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Highlander Slots Tips and Strategy


Our review of Microgaming’s Highlander slot was a positive one since then we invested a bit of time (and money) into the game to see if it deserves the praise and if it matches the same standard as the original Highlander film. Before we continue we’d like to give you

Beware of Dishonest Online Casino Review Sites


The Internet is full of both honest and dishonest reviews for products and services. Generally before you purchase a product, it’s wise to check reviews from other people. Of course product vendors know this, which is why many publish fake positive reviews of their own products. It’s no different when

Should I Play More Than One Online Slots To Maximize My Odds at Winning?


If we haven’t won a sizeable amount of cash on a slot machine we move, by ‘sizeable’ we mean anything above $50 (we’re low rollers) per slot. The problem is every year we note that some of our favorite online slot games are becoming more and more volatile. Those days

How To Calculate Your Casino Game Odds?


To be a successful gambler you must understand the odds of the game you’re playing, its payouts and betting strategy if you want to give yourself a sporting chance at beating the house (the casino’s edge over the player). Initially it seems like a lot to process but the good

Play Free Casino Games Without Risking Real Cash


The world of online casino gambling consists of an abundance of games that allows you to play them for free without the need of spending real cash. The nice bit about playing the games in the free mode before you deposit real money is that it’s completely risk free, fun

Legend of the Nile Slot Tips & Strategy To Win


We decided to take a closer look at Betsoft’s Legend of the Nile a low to medium variance online slots. We’re happy to report that the iGaming vendor jazzed it up with 3 bonus features (The Isis Trail, The Anubis Trail and Ra Trail) not to mention its top draw

Empire Fortune Jackpot Slot: Tips & Strategy How To Win


When it comes to playing at online casinos winning a progressive jackpot slots is the ultimate gambling experience. This is exactly what happened to a very fortunate player on the 25th of November, this date will be etched in his memory for as long as he lives. The slots developer

Online Blackjack: Double Downs and Splits


One of the most popular casino games ever invented is Blackjack because it’s easy and fun to play. The good news about playing online blackjack is that you can improve your game by just remembering a few tips  (when to double and when to split) which we’re gladly going to

Progressive Online Slots Jackpots FAQ


Players contact us from time to time asking us all kinds of interesting questions about online casino games and the industry in general. We don’t claim to be experts but we do try and answer their questions as accurately as possible, and to best illustrate our point we also cite

Phantom of the Opera Slot Tips & Strategy


Welcome to NetEnt’s spectacular Phantom of the Opera 3D slots not only did the vendor jazz it up with impeccable visual animations but with a series of bonus modes that’s bankroll friendly, or so we thought… We played the game with a budget of £50 just to see if it

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