Do You Need a Game Plan When You Play Casino Games?

9 November 2021 4 minutes to read
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Many casino players end up at an online casino with no cooking clue which casino game they want to play. In other words, they are there just for the sake of playing. We call these players the “cash blowers”. Don’t be this player! Online casinos see players like this a mile away. To be successful at gambling online you must have a game plan. Just because your buddy Billy had a stroke of luck at a casino USA online recently.

It doesn’t mean the fair lady will smile upon you. Especially if you’re a first-timer. Billy mentioned MYB Casino which you understood as ‘MY’ something casino. See, that’s the first mistake you’ve made by getting the name of the online casino wrong.

Worst case scenario, you could end up at a bogus casino that eats you alive. Even though it’s only a metaphor that’s the sad reality. Many players still play casino games for real money online without a game plan. And, herein lies the rub!


Have a Game Plan!

We apologize for the exclamation mark. Few things irk us more when players contact us slating an online casino with no valid reason. When we ask them why. They’ll tell us that they lost all their money playing slots.

The casino rigs its games! And, they use all manner of colorful words to describe the site we won’t mention here. They’ll never play at the site again, ever! In fact, they’re going to jump on every gambling forum and warn other players against this crooked online casino.

We soon find out that the player signed up at the first site that came up in Google search. Long story short, they deposited and lost all their money at a site rogued all over the place. A fool and his money part ways very easily, not so? The Whizz team don’t want you to be that ‘fool’.

More often than not players still make emotional choices. The first rule is to keep your emotions in check when you play casino games online. If you look at something from a logical point you make better decisions. Pick an online casino you want to play at. Decide on a game you’d like to play and then your casino budget.

Loss Limit On Casino Games

The next step is to have a loss limit when you play. Play a casino game that suits your style of play and your bankroll. If you are an online slots player, check the volatility and which slots pay often. If you’re not sure where to get this info.

Contact the online casino and ask them which are their ‘Hot’ slots at the moment. The casino’s staff will be more than happy to oblige and they’ll point you in the right direction. In case you’re a new depositor. They might even give you a few free spins to try out the game on the house.

If you know which casino slots pay the best, your money will last longer too. If you’re going to play video poker or blackjack we suggest you use an optimal betting strategy. Our expert blackjack guide gives you plenty of handy tips. You can use flashcards since it helps you to master basic strategy.

When you play blackjack at a live dealer casino. Pay attention to what’s going on at the table such as when to hit or when to stand. If you don’t you might frustrate the dealer and fellow players at the table. If you’re still new at playing a casino game. Find a table with a single dealer that’s willing to learn you the ropes. A nice tip goes a long way too. After all, all of us were beginners once.


Learn Everything About The Game

The main thing is to learn everything about the game before you risk money. provides a lot of information about most casino games. Find out all you need to know about the game and decide if you like it.

You can do your research in many ways. Be it through Google, YouTube videos, or social media. However, we caution you about most of the information you find on the world wide web. Don’t always believe everything you read about an online casino or game. There’s a lot of noise out there that drowns out the truth.

Online casinos are very good at one thing and that’s taking your money. The only way you can thump the house a bit is to educate yourself about gambling online. Ultimately, an online gambling site is all about business. And, the aim of a business is to make money and lots of it.

We’re still learning about online casinos and gambling in general. Moreover, we’ve been in the business for more than two decades. Call us forever students of the game because that’s what we are. Does it help if we say we have the T-shirt? We certainly hope so. On a more serious note, be an informed player. Don’t just sign up at a casino because a friend of yours had a nice windfall. Do your homework first and have a game plan!

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