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Common Casino Questions Debunked

We receive many questions via email every month, however, there’s always those recurring questions we receive on a daily basis from our players which tend to overlap in their topic.

To best serve these questions we’ve put together a list of common casino online myths and explain why they are false. As a side note, we’d like to thank our players for their continued support, kind words and of course their questions! Please keep them coming it’s always nice to hear from you.

Myth: Online casinos ”tighten” and ”loosen” their slots as they please.

Many players still believe that the casinos tighten and loosen their slot machines as they deem fit. Initially this might be advantageous for the casino. Seen from another angle this is a very laborious process and would involve a lot of people. When an online casino releases a new slots it’s initialized and its payback percentage to the player is determined.

After the initial set-up it’s not in the casino’s best interest to alter its game’s percentage by making a slots ”tighter” or ”looser”, because it requires downtime, permission, oversight by the gaming agency (jurisdiction it’s licensed in) plus it’s an administrative nightmare.

There have been cases where rogue online casinos altered the payback percentages of their games and in some instances pirated software was used. These sites are only in it for the short term and far and few in between. This is why it’s important to check the operator’s licensing information, do a Google search and to check the message boards of reputable watchdog sites like Casinomeister.

No online casino worth its weight in gold wants its most popular slots off for more than a few minutes, let alone days since initialization is a rigorous process and it will experience a loss in revenue.

Myth: The payouts during free game play on a slot machine differs considerably when it’s played for real cash.

Your chances of losing or winning using free play credits are no different when the game is played for real cash – the slot game does not change its behaviour. Online casinos licensed in the UK, Malta and Curacao are heavily regulated, they have many rules in place that ensures free play is fair for all players.

Next time you play a slots with free credits keep track of how much cash you’re winning with your free play money. If you play with £$500 free credits and your average bet per spin is £$0.50, write down the amount of cash you’ve won after 100 free spins and how many spins it took to trigger a bonus round. If it’s a reputable online casino, the difference between free play and playing for real cash will be marginal.


Myth: Your bonus picks don’t matter when playing slots. The outcome is already determined by the game which explains why you always get the lowest amounts.

Reality: This is not entirely the truth. In some cases the game’s outcome is already determined and in some cases it’s not. If the slots reveals what is behind all the objects (including the ones you picked), the outcome of the bonus is determined by your pick. Sorry to say, but if you picked a treasure chest with 200 credits and the treasure chest to the right had 1,000 credits the pick you made was not a good one.

If the prizes behind the objects are not revealed at the conclusion of the bonus, your bonus pick does not matter because the outcome is already predetermined. As soon as the bonus is triggered, the random number generator already selected a value from the available options and then waits for you to touch the screen (if the slots is played on your mobile phone) to display your bonus win animation. Luckily when it comes to online slots the bonus games are already predetermined.


Myth: In Blackjack, it’s safe to assume that the dealer’s hole card is always a 10.

Reality: This couldn’t be further from the truth! A standard deck of cards has 52 cards, 16 of those cards have a value of 10. Meaning that 31% of the deck are made up of picture cards (and 10s). From a mathematical perspective the odds are 3 to 7 that the dealer will have a 10 in the hole. There’s a 70% chance that the dealer’s card is not a 10.

Myth: The worst games to play are slot machines, this is where the casinos really make their money.

This is not entirely true. Whether its online or at a land-based casino one of the best games to play is video poker. Video poker players earn slower points compared to those who play slots or table games. In general slots make the most money for the casinos simply because they require no skill and they’re easy to play.

In fact around 90% of the casino’s revenue is derived from slots. Some casinos make so much money from slot games that they don’t even have table games. Smart players normally stick to video poker and higher denomination slots where the payout percentages and payback are higher.

There is no magic formula to getting rich quickly. The opinions, research in this article is solely our own, we believe it to be accurate and correct. Gambling online should be done purely for entertainment purposes and don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose.