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Commons Issues Players Want To Know About Casino Games

We answered many questions from casino gaming enthusiasts over the years, in this article we list the most common slot machine and video poker issues players had.

If you have any questions we’ll answer them as accurately as possible, we link to authoritative articles (websites) to corroborate what we’ve said.


Does it matter how the handle of a slot machine is pressed or pulled?

We mentioned this many times before, the outcome of a spin is not governed by the gears of a mechanical slot machine. Even classic slots with the sevens and bars are governed by a random number generator (RNG), stopping the reels by pressing the spin spin button does not effect the payout you’ll receive. It’s already pre-determined the moment you hit the spin button.

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If the jackpot of a slot machine is hit, is it a good idea to avoid it?

Rest assured that any slots does not ‘keep track’ of one spin to the next. Each spin is independent from the previous one and governed by a random number generator. A slot machine is not dictated by a sequence, it is possible to hit the same jackpot (non-progressive) moments after someone else hit it. It’s not correct to assume that a slot game is ”due” just because its jackpot hasn’t been hit in a while.


I’ve been playing a slot game without any success, I get up to take a short break, the guy that played after me hits the jackpot, would that have happened to me?

There is no guarantee that you or the person who played after you would have hit the spin button at the exact same milli-second. The computer program picks the random numbers as soon as you hit the spin button, the results are determined. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter if you left the machine or not.


If a progressive slots is not hit and taken off the casino’s floor what happens to all the money?

Any player contribution towards a progressive must be returned to the player. If the manufacturers of slot machines were to put an entire area network out of business, they still wouldn’t succeed. The bottom line is they have to keep at least one machine running until the jackpot is won.

Only then can the machine be removed or shut down. Should the network or the progressive jackpot pool change, the cash the machine accrued rolls over to a new group of games. Even if it’s not a wide-area jackpot hosted by a slots developer. The casino must still distribute in-house progressives onto other progressives within the casino.


Do slots that require skill, like video poker pay more than slots that don’t?

Video poker has a higher payback percentage because they have been programmed that way. For the most part video poker is set at higher denominations and they are better games than slots. We’ve seen video poker games that have payout percentages of above 99%.

This is why it’s more advantageous to the player to play video poker than slots. Make no mistake many slot machine offer oodles of entertainment since they have captivating themes, payback percentages of above 96% and exciting in-play bonus rounds ranging from pick me bonus games to free spins with multipliers, sticky and expanding wilds.


Are the higher paying slot machines put in areas that get the most traffic like near the doors or the cage?

To be honest we don’t think so. Some casino executives like the idea but most don’t. The placement of a slot machine in a casino depends more on the denomination and the type of game.

We often hear slot games that are placed in the aisles have a lower payback percentage than the ones in the middle of the row because casino patrons like to sit at the end of the row before they venture into the crowded part. Normally the entire bank of slots is set to the same payback percentage.


Do casinos decide which games are going to pay, how much they’re going to pay and when?

The short answer is no. We’re 100% convinced that every single spin on a slot game is 100% random, this is why you have independent third party companies like eCOGRA, TST (Technical Systems Testing) and iTech Labs that test each vendors’ software (RealTime Gaming, Betsoft, Microgaming, NetEnt etc.) for honesty and transparency. Yes there have been cases where unscrupulous online casinos used pirated software without the developer’s consent but they are far and few in between.

The only electronic information going in and out of a slot is data on the amount of credits wagered, credits put in the slots, credits cashed out and tracking the player’s data. There is no other communication telling the slots what to do other than losing or winning. However, some folk still believe that casino employees are the reason why they’ve lost. Players familiar with the regulation of the games and the technology know that it is not true.

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What must I look for before I play a progressive?

Luckily there are more trustworthy virtual casinos than dodgy ones. Regardless of the jurisdiction they are licensed in, each operator has a myriad of progressive jackpots.

Players from the United States are not spoiled for choice but they can still play progressives powered by RealTime Gaming and Betsoft that pay in excess of $1 million or more. Unfortunately the payouts they offer pales in comparison to the Microgaming and Net Entertainment progressives with mammoth jackpots in excess of 拢15 million plus.


Before you play a progressive check the following:

1. The jurisdiction the casino is licensed in. U.S-friendly online casinos normally pay progressive wins out in installments of $5,000 per month until it’s paid in full. If you are a progressive jackpot player check with the operator first by asking them to explain their ‘progressive jackpot payout policy’ to you.

It’s not nice if you won a life-changing amount just to find out that it will take 5 years before you’re paid in full. Casinos licensed by the UKGC (united Kingdom Gambling Commission) or Malta (LGA) pay all progressive slot wins in full.

2. Can I use the casino’s welcome bonus to play a progressive and do I earn comps?

Some casinos allow you to use their sign on bonuses to play progressives. You do earn comps if you play a progressive slots, in general for every $10 you’ve wagered on slots 1 comp is earned. VIPs earn more but it depends on their VIP status at the casino.

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