Fun Facts: Casino Chips

26 January 2017 2 minutes to read
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In this article we’re going to give you a brief overview about the history of casino chips, in other words when people started using them as a means to gamble.

Even though the first casino opened its doors for business in Venice in 1626, it will take another 200 years before chips are used.


How The Modern Casino Chips Originated

During the 1880s up and till the late 1930s a variety of companies manufactured chips but not the chips we’re familiar with today, they were made from clay. Yup clay, plus they came in different colors ranging from blue, red, yellow and white.

At the time casino players did not use chips but cash, gold pieces, valuable objects, gold nuggets and even ivory. If you’ve watched a Western film before where cowboys play poker in a saloon you’ll know what I’m talking about. They did not use chips but hard cash. On very big stakes folk even gave up their farms as collateral.

Modern day chips (post 1950) are compression molded using clay and other materials which include chalk, sand and cat litter, hopefully unused cat litter! The reason why casinos use chips is to allow them to use their own set of markers to represent currency which acts as a counterfeit deterrent. It also allows casino staff and other employees to identify the value of each chip and they can be weighed to determine their combined value if it’s a large quantity of chips.

The modern chip is fitted with RFID security technology, which embeds a small circuit board within the chip, it allows scanners to verify the chip, custom color combinations on the edges and even an audible tagging where a scanner bleeps if it’s an invalid chip.

The interesting bit about chips is that there is no color standard for them. A gaming control board can regulate colors at times. Another interesting snippet about chips is that they are not interchangeable between casinos, obviously with the exception of Las Vegas. High denomination chips normally over a $1,000 are restricted to VIP lounges.

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