Can I Use A Small Bankroll To Play Slots?

16 January 2017 3 minutes to read
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Yes you can but only if you’re purely playing for entertainment purposes, but if you’re out to win some cash a bigger bankroll is normally required.

A player contacted us recently and told us that a bankroll of £20 used to last her a couple of sessions at CasinoLuck on low variance slot games like Starburst but lately it just doesn’t go the distance any more. She asked us is it her playing strategy that sucks and must she focus on one slots or a couple?


Playing Strategy?

First off, in today’s online gaming environment a small bankroll is a bit presumptuous especially if you’re playing to win and even if you play low variance online slot games with high RTP’s (return to player percentage). The new releases tend to be a bit more volatile but wins tend to be bigger too.

I’m a low roller and I can honestly say some of the the games I used to win frequently on at the lowest wager have become tighter. The feeling I get nowadays is that a bankroll of £40 (my average budget) is getting gobbled up at a quicker pace even when playing at the lowest coin denomination. Taking all this into account I do sympathize with the player that contacted us.

Your best bet is a bankroll of £60 assuming you’ll be playing slot games at the minimum bet of £0.25 per spin. The way to go is to play medium to high variance game like Huangdi The Yellow Emperor at the lowest bet since a high variance game at the lowest wager pays way more that a low variance one played at the lowest bet.

Also, take into consideration how many spins is needed to trigger a bonus game (free spins). I know I’ve discussed this game quite a bit lately but in my humble opinion it’s one of Microgaming top releases in a while. I triggered the game’s free spins mode after 80 spins, you can read more about it here: (

Volatile slots can take up to 400 spins before a free spins round is triggered, while less volatile slots the pulls-to-hits can be anything from 60 to 80 spins. Therefore, if you’re favorite slot game has a medium volatility with an average free spins feature that’s hit around 80 spins it’s best to play it.

So, if you intend on wagering £0.30 per spin it’s going to cost you £24 before you trigger the bonus. A reasonable bankroll for this scenario would be £60. This amount of cash will allow you to experience the game’s free spins feature at least once. This is why a bankroll of £20 in most cases is just not going to cut it anymore unless you’re just playing for fun. If you tend to wager 50 pence per spin then the appropriate bankroll would be £80, and so on.

In summary. I think it’s safe to say that a bankroll of £20 is a tad small today since you need a bit more than this to trigger the free spins bonus, assuming you’re playing at the lowest bet.

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