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Fact or Fiction? Table Game Players Earn More Comps Than Slots Players

Did you know that approximately 75% of an online casino’s revenue is derived from slots play? The question a lot of players ask us, do I get more comps if I play slots? It’s an age old question that’s been mystified by scholars and players over the years. Let’s confuse you even more with a couple of interesting facts.

The comp you earn is based on the amount of cash you win or lose. Essentially it all boils down to two factors: The amount of time you’ve spent playing the game and the cash you’ve wagered.

Whether it’s the casino’s, blackjack, poker, keno or slots department, each has its own comp rate based on what they feel they can pay back to you to retain your business. In other words to keep you playing. It’s way easier for the casino to handle 500 slot games than to handle 10 table games. Also, players can play a lot more hands on a video poker game than at a blackjack table. Which game do you think has a higher edge to the house? If you didn’t know slot games have a house edge that hovers between 5% and 8% while blackjack’s is less than 1%!

Some gamblers at the casino refuse to use their rewards because they think they won’t get much, this couldn’t be further from the truth. To put matters into perspective, let’s say you play an hour of blackjack at $5 per hand, you won’t get much but if you play often you’ll rake in a nice bunch of comps.


The slots comp rate differs from one casino to the next, to best illustrate our point we’ve used 3 different casinos’ rates for slots play:

  • $3.33 in play equals 1 cent in comps, or $4,000 in action is rewarded with $12.
  • $4 in play equals 1 cent in comps, or receives a reward of $4 for $4,000 wagered.
  • $5 in play equals 1 cent in comps, $8 is awarded for $4,000 wagered.

In general online casinos give you 1 comp for every $5 to $10 wagered on slots, or 100 comps equals 1$. This illustration indicates that slot players get a lot more back than blackjack players do. The reason for this is because the house edge is way higher at slots than at blackjack.

At $5 per hand a blackjack player can play up to 60 hands per hour, therefore it’s $300 in action. A slots player can play a penny machine with 50 paylines, and 2 cent per line and wager $1 per spin with as many as 10 spins per minute. In layman’s terms it’s 600 spins or $600 wagered within an hour, this is twice as much as the blackjack player. In terms of their value to the casino, players are comped at about the same rate. At the end of the day play the game you’re good at, the comps will take care of itself.

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