Deceptive Australian Pokie ‘Slays’ Gambler

27 October 2016 3 minutes to read
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A land-based casino (Crown Casino) from Melbourne Australia might be in hot water for tampering with one of its pokie machines. It’s believed that it was guilty of a misconduct and deliberately altered the game mechanics of the machine to induce players to play and lose.pkr-300x250

The machine in question is Dolphin Treasure a popular pokie designed by Aristocrat Leisure. The machine was placed at a prominent position on Crown Casino’s floor. Shonica Guy said that she’s been ”ripped” off by the casino because of the ‘faulty’ machine and that it stole a large portion of her life. As a result she lodged a case against the casino and Aristocrat Leisure at Melbourne’s Federal Court. She said that the game has been deliberately tampered with which is against Australia’s consumer law.

“I’ve been ripped off. They stole 14 years of my life.” Shonica Guy

Ms Guy said that Dolphin Treasure was her go to machine and kept on feeding money into the machine because she felt that it was on the verge of paying out. The only problem the machine never paid out which aroused her suspicion and she decided to take action.


Foul Play Involved

Jacob Varghese, Ms Guy’s attorney approached experts to investigate the Dolphin Treasure pokie to ascertain if the game mechanics of the machine has been altered. Turns out that the 5th spinning wheel inside the machine was larger than the other ones. In layman’s terms it significantly reduces a player’s chances at winning. It also turns out that the machine has loads of winning symbols on most of its wheels and one winning symbol on them. The idea behind this devious trick is to induce players to play.Bitstarz EUR Whizz_300x250 (2)

“It’s another thing for machines to be designed with tricks that players are not aware of, which encourage them to keep pressing that button and keep losing money.” Mr Varghese

I guess the irony of it all is that Ms Guy is not claiming any compensation from Crown Casino despite losing tens of thousand of Australian dollars over a 14 year period. Instead she wants to see that justice is served and that casinos won’t be able to ”adjust” pokies where the outcome favours the casino to such an extent that it is detrimental to the player.

Mr Varghese said that if Ms Guy wins her case against the casino it will be a watershed case that will spell the death knell for casinos guilty of illicit conduct. Federal law protects consumers by this type of conduct on the casino’s part, if Ms Guy’s case is successful it will have massive ramifications across the industry.

Crown Casino vehemently denied the claims brought on by Ms Guy. The casino denied that it tampered with the pokie and said that her accusation is ‘outlandish’ at best. Aristocrat Leisure the vendor of the poker has also been contacted but hasn’t responded to the allegation yet.

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