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How To Use Math When Playing At Online Casinos


Novice gamblers have always been the bread and butter players of the casino. They simply play without any form of expectation and firmly believe it’s the price one has to pay for entertainment. To a certain extent this notion is the wrong way to play, obviously playing for entertainment is

Best Online Slots For US Players In 2017


Of all the games listed in an online casino’s suite of games, slots offer the most entertainment but they can also be the most volatile. Luckily they come in all shapes and sizes starting with your classics, 3D varieties and progressive jackpot slots. We’ve reviewed the top online slots that

Double Double Bonus Video Poker Tips


It’s that time of the month again where we dedicate a section to our players by answering their questions about slot games or video poker. A video poker player asked us an interesting question recently: ”When playing Double Double Bonus Video Poker and you’re dealt 2 Aces and another Pair,

How Do I Maintain A Winning Streak On Slots?


In this article we’re going to reveal the science of playing online slots to you. Since the beginning of 2017 we’ve introduced a series of articles where we provide valuable tips on how to become a better slots player. ( We know that our players can wait to get our

An Explanation Of The Sticky Bonus


Over the past few years online casino bonuses have changed in structure, most of them were known as ‘Cashable Bonuses’. It was a shoot from the hip kinda bonus, once you’ve met the play-through attached to it the bonus was credited to your casino account. The majority of the bonuses

RoboCop Playtech Slots Tips And Strategy


Playtech is known for releasing video slots with high-definition visuals plus loads of bonus games (free spins and Pick Me) built into them that offers pennies on the dollar. I’ve decided to play RoboCop one of its newest slot releases with a bankroll of £150. To be honest it’s the

The Science Of Playing Slots Part 3


We have introduced a series of articles that covers ”The Science of Playing Slots” in which we examine the best ways to win when playing them. In essence this topic is the most controversial and most difficult to explain. When playing a slot game the first rule is to always

Is It Legal To Count Cards When Playing Blackjack In Land Casinos?


There’s seems to be a lot of debate going on specifically when it comes to counting cards at a Blackjack table. Movies like ”21” demonized the casinos and glorified the card players guilty of card counting. Then again this is a typical Hollywood film so anything is to be expected.

Why Are Casino Slots So Tight? And How To Beat Them


One of our players contacted us recently telling us that she feels that the slots at online casinos have become tighter. She told us no matter where she plays she’s walking away a loser and they’re nothing but tight, tight and more tight. In the past she said $50 was

Harley Davidson Freedom Tour Slot Tips And Strategy


I’ve often been asked if playing a slot game is based purely on luck, the answer is yes and no. The ‘yes’ bit is that the outcome of each payout is governed by a random number generator (RNG), in other words wins are completely random. The ‘no’ bit is how

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