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Gambling Tricks and Winning Secrets

Before you visit an online casino you must have a game plan! Signing up for the casino’s newsletter is already a step in the right direction because it brings you up to speed with the newest game releases, slots tournaments, comps that can be earned on selected games and special bonuses. To be a successful gambler you must follow the basic guidelines which we’re going to outline in this article.


Pick The Right Casino

There’s an ocean of online casinos out there each one of them is competing for one thing…your business. Whatever you do never pick a casino that’s based purely on convenience. To spice things up a bit try a new operator that offers a different brand of games, perks and specialty offers, you might just find your new favorite.

High Denomination Machines

The higher the coin denomination of a slot machine the better the rewards, it’s as simple as that. The reason why casinos have high denomination slots on the floors is to reward players that are prepared to take the risk. If you play a 30 line game at times five for a $1.50 it’s the same as playing a 30 line nickel game at times one for the same bet. Most probably the nickel games will be set at a higher payback percentage.

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Payback Percentages by Coin Denomination

As a rule of thumb the higher the coin denomination of a slot game the higher its payback. Here’s a breakdown of percentages by the game’s denomination: 1 cent (85% to 91%), 2 cents (87% to 91%), 5 cents (88% to 92%), 10 cents (89% to 93%), 25 cents (92% to 95%, $2 (94% to 96%) and $5 (95% to 97%).


Play Within The Confines of Your Bankroll

It can’t hurt to set a budget aside before you dive right in and play. If you don’t take into account how many spins you’ll need before a bonus game is triggered on a slot machine or the amount of hands your money will buy you at a blackjack table, you’re heading into stormy waters. If you plan on playing for a couple of hours then $100 is not going to cut it.

To give you a simple example, your $100 will only buy you 200 spins if your average bet per spin is $0.50. Ten to one your budget will run out of steam in 15 minutes. When it comes to your bankroll always be realistic, those days are long gone where you could play with $100 unless you’re just playing for fun and not looking for a return on your investment. If you’re playing online, use the casino’s self-help tools (self-exclusion, session and deposit limits) and leave the plastic at home if you pay your local land casino a visit.


Always Cover All the Paylines

When it comes to online slot machine play the biggest mistake players often make is they don’t play with all the paylines activated. If all the paylines are twitched on your chances of hitting a winning combination on more lines is so much better. This is particularly important if you’re playing a slot game with lucrative bonus events.

If the slots has 30 lines, never play with only 20 lines just to save some money – you’re decreasing your winning chances by a considerable margin. If you don’t believe us do a comparison yourself. On the same slots play $10 at 20 lines and $10 at 30 lines. During the base game and free spins you can bet your bottom dollar that the additional 10 lines will pay off which bigger wins on averages.


Use Your Player’s Card

Points accumulated on your player’s card can be used towards cash back, free play, food, hotel rooms and tickets for a show. The same scenario applies at online casinos, keep track of the cash you’ve spent, the comps you’ve earned, the games you’ve played and your VIP status. Your sole aim is to try and stretch your dollars as far as possible without giving the casino an ever greater advantage.

One of the misconceptions players have is that they feel they haven’t played enough to earn a comp. What they forget is that card readers record the aggregate total amount of all money played at a machine (wins included). If you’ve put $30 into the machine and won $300, the card reader records every cent you’ve spent and not just the initial money inserted. As such players can notch up points very quickly within a session, even at lower bets.


Check The Help Screen (Paytable)

The slot machine’s help screen gives you loads of hints and tips – the casino’s bet on it that you won’t peruse it. Besides a slot machine’s functionality, here’s a few secrets that are ‘hidden’ from prying eyes.

1. Picking strategies for bonuses

Most slot games have what we call ‘risk’ bonuses, in order to get into the good stuff (free spins) you must be prepared to throw a bit of cash at the game. Regulatory agencies scrutinize these types of games and compel slot vendors to disclose the ”best strategy” for the game in the Paytable.

2. Are the bonuses predetermined?

The Casino bonuses are predetermined sometimes, if the regulatory agency is of the opinion that the bonus might be misleading to players, they will leave a comment in the help screen. Next time you play a slots take a peek at its help screen, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find there.


Play Free Slots Tournaments

Many online casinos now have daily/weekly slot tourneys that’s divided into free rolls and buy-ins where various cash prizes are up for grabs. Cash prizes normally range from free spins to cash and split proportionally between the top 10 players. Buy-in tournaments compels players to pay a small fee before they can participate. Although the cash prizes offered during free roll tournaments are small, players don’t have to risk their money.


Play With Real Cash

If you’re playing at a land-casino pulling out a $10 bill after each hand is better than plastic chips. The same goes for the slot machine ticket vouchers, don’t move from one slot machine to the next with a ticket in hand. Suffice to say $200 in plastic money just doesn’t feel the same as ten twenty dollar bills in your hand.


