’s a volatile game that offers huge potential.

We’ll test a slot machine for a few hundred spins up to a thousand spins. More often than not online studios love to hype up their games before they release them. The only way to see if the game is really worth it, or not. Spend a small amount of cash on it; or play it with the casino’s free credits before you go big.

Make sure that you adjust your average bet that suits your playing style best. If your average bet per spin is $1 then an appropriate bankroll should be $150 to $200. Your bankroll therefore gives you 150 to 200 spins. Be realistic when you decide on a bankroll because it can make or break your playing session.

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