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Blackjack: How To Resolve a Table Game Dispute

You’re having a blast playing at a blackjack casino and all of a sudden you find yourself embroiled in a dispute. You didn’t get paid although you thought you’ve won the hand. If this is the case, what must you do? First, take it easy. It happens.

Although there’s been some dispute about this dealers are human after all. At least last time we checked. That said, they do make mistakes from time to time. Maybe two cards got stuck together, maybe a bet has been paid incorrectly, or maybe they just skipped your hand altogether.


How To Handle a Blackjack Dispute

Whether you’re playing in a land or online casino if something doesn’t look right always ask for help. The last thing you must do is jump out your chair and shout, ”The dealer just cheated me!” Let’s face it the chances of getting cheated by a dealer is really slim unless you’re really playing at a very shady casino.

If you feel that something is amiss; don’t make another bet, put your hand out and say, ”Just a second, what was my last hand?” or something along these lines. The dealer won’t question your motives, even though they’re dealing 400 odd hands per hour, chances are pretty good they’ll remember exactly what you had on your last hand.

You can expect to hear something like, ”You hit your 14 with a five for 19, but I made a 20, sorry.” If that doesn’t clear it up, take it to the next level. Request that the cards be backed-up. The dealer will then call the Floor Supervisor to step in and they will take care of the problem.

Dealers are trained to pick the cards up in a particular fashion so they can be backed-up (replaced on the layout) just as they were played. The dealer’s hand will be the first cards followed by the player’s. Your own hand will be recreated right in front of you.

If it still doesn’t seem right it’s within your right to tell the Floor Supervisor. If need be the boss can ask surveillance to check on the hand, but backing up the cards does the trick most of the time. The boss may decline to do anything more based on the backup of the cards or on their observation of the original hand.

However, if you are still not happy with the outcome, ask to see the Floor Supervisor’s boss. If you’re not going to play any more note the table number and the time. The Pit Boss will be called over, don’t get upset, lose your temper or start making demands.

Kindly explained to him or her what happened, they’ll take notes and make a decision. They’ll explain specific rules as to why something can’t be done, such as changing a hit-card or something similar. As daft as it might sound each game has rules set forth by the state which can’t be ignored even if an error occurred. In general the pit boss will do his utmost to help you because the casino’s reputation is at stake.

Now, if you’re still unhappy contact the casino manager of the online casino. Explain to him what happened. If it’s not your fault, there can be a problem with the game’s software, more often than not the casino will give you a comp in the form of a free chip or give you a refund for the faulty hand. If you’re playing in a land-casino contact the state agency overseeing all gaming.

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