Bet Max When Playing Progressives

When it comes to playing the maximum bet at progressive jackpot slots there’s often two sides to the coin. Some experts will tell you that you must always bet the maximum bet per spin to qualify for the top jackpot.

It stands to reason that slot manufactures are designing more games that only awards progressives to players who wagered the maximum bet. The player that goes in boots and all is the one that stands the best chance of hitting the progressive. If you can’t afford to play the max bet on a slot machine that’s hooked up to a progressive rather don’t play it.


Sink Your Teeth Into The Casino’s Offers The Same Day

This is why casinos have a newsletter that brings you up to speed with its forthcoming promotions and keep an eye out for those special events be it Easter, Thanksgiving or the New Year. During these periods casinos are normally very generous since they give away huge bonuses with amicable bonus terms, cash prizes and free spins. Generally players can earn a slew of comps too.

Try Something Different

As human beings we are creatures of habit, it’s not a bad thing per se but don’t you think it’s a tad more exciting to venture into uncharted waters now and again? Slot machines aren’t the only casino games, remember entertainment comes in various shapes and sizes. This is why online gambling is so exciting because it’s buffet gaming at its best! You can play at the live casino, step on over to the table games, video poker, bingo, keno or a progressive slots, whatever tickles your fancy.

If you play slots only try playing blackjack, but don’t play with your gut feeling like most players do. Familiarize yourself with the game’s betting strategy, its odds and house rules. It’s easy to learn and if you know the basics of the game inside out you’ve just decreased its house advantage by 0.5%! Don’t be shy to ask the casino manager or the pitboss if they offer private blackjack training sessions to newbies.

Another excellent option is bingo. For a mere $5 or $10 the game offers you hours of entertainment value, few games can top this! Tournament buy-ins can be up to $25 (depending on your budget) and the potential for some big wins is really good too. And it’s a fun activity for the entire family.

Give Daily Poker Tournaments a Shot

For a meager investment poker tournaments gives you the biggest bang for your buck. The key to becoming a good poker player is to know poker handranking (pairs, trips, penalties etc.), when to bet, pay attention to body language, signals and controlling your emotions. As the old saying goes ”practice makes perfect”.

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Know The Bonus Pulls-To-Hit

Every slots enthusiast should know the bonus pulls-to-hit, this is the average number of spins it takes to trigger a bonus round, even if it is a ballpark figure it doesn’t matter.

Behind each slot game there is a mathematical model which weeds out the need for ‘blind luck’. This number is important because it gives you an idea on the bankroll you’ll need. Let’s take a game like Betsoft’s latest slots release Dragon Kings (https://casinowhizz.com/slots/dragon-kings-slot/). If it’s bonus pulls-to-hit is 120 spins it means that this is the amount of spins that’s required to trigger its free spins feature. If your average bet per spin is $0.50 and it takes 120 spins to unlock the bonus, a reasonable bankroll will be $60. This amount will allow you to experience the game’s bonus round at least once.

As you most probably know by now the bonuses are the player’s best way of making some money. Also, if you know a game’s bonus pulls-to-hit ratio it gives you a base value comparison. If you hit the $60 mark but haven’t triggered the bonus yet, then it’s best to stop playing the game and look for another machine. Highly volatile slots normally take up to 180 plus spins to get into the bonus, medium variance games take around 120 spins and low variance slots have a much lower average pulls-to-hit of 60 to 80 spins.


How Do I Calculate the Bonus Pulls-To-Hit?

Before you play a slot machine for real money play it with free credits first, start counting down how many spins it takes to unlock the bonus, from here on end keep track of each bonus. If it took you 100 spins the first time, then 150 spins, then 70 spins followed by 130, add all the numbers together 100+150+70+130=450, divide the total by four (450/4=112.5). On average it takes 112.5 spins to trigger a bonus.


Slow Down

You won’t earn a prize for the amount of spins you completed unless you’re really lucky. Hasty play will see your bankroll go up in flames like a paper in a bonfire. If you play more than one machine at a time split your bankroll between 4 machines and don’t play frantically.


Take Your Wins Home

You’re not always going to break even, you’ll experience more losses than wins this is why it’s called gambling. Even if you play the highest denomination games never allow that old devil greed to get the better of you.

What about the classic, ”I’ve won but I gave it all back”. This hurts more than the worst hangover, we finally win something worth bragging about but have nothing to show for it. Cher’s song ”If I could turn back time, if I could find a way” comes to mind. The casino is a fun place while the thrill of gambling associated with risk makes it all the more exciting. Say to yourself, ”I will not become my worst enemy at the casino.”

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