Does The ‘Old Wisdom’ Still Apply To Video Slots?

25 April 2022 3 minutes to read
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When it comes to playing video slots at the top real money online casinos; conventional wisdom still applies.

To get the maximum return, “bet the maximum number of coins”. “Never play progressive slots without wagering the max bet”.

Slots pay more at higher coin denominations, not so? Slot players internalized those maxims for decades.

It’s safe to say the rise of the video slot machine broke all conventions. As a result, new conventions now require new wisdom.

It goes without saying that players must adapt by modifying the old with the new.

In this article, the Whizz team compares the old and the new wisdom of slot games.


Getting Top Dollar Out of Video Slots

To get the maximum payback percentage you must bet the maximum bet per spin. Technically speaking, there is some truth to it.

That’s the old conventional wisdom by the way. The new generation of slot games online changed all that.

The new conventional wisdom states that players must consult the paytable.

Many video slots are pure multipliers that pay the same RTP throughout regardless of the bets.

To illustrate our point, 4ThePlayer says that the RTP of 7 Elements stays the same on every spin.

The older generation slot games’ RTP was all over the place. Basically, the top jackpot increased the payout on the final coin.


What About Winning Combos?

Regardless if you decrease or increase your bets, winning combinations still occur.

If all payoffs were proportionate to the number of coins.

The online slot will pay out the same number of coins irrespective of how many coins you wager.

The majority of the video slots we’ve come across, don’t have that disproportionate leap in their jackpots.

Your payoff is the number of coins you wager and multiply by a single coin bet.

However, it doesn’t mean you should not bet more than the minimum. Check the paytable before you play.

In case there are payback percentage jumps for the bigger bets.

If there isn’t, you’re not shooting yourself in the foot on the percentages with single-coin per line wagers.


Conventional Wisdom and Progressives

The old wisdom states that in order to win the progressive jackpot. You must bet the maximum bet per spin.

Now, the new wisdom says bet enough so that you qualify for a jackpot win. So, it doesn’t matter how much money you wager nowadays.

You’re still eligible for a jackpot win. But, if you play the maximum, you’ll get a progressive jackpot that builds and builds.

Typically, online casinos lower the RTP of the slot the bigger the jackpot is.

If you don’t bet the max on a progressive, you’re playing a lower percentage game.

The crux here is that if you don’t wager the maximum bet when you play a progressive.

The returns will be lower. If you don’t want to bet the maximum bet on a progressive jackpot slot.

You should consider playing another slot game.


Higher Coin Denomination vs Game Speed

The higher the coin denomination of the slot is the better it tends to pay. That’s the old wisdom at least.

The new wisdom says it’s still true, but one should factor in the game’s speed.

After a bit of digging, we noted that $5 slot machines have better payback rates than $1 machines.

More importantly, when you trigger a bonus round like the free spins in a slot.

It’s free money all the way because you’re not risking any money during the bonus.

And, you’re winning! Does speed have an impact on the payback percentage?

That depends largely on the return of a higher denomination slot. Always pick a slot with a high RTP and plenty of bonus rounds.

Volatility also plays a role. Sometimes you get high variance slots with RTPs well above 96%.


Read The Paytable Before You Play The Online Slot

Many players don’t bother to read the help screen. Neither do they play the slot with free credits before they deposit.

They don’t have the patience and they don’t have the time. Why play something when you’re not winning anything?

To circle back to the help screen. A woman slated an online casino as a ‘scam’ because she lined up 3 jackpot symbols on a slot.

Instead of winning the jackpot, she received a small cash prize.

If she studied the paytable. She would have seen that she needed 5 jackpot symbols for the jackpot instead of 3.

Believe it or not, the paytable is the first strategy when it comes to playing winning slots.



The old wisdom does apply to video slots but it’s more a combination of both worlds. So to speak.

The modern slots player is not your pajamas-at-the-kitchen type of player. In fact, they have an education, are financially stable, and are smart.

The new generation of video slots is not a solitary experience anymore. You’ll get a bunch of players playing slots in a casino or online with a variety of interactive elements.

Players can pool their resources in-game for the bigger wins. But, they must also share the spoils in case of a big win.

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