Blackjack Discipline

13 May 2021 4 minutes to read
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Maintaining your discipline in blackjack or any casino game is fundamentally important. There’s an old saying that says it’s not the size of the bull, but the fight in the bull. The same thing applies when you play casino games for real money. It’s not how much you win at the USA casino online; it’s how much you leave the casino with.

Maintaining Discipline When You Play Blackjack For Money

We often hear complaints from players where they won $1,000 and left the casino with $100. There’s an easy way to avoid this. If you win $300, withdraw $200 and continue to play blackjack online with $100. Even if you lose $50 you still have a profit of $250 to show.

For every win remember to withdraw half and play with the rest. The bottom line is simple if you lost your $50; you still made a small profit playing blackjack. The important thing is to keep your discipline and not dip back into your pocket. Unfortunately, this is where most players fall out of the bus.

They still don’t understand that blackjack is a negative expectation game. Unless you’re good at counting cards; you’ll always lose over the long haul. Even if you use optimal blackjack strategy the casino will thump you sooner than later.

The longer you play, the higher the chance that the casino’s probability will kick in against you. As such, you’ll experience a loss. If you can’t control your spending habits we urge you to seek help at immediately.


Crazy Blackjack Odds

Have you noticed that when a new player joins a live blackjack table mid-shoe; the dealer’s very next hand is a blackjack? There’s no mathematical explanation for this. The players and the dealers do agree that it happens quite often.

The only piece of blackjack advice we can give you; reduce the size of your bet when a new player joins mid-shoe. Then again it doesn’t make any difference, do keep it in mind though. Don’t be afraid to shoot the casino an email to inquire about the perks they offer blackjack players. Ten to one they might offer you a small chip on the house to entice you to sign up.


What Happens If I Play Blackjack Too Long?

There’s always that little devil on your shoulder that encourages you to place that extra bet. Players often deceive themselves when they say I’ll play one more blackjack bet than stop. Don’t think for one moment if I play a little long I’ll win more money.

For your sake, we sincerely hope it will be the case. Sorry to pop your bubble buddy it ain’t gonna happen. Moreover, there is a valid reason as to why there aren’t any professional real money slot players. To be successful you must have the right attitude.

If you join an online casino with the thought I’m going to lose my bankroll of $100. Don’t even bother signing up because your attitude is wrong! Did you know it takes approximately 120 to 160 shuffles to completely randomize 6 decks? If you didn’t know it, you do now.


Know When To Walk Away

Remember, if you enter the casino with a negative mindset you’re already a loser. When you play blackjack at a live dealer US casino and lost four hands in quick succession. Don’t cuss the dealer or blame the casino for your loss.

Stop playing and try your luck at another live table. Perhaps take a break from blackjack and play a low variance slot like Betsoft’s Hat Trick Hero. It will take your mind off things and you’ll have fun while you’re playing.

It doesn’t matter how much profit you take out of the casino. As long as you make a profit you’ll feel good about yourself and you had the discipline to do it. Would you feel better about yourself if you lost $250? Or, cashed out $50 via Bitcoin from the Casino?

The truth is any profit will suffice even if it’s just $30. Do this every day and you’ll be up a few thousand dollars by month’s end. Slow and steady, or in this case small and consistent wins the blackjack race, right? If you experience a loss embrace it with a positive attitude.


Walking Out A Blackjack Winner

We conclude this article with one of the funnier albeit sad stories we heard from one of our players. Helen, not her real name told us that she and her husband at an argument at a Vegas casino recently. Her husband said to her, “How on earth did you lose $250 playing slots?!” To which she replied, “Well, you lost $600 playing blackjack!” To which he replied, “I know how to gamble”.

As blackjack players, we keep track of the perks blackjack gambling sites offer us. Some online USA casinos have different player rewards programs. Our suggestion to you is to try out different casinos to see which offer the best perks.

Play the same blackjack variant with the same bankroll at different casinos. Draw up a spreadsheet to calculate the rewards they offer you over a month’s play. Cross the casinos off your list that offer you the poorest rewards.

Make no mistake it’s far more fun to win than to lose. We conclude this piece by telling you always to take a profit no matter how small. The last thing you want is a big loss to keep you awake at night; if only I took that profit!

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