Fun Facts About Slot Machines

18 January 2017 2 minutes to read
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In Nevada there’s a regulation into effect that concerns the reel strips for an electro-magnetical slots machine or generally referred to as reel slots. Typically they have pull handles and quite common in land-based casinos across the globe. Each reel is controlled by a stepper motor to which a physical reel strip is attached.


How Slots Are Regulated At Land Casinos

The best known slots examples is IGT’s Double Diamond and Red White and Blue. Among many other regulations with regard to the operation of a slots machine, the Nevada Gaming Control Board states that there must be a physical reel strip of length ”L” units containing ”N” physical stops, each blank space must have a minimum of (L/N) 0.4 units. Blank spaces must not contain any portions of any adjacent symbol and ”2”.

Plus, all non-blank and blank symbols must be centered in their respective space allocation. What does this mean? First, it means that the slot machines are regulated and secondly it displays a game’s outcome to the player, the outcome cannot be misleading especially when it comes to a blank normally associated with a losing spin.

If the physical reel strip is 22 inches long (the ”L” units) and contains 22 physical stops (the N), each blank space must occupy *0.4=0.4 inches and must be centered within the space of the reel. Change the reel strip length or the number of the stops and the blank space size changes too!

When it comes to online casinos their games are regulated and tested by the software providers they’ve partnered with. Strictly speaking the operator has not control over the outcome of a game or so I’m told. Each respective game is tested by an independent auditing company, the payout ratio or RTP (return to player) of each individual game ”can” be displayed at the website of the casino.

I’ve deliberately placed the ”can” in inverted commas because the majority of the online casinos don’t post the RTPs of each individual game any more. However, should the casino offer Microgaming games the information can be obtained from eCOGRA, it’s responsible for testing the veracity of each game to ensure that they’re safe and they offer the player a fair chance at winning.

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