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Bitcoin Gambling The Crypto’s Remarkable Growth in 2017

Now that Bitcoin is taking off like a rocket its grabbed the attention of the globe’s largest financial investment companies. We said it many times before and we’ll say it again, Bitcoin is here to stay and it’s going to revolutionize the world’s financial system in more ways than we can possibly imagine.

A Venture Capital firm by the name of SPiCe Venture Capital is giving security tokens to its investors using blockchain technology. Vince Marti, an online gambling expert said that it’s due to the demand for all things cryptocurrency at the moment, essentially it bodes very well for the industry as a whole. The good news doesn’t stop here, SpiCe has its eye on Bitcoin too which will further drive the crypto’s demand and price.


Bitcoin A Safe Haven In Times of Economic Uncertainty?

Market research points out that educated young professionals hunger for something different and looking for alternative investment opportunities, they’re big fans of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Bitcoin wallet companies like Coinbase added different options where clients can purchase Bitcoins and various other cryptos using fiat currencies. The past few weeks the price of Bitcoin has shot up by an incredible 40%, at one stage it looked like it was going to punch $12,000. Despite a few fluctuations here and there it’s continuing is upward trajectory.

Bitcoin Cash transactions are cheaper and faster than ever before which allows players to get their cash in and out of online BTC casinos in record time without being saddled up with costly transaction fees and it erases geographical boundaries. As a result customers are spoiled for options which is a good thing for investors trading with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been dubbed digital gold, by the end of 2018 a single bitcoin could reach $40,000 and the digital currency market cap could reach $2 trillion. At this stage it’s valued at an incredible $343 billion has become more valuable than Visa and the Bank of America. At $343 billion, Bitcoin is gaining on the market cap of JPMorgan Chase whose CEO called it ‘a fraud’ in September 2017.


Australia Regulated Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now a legitimate currency in Australia, a Brisbane Gold and Bullion set up the first Bitcoin Exchange which has become popular with the younger digitally aware generation.

Blockchain technology is now seen as a major disruptor because the caliber of professionals involved with it are young and up and coming, they’re smart and don’t like to be told by governments how to spend and invest their cash. Another reason why Bitcoin is hitting the high notes is because Dubai has turned its gaze towards it. The country is catching on now and seeing for the first time just how massive the technology really is.

Sadly many people are still ignorant about Bitcoin’s true potential especially the older generation who see it as volatile and should best be left alone. Since January 2017 the price of one Bitcoin has gone up by a remarkable 700%, at the time of writing it was trading at $10,372.

“The information age (Internet) disrupted anyone who was intermediating with information and content”.

In summary. Bitcoin has become the gatekeeper to the world’s financial markets, it flipped the bird sign to banks and governments and it’s given the man in the street a voice again.

Some skeptics even described Bitcoin as the ”biggest bubble of our lifetimes, it’s a ponzi scheme that’s bound to crash.” The way it has been going now we beg to differ, but we live in a volatile world where anything is possible.

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