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Biggest Mistakes Casino Table Game Players Make

Everyone gambles for different reasons, but if you avoid the following mistakes you’ll walk away from the tables more times a winner than a loser. Here are the top 10 mistakes casino players often make at the tables:


1. Failure To Learn Basic Strategy

It requires some effort on your part to study the basic strategy of the table game you’re about to play. If you enjoying playing blackjack and you still haven’t mastered the basic strategy such its odds and rules you might end up losing more than you’d like to. If you study the game’s basic you’ll do much better since you’ll know when to hit, split and double down.


2. Refusal To Split The 8s

In blackjack the worst possible hand you can get is a pair of 8s or a 16 in total. If you stand with those eights you’ll win 43% of the hand. If you split you’ll improve your odds of winning to 52%.


3. Don’t Take Insurance!

Players who normally take insurance are blackjack card counters, or it’s done by players who’ve seen disproportionate small cards in the first few cards of a new shoe, with a house of 7.7% insurance is a bad wager.


4. Refusal To Hit 16s

If your hand is a hard 16 consider it a bad hand and don’t stand against the dealer. You should always hit against the dealer’s up cards of 7 through Ace. If you don’t hit against an Ace it will cost you an extra 15%.


5. Not Hitting A Soft 18

On all counts 18 is always a good hand but it doesn’t mean much when it’s up against a 9, 10 or Ace. You need to hit standing on a soft 18 verses a 9, costs a player an extra 8%.


6. Not Doubling Down On 18s

When you are facing the dealer’s up card the of 3, 4, 5 or 6, 18 looks good. In fact it’s so good you should always double down. Your edge over the dealer 6 is so high, if you don’t double down it will cost you an extra 10%.


7. Side Bets

When playing table games it’s fun to play side bets but it can also be a very expensive endeavour. Take a game like Lucky Ladies for example it has a house edge of about 25%. It means that it will cost the player 25 cents for every dollar wagered. If you play 60 hands an hour and make the side bet every few hands (20 times per hour), you’ll loose $5 (20×25 cents). If you play basic strategy it’s more than your standard blackjack loss if you play with a $10 bet (about $4.50).


8. Playing Blind

Players love to play an extra hand at Let It Ride and Three Card Poker. The only downside to this is that the hand must be played blind. If you want to hold onto your money don’t do it. Even if you just play the Pair Plus Bonus or the 3-card, you’ll be giving the house an edge of 7.27% which is not good.


9. Always Bet The Play Spot

Three Card Poker is an easy game to learn, the majority of the players bet the Pair Plus and the ante wager. It’s optional to wager on the Play spot which is good for the player since the dealer will qualify 69% of the time.

If you bet Play or play blind every time, you’re risking your money on marginal hands. Only bet on the Play wager if you’re holding a Queen, 6 to 4 or higher. If you’re interested in learning 3 Card Poker visit this page: https://casinowhizz.com/play-three-card-poker/.


10. Doubling Down On Hard 12

Some players like to double down on a hard 12. It beats me why they bet more money on a hand that they may lose before the dealer even has a chance to hit. Rather hit and then hit again if you need to. By doing this it will safe you money and maybe a bit of self esteem.

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