Chilling Casino Game Myths

29 October 2020 4 minutes to read
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Unfortunately, there are still many myths that surround casino table games and slot machines. Especially, at land-based casinos in metropolises like Las Vegas. In this article, lays some of these myths to rest.

Chilling and Silly Casino Myths

The first myth pertains to land casinos in Las Vegas. Many people believe that casinos pump pure oxygen into the air. The purpose of the oxygen is to keep casino gamblers betting, happy, and awake for hours.

Slot Machine Myths

Another recurring casino myth; players believe that the odds at penny machines are better than dollar machines. As online slots experts, we can say that this is not the case. As a matter of fact, the higher the coin denomination the better the odds for the player.

Moreover, we reviewed a slew of high variance slots online with RTPs of 96% and above. Not to mention their hit ratios of more than 20%. As a rule of thumb, it’s always better to play high denomination slot machines; the odds at snagging a big win is better. Unless you’re a casual player who merely plays for entertainment.

Another stupid myth, players believe is that they’ll do better in the casino’s VIP room than at the standard tables. To be honest it beats us since the logic behind it just doesn’t make sense. However, this depends if you’re playing blackjack for real money with high limit stakes and fewer decks. The more decks in a deck of cards when you play blackjack the higher the edge to the house.

If an online slot paid out big recently it won’t pay out again myth. This is simply not true. A random number generator (RNG) determines the outcome of each spin on a slot machine perpetually. As such, the real money slot can pay out big once or ten times per day. Or, maybe not at all.

Bonus Money Myth

This myth has been doing the rounds for many years now and it concerns the deposit bonus. A handful of online casino gamblers believe that the casino’s deposit bonus is absolutely bogus. We had a few cases where players couldn’t believe that online casinos give them ‘free money‘ just for signing up.

Now, before we continue we must point out that these players come from a brick-and-mortar casino background. The Vegas casinos ply them with drinks, free meals, and maybe the odd free room. Giving them bonuses to play and win money online is unheard of to them.

After explaining to them how an online casinos’ bonus works – it finally sunk in. Suffice to say, there’s a new saying now; once you go online you’ll never play at a land casino again. Just kidding. That said, casinos online do impose terms on their bonuses. Before you accept a bonus on deposit. Please go through the fine print to avoid any miscommunication with the casino.

What To Do When Bad Luck At A Blackjack Table

One member of the Casinowhizz team is a whizz at blackjack. He told us recently that he met a lady at the table who was superstitious. The dealer dealt her ‘one bad hand’ after the other. Trying to improve her luck he told her to change seats. She replied that it’s bad luck to change seats.

From a psychological perspective, she was in bad shape. The worst part is that she accepted her poor run of luck at the table as “fate”. Yeah, right. Not to mention she sucks at playing blackjack for real money.

Here’s the rub. Casino gamblers who have a positive outlook and who accept much-needed advice. Immediately set a few things in motion without even realizing it. First, they’ll make better decisions when they gamble for real money. After all, scientific research proved this.

Not only will their odds improve. Their bodies will release adrenaline which gives them a much-needed boost. The crux of the matter is, don’t fall into bad habits and never let superstition get the better of you.

Playing Blackjack Ain’t So Bad Myth

There are still players that don’t double down on a 6-4 against the dealer’s up; they fear they’ll keep on losing. Or, they never split their cards if they have two 8’s against the dealer’s 10. When you play blackjack always split a pair of 8’s!

We’re the first to agree that you’ll spend more money but it’s also a defensive play. Moreover, if you get a pair of 8’s against the dealer’s 10 it sucks. If you just play with your pair of eights without splitting your hands. Your odds of losing that hand against the dealer is so much higher.

However, if you split your hand, you’ll improve your odds of winning that hand by a lot. Over the long haul, you’ll receive an extra 5% return on your bets for the split.

Online Casino Roulette vs Live Casino Roulette Myth?

Is it better to play normal roulette online or roulette at live casinos? There’s a huge difference, and here’s why. The biggest problem of online roulette is the pace of the game. When you play roulette at our best live dealer casino the pace is significantly slower. When the bets are slower players tend to make better decisions.

So, if you see the elephant at the table don’t become superstitious. Besides, in some cultures, the elephant is a symbol of luck, patience, wisdom, and success.

Online Casinos Don’t Award Comps Myth

This is absolutely not true. The comps online casinos award is way better than any land casinos. Granted, casinos online will never beat the atmosphere of a real casino. Casinos online more than make up for this with the rewards they offer.

Whether it’s for new or to their existing customers. New depositors can cash in on lucrative deposit bonuses. While loyal depositors get comps, Free Spins, reload bonuses, and cashback on losses. VIPs or the high rollers benefit from excellent reward programs as well.

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