Why Are Casino Slots So Tight? And How To Beat Them

21 April 2017 3 minutes to read
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One of our players contacted us recently telling us that she feels that the slots at online casinos have become tighter. She told us no matter where she plays she’s walking away a loser and they’re nothing but tight, tight and more tight.

In the past she said $50 was enough and she’ll occasionally cash out $50 or more, not any more, she’ll lose quickly and become even more frustrated. In this piece we’re going to shed some light on ‘Susan’s problem (not player’s real name) and give her some advice.

Susan we truly feel your pain. Believe me when we tell you you’re not the only one who voices your opinion to us. As a matter of fact during my recent casino visits I hear these type of comments all the time, if only the casinos had ears!


Play The Right Slots

In response to your concerns we’d like to highlight a few points. The first make sure you understand that your bankroll should only be used for entertainment purposes, leaving the casino frustrated is never a good thing.

Second, with the advent of new technology the design of the online slot machines have changed a lot especially during the past 5 years. Gone are the good old days when playing a 9 line ”dribbler” slot and winning $150 in a bonus round for a total of 400 nickles was a good time. You could play these games for hours on end with a small bankroll.

With that being said, pay close attention to the minimum stake per spin of the newest slots. Many of them start at 30, 40 or 50 pence. We used to play 9 or 15 credits, even 10 years ago 20 credits was a stretch! The most popular coin denomination on the virtual casino’s slot floor is pennies/pence.

With the advent of the new slots came better visuals, more bonus rounds and captivating themes. Keep in mind that the modern slot has become more sophisticated in order to appeal to the contemporary player, plus operators must pay the software provider a monthly fee for the rental of its slot machines.


Play Smart

Slot games offered by large online casinos such as Sloto Cash And WildSlots have a payback range of 96% plus which is very good. Strictly speaking their slots libraries are divided into low, medium and high variance catering to players with different bankrolls. You told us that you normally play with a bankroll of $50, this tells us that you’re a low roller trying to win some cash.

Ten to one the biggest mistake you’ve made is that you play medium to high variance slots. Playing these games with a bankroll of $50 is simply not going to cut it, it normally takes around 150 spins before a free spins feature is triggered. So, if your bankroll is £50 and you play at the lowest stake of 30 pence (£0.30×200=£60) it will cost you £60 just to trigger the free spins. See the difference? Low roller slot games’ bonus features are normally initiated within 30 to 50 spins.

At the end of the day you should stick to low volatility games that pays out on every 3 to 5 spins. Play N’ Go’s Easter Eggs is the perfect slots for low rollers (https://casinowhizz.com/slots/easter-eggs-play-n-go-slots-review/). Payouts are normally mall but it keeps the bankroll ticking over, at least it’s not like a vacuum cleaner.

Just remember the online gambling environment has changed a lot. When playing a slots always play games that are easy on the pocket and study their Paytables first before you deposit and play.

Another great way to stretch your pounds or dollars is to make sure that the casino you’re playing at offers you comps every time you play. Once you’ve gained a certain amount of comps you can exchange them for real cash.

Another incentive online casinos give their patrons is the sign on bonus, without a doubt it’s the most popular comp. If the operator offers a sign on bonus of 100% up to $100 and you deposit $50 you’ll get a bonus of $50. Instead of playing with just $50 you can play with $100. Note, there are bonus terms attached to a bonus, make sure you’re familiar with it before you accept it.

In summary. Not all slot games are tight it depends largely on the type of game you play (low, medium or high volatility) and at which casino you play it. Some online casinos’ average payout ratio for their slots are way better than other casinos.

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