Folding Your Poker Hand Does Not Mean Defeat

25 July 2022 4 minutes to read
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Most of us know the chorus lyrics of the song ‘The Gambler,’ performed by Kenny Rogers.

The poker metaphors subtly represent life lessons in general. It gives general advice on how to handle what comes your way.

Poker players the world over should take heed of these lyrics. More than life lessons, they remain vital poker tips!

The strongest lines in the song are: “Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin’ is knowin’ what to throw away and knowin’ what to keep.”

Know When To Fold ‘Em

Folding a poker hand does not mean you are a loser. Even tapping out of a game entirely is only a bump in the road. You simply lost a battle, not the war.

Poker is more than a mere card game. It is a collection of hiding your ‘poker face’ while you psychologically size up your opponent. More importantly, the top-rated online casino to play poker is Wild Casino.

It is an excellent strategy, maybe the best, when you fold your hand on bad cards. As the lyrics to our song say, ‘Every hand’s a winner, and every hand’s a loser.’

However, the name of the game is gaining! You are not playing just for fun; you want to turn a profit playing poker.

Why Folding a Bad Hand is Important?

Although you can’t control the cards you get, you have full power over what you do with them.

The most obvious mistake in poker is one we all make. We remain in the game because we’ve spent too much on the pot.

So, we stay in the game and hope the community cards bring a win. You’ll never recoup your bets and raises this way.

This is the stuff of fairy tales that happen once in a blue moon. But, unfortunately, it also proves to your opponents that you are a reckless player.

Good poker players never chase bad cards. Play smart and get out early to lessen your losses.

The Secret To Survivin’

You’re ready to face the cards now that you have your poker cheat sheet. However, some poker hands pull the rug out beneath you. The cards look good, or you have an ace, so what now?

As soon as you feel yourself wavering, look at your stack or bankroll and consider if it’s worth the risk. More often than not, you’ll find it’s best to fold.

‘Gotta Learn To Play Poker Right’ Pre-Flop

We’ve established that the decision to fold is critical to an intelligent gameplay strategy. Now we need to learn when to fold.

When you fold mid-game or nearing the end of the round, you’ve already lost more money.

Watch a few WSOP games and examine when the top poker players in the world fold. It happens about 75% of the time.

Besides, the best poker players never play every round. They don’t depend on the community cards to bring them luck.

So, how do you know when to fold pre-flop? This decision is the most important weapon in your strategy arsenal.

Determine which hands you’ll play from each table position. Draw up your own hand chart or cheat sheet.

For example, raise from any position when you land pocket royals or aces. Or raise on smaller hands when the button closes in on your position.

If You’re Gonna Play Poker Online Post-Flop

A poker game flips on its head when the first three community cards hit the table. If your hand is still bad, then you should fold immediately.

It is not a sign of weakness to fold post-flop; anybody can get a bad hand. It will actually show your opponents that you are a serious player.

If you stay in the game, suddenly you are surrounded by opposing forces on the battleground. This is when psychological warfare begins.

You should know your cards and possible hand combination outcomes at this point in the game.

Now it’s time to watch your opponents! When you feel like a fish out of water, rather fold before you lose more money.

For example, an opponent who folds a lot suddenly raises big should be a warning sign to fold. If you’ve read your opponent accurately, a deviation in their play style is probably a bluff.

Know When To Walk Away in Poker

Good poker players know when to cash out at the best online USA casinos. They have a money management strategy. In other words, they play to win!

Recognize when you are no match for your opponent and walk away. Come back another day and win that war!


Defeat is by no means a reflection on your abilities. However, intelligent poker players never stop learning.

If you’ve had a bad day playing poker, go back to the drawing board. Many online poker rooms and live video poker games record your hands.

Assess your play and make amendments to your cheat sheet. Make a note of those opponents who outplayed you. Jump into your next poker game with new opponents.

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