How To Play Easy Aces

18 September 2017 2 minutes to read
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‘Easy Aces’ is seductively easy to play and strangely compelling can now be played in all American casinos. There’s isn’t a strategy as yet unless you want to give the Martingale betting system a shot. Basically you choose one of four possible cards to appear and wait for your payout, well almost.

”A brand new table game coming to the tables in all American casinos.”


Easy Aces Rules

Easy Aces is played with a deck of 54 cards, strange bit about it is that it doesn’t contain the number four. The game get its name from the fact that the modified deck is heavy reliant on Aces, with 24. Also, there are 12 Deuces, 8 Threes, 8 Fours and 2 Jokers in the mix.

Before the game can be played, players must place their bets on at least one of the four bet spots-Ace, 2, 3 or Joker. Chances are pretty good that the dealer will be dealing from a 5-deck shoe or continuous shuffler.

Each deck will have the same opposition of cards and the players play against the house, against the payoff, not the dealer. Three cards, face down will be dealt by the dealer. Next, players will then expose the third card only. Strictly speaking the third card is considered the money card since all payoffs are based on the exposed card:


Easy Aces Payoffs

  • Any Aces pays even money.
  • Any Deuces pays three to one.
  • Any three pays five to one.
  • Any Joker pays twenty five to one.

Only one bet spot pays per hand, wagers made on other spots will lose. The party pooper is the 4 since it doesn’t pay a dime. Simply put, when the 4 pitches all wagers are lost, so you can’t just bet all the spots and expect a guaranteed payoff on each hand.

The best bet in the game is the Joker because it is the highest paying card with an edge to the house of 3.5%. The remaining choices of Ace, 2 and 3 each have a house edge that’s closer to 7.5%-you’ll find this on the Pair Plus Bet at Three Card Poker.

If you decide to just bet on the Ace, you’ll win 24 out of every 54 bets; this number is a bit too small to make the Martingale approach viable. The Martingale system has been used by gamblers for years with great success-players make a small wager and double it until they hit a winning hand. Mathematically there’s no way the house can be beaten in the long run, with a game like blackjack with a small edge to the house it does lend itself to trying the wagering system from time to time.

In summary. With the big 25 to 1 payoff Easy Aces tempts players to wager on the Joker. Keep in mind that the house edge in this game is very small, as a result the wager is reasonable. That said, expect a few dry spells in between wins. As for losing-progression wagering, a modified system of bets on Deuces, at 3 to 1, is quite tempting. It’s best to start with a wager of $5 up to 3 times, then $10, $15, $25 etc. When you play Easy Aces always watch your bankroll.

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