How Accidental Gambling Mistakes May Lead To Big Wins

29 July 2022 4 minutes to read
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We all make accidental gambling mistakes when we play casino games for real money at USA online casinos 

Tom missed his flight and had to take the red eye. As fate would have it he sat next to his future wife whom he married a year later. We’ve all heard such tales of mishaps turning out for good.

The world of online gambling is no different. We asked the visitors to Casinowhizz to share their accidental mistakes with us they made gambling online. Needless, to say, we found a few spicy examples!

Blackjack Blessing

“I’m a blackjack junky and prefer the European versions. One Saturday, I played 7 Handed Blackjack online. I had a budget of $300, so I wagered $1 on each, making up $7 for the entire table bet.

The $1 betting chip is dark blue, and I have the habit of saying “blue, blue, blue” while I select my bets. I could play about 42 rounds with my bankroll and was looking forward to the session.

With a 1:1 paytable on my small bets, I thought I could take at least $100. On the first hand, I busted all my hands, and the dealer won.

I started another round, saying “blue” seven times while selecting my chips. Then I clicked the deal button, watching the cards fall and listening to the totals.

I stood on 18,18,17,19,19,18 and 20, all hard hands. Won’t you believe it, the dealer busted. I won all my hands! Only when the win indicators were displayed did I realize what happened.

When I said “blue” in my head, I clicked on the LIGHT blue $25 chips. With all hands winning, I landed a huge win of $350. Sometimes it pays to be absentminded.”

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Instinctive Play Champ!

Irena relayed her story to us in an email. “I deposited my $200 monthly gambling budget the day I received my salary.

As usual, I played my favorite slot Betsoft’s Book of Helios first. This slot has a picker feature that I liked. I play the game so often that I click my ‘lucky pattern’ without thinking.

Things went well, and my bankroll increased by $52. Finally, I decided to take my luck to a slot game released the previous month.

I quickly got into the new slot game, as it seemed pretty simple. I activated the bonus picker function within 10 minutes.

Instinctively, I picked the same pattern I regularly use in my first slot game. Only when I clicked on the last hidden object did I realize what I had done.

I knew I should have played the game in practice mode first, and I have no excuse for that. As these thoughts ran through my mind, the screen flashed ‘Major Jackpot’!

I won the top prize of $850! There are no words to describe how happy I was. I know that was a fluke and will never play a new game without a test run first”.

Max Bet Mishap

Here is a story we can all relate to. Draco told us of a time he played video poker online. “I always play Jacks Or Better on a minimum bet, usually $1, because I enjoy it and want it to last longer.

That’s the reason I don’t spend big bucks on bets. I know the odds and paytable of video poker wins, so I take it easy.

On the day of my freak win, I clicked on the Max Bet button to highlight the paytable. When you click on this button, the max bet pays read clearer. However, my screen was a bit dark, so I wanted to see it better.

Don’t Play When You’re Tired

I was tired and wanted to play my last $10 quickly and go to bed. I fully planned to go back to my regular bet of $1, but somehow, I didn’t click the Bet Min button hard enough.

The machine gave me 3x low off-suit cards and the King and Queen of hearts. I thought I’d possibly get a heart’s flush if my luck held. So I held on to the royals and clicked on ‘draw.’

The three new cards were all hearts, and I was happy about the flush. However, then I saw it was a 10, Ace, and Jack. As I said, I knew the paytable on $1 bets paid $800 for a royal flush.

When I saw the coins drop, I realized I had won $4,000. Fortunately, I had bet on the maximum by mistake.”


Sometimes the stars align and hand you oranges instead of lemons. These players did not go out looking for the pot at the rainbow’s end. Instead, they were transported there by a crazy error in judgment or concentration.

However legendary these plays were, they remain ill-advised. Ordinary people like you and I should still remember the golden rules of online gambling.

Keep a clear head, know the paytable and odds, read the terms and conditions, and keep to your budget management strategies.

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