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Progressive Online Slots Jackpots FAQ


Players contact us from time to time asking us all kinds of interesting questions about online casino games and the industry in general. We don’t claim to be experts but we do try and answer their questions as accurately as possible, and to best illustrate our point we also cite

Phantom of the Opera Slot Tips & Strategy


Welcome to NetEnt’s spectacular Phantom of the Opera 3D slots not only did the vendor jazz it up with impeccable visual animations but with a series of bonus modes that’s bankroll friendly, or so we thought… We played the game with a budget of £50 just to see if it

Planet of the Apes Slots Tips and Strategy


Net Entertainment rolled out its latest 3D online slots buster ‘Planet of the Apes‘ on the 23rd of October 2017. We played the game for real cash with a bankroll of £20 at an average bet of £0.20 per spin just to see if it lived up to the hype

10 Online Casino Games That Pays The Best


If you’re a regular visitor to you’ll notice that we’re big into online slots and we mean in a big kinda way. The question is, are there games that offer better odds than slots, if so which games are they? Although slots offer decent payouts there are still misconceptions

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Casinos?


The 21st century brought with it a host of new technological advancements but one industry in particular that shines for us the online gaming business’ live dealer casinos. Patrons can play live roulette, blackjack, Texas Hold’Em, Baccarat and Craps against human dealers in an online setting. What makes these games

Blackjack: How To Resolve a Table Game Dispute


You’re having a blast playing at a blackjack casino and all of a sudden you find yourself embroiled in a dispute. You didn’t get paid although you thought you’ve won the hand. If this is the case, what must you do? First, take it easy. It happens. Although there’s been

Is Taking Blackjack Insurance a Good Bet?


Many blackjack players are still in two minds when it comes to taking ‘Insurance’; some say it’s a good bet while others say it’s a definite no-no. In this article we’re going to explain to you why taking the insurance bet in Blackjack is never a good thing.   Blackjack

Bitcoin Casino F.A.Q’s


We receive a lot of emails from players asking us if gambling with bitcoins is safe?, is it legal?, are the games fair? and so on. In this section we’re going to answer some pressing questions about the world’s favorite cryptocurrency. In the United States the Federal government said that

Does It Matter Which Slots Bonus You Pick?


It’s that time of the month again where we answer pressing player questions. ‘Candice’ (not player’s real name) recently asked us a slots question that pertains to its bonus features: ”If I get a casino bonus on slots and have a choice to pick from, does it really matter which

Online Slot Mistakes That Can Cost You Money


People do the craziest things sometimes and if you want to see some really zany behavior all you have to do is visit your local casino. Maybe all the lights, sights, sounds and frills cause an overload of sensory information to our brains. Or, maybe it’s because we’ve let our

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