How To Be A Happy Online Casino Gambler

9 March 2017 5 minutes to read
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One of the biggest misconceptions about gambling is that it will make you happy. To put matters into perspective, gambling doesn’t make you happy winning does. In this piece I’m going to tell you about my ‘8 Bankroll’ Strategies’ that will keep you from getting the blues.

If I received a dollar every time I heard or read the lamentation of gambler I would have been a rich man by now. When I visit a land-casino I like to study the behavior of its patrons, I think the same type of behavior applies to online gambling too. What makes gamblers unhappy in the first place? More precisely I think it’s their lack of control which is normally coupled with unrealistic expectations.

Whether you ply your trade in a brick casino or at an online casino you must realize what you are up against and that certain factors are beyond your control. At a very basic level, every player must have complete control over the money they’re going to spend at the casino. This ‘money’ I’m referring to is known as the player’s bankroll. Without it you won’t be able to play your favorite game and if you don’t have control over it it’s best not to visit the casino at all since you’ll just end up unhappy.

Maybe I’m a tad direct, keep in mind that the casino is supposed to be a source of entertainment for you not one of repeated disappointment or frustration. Do allow me to share several tips on managing and maintaining your bankroll in order to maximize your playing time at the casino.


1. Stick To Your Bankroll, Always!

Before you visit the casino you must have a fixed amount of cash in mind on how much you’re going to wager, in other words the cash amount you’re prepared to lose. If your budget is $100 per session the next step is to ask yourself how often do you the visit the casino.

If you plan on wagering online three times a week then it will equate to a bankroll of $300 or $15,600 across one year. If you play 6 times per month you’re looking at $7,200 across the year. You must also ask yourself the figures you’re about to wager is it reasonable and within the ambit of your income. In short, can I afford to lose this money, will it have a detrimental effect on my health or family?

Determining the bankroll amount and then translating it into a weekly, monthly or yearly amount helps you to keep your bankroll in perspective. If you deviate from the amount you’ve set aside you can bet your bottom dollar unhappiness is certain to arrive.

Keep in mind that your bankroll for gambling does not include tips, if you’re going to tip the hot waitress at the restaurant 15% or 20% of your bankroll you might regret it. Should you tip make sure you have additional cash set aside for it. Luckily online gamblers aren’t saddled up with any tipping.


2. Be A Smart Player

Whether you’re a blackjack or a roulette player know the odds of the game. Find the game with the lowest house edge that offers the best possible return on your investment. Remember that over the long run the house always wins! Slot players on the other hand must play the right game; one that’s in line with their budget, offers decent sized jackpots, have high return to player percentages (RTP) and a they must have bonus games (free spins and pick me features).

To maximize your return see if the casino offers you a deposit bonus that can be used to play your favorite slots. Not only does it extend your playing time at the casino but it increases your winning chances. If you’re a low roller don’t play high variance slots cause they’ll chew up your bankroll quicker than last month’s pay check. If your bankroll is $100 it buys you 100 spins on a slot game at an average stake of $1 per spin. Dropping the denomination to quarters if you’re playing video poker gives you 400 quarters for your $100 and 80 hands-it’s another way of prolonging your playing time.


3. Don’t Rush

Like all good things in life, live in the present, play slowly by taking your time in between bets. Very important, don’t play two slot machines at once. Playing two games or two positions at a blackjack table ensures that you’re bankroll is cut in half-you’re losing your money twice as fast.


4. Don’t Take Your Credit Cards With You

If you plan on visiting the casino for a couple of hours leave your credit card at home. One of the biggest mistakes players often make is that they take their credit/debit cards with them to the casino and withdraw cash at the ATMs stationed there. I just shake my head at the withdrawal costs for every transaction, I’ve seen receipts as much as $20. Why would folk want to do this to themselves?

Players who wager online have a time limit at their disposal which enables them to wager a certain amount of cash within an allotted period. Once the session expired a pop up reminder notifies them. Unfortunately land-casinos don’t have this facility this is why discipline is key.


5. Keep Your Winnings Aside

Before you start spinning the slot reels decide on the percentage of your winnings you’re going to cash out. There’s nothing worse than winning a substantial amount of cash and playing it all back. If my bankroll is $100 and I won $200, I’ll cash out the $200 and continue playing with my bankroll, even if I lose the $100, I still walk away with a profit.


6. Don’t Chase Your Losses

If you experienced a losing streak don’t increase your wager amounts to recoup your losses. This is the quickest way to deplete your bankroll. If you’ve spent more cash then you intended to contact the casino and ask them to self-exclude you. The ‘cooling off’ period can be anything from a few days to 6 months to indefinite.


7. Use Your Perks

Always play with a Player’s Club Card if you play at a land-casino and if it is online make sure that you exchange the comps you’ve earned into real cash. When the casino awards you any form of comps, cash back on losses, use it!


8. Gamble Responsibly

There’s a popular catch phrase that says ‘‘bet with your head not over it”, it’s important that you heed this rule. If you think that you have a gambling problem shoot the casino an email and ask them to self exclude you (see point 6).

In summary. My 8 bankroll strategies are easy to follow, if you follow them religiously I firmly believe that the ‘casino blues’ won’t get the better of you. The aim of this article is to make your casino visits more fun, honest and above all luckier.

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