Bad Video Keno Table: How Many Spots Do I play?

24 August 2017 2 minutes to read
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It’s that time of the month again where we answer player questions, we try and answer them as accurately as possible.

This week Cathy an avid online casino table games player that loves video keno from Arizona in the States contacted us. She wants to know if the casino has a ‘bad’ video keno table how must she play it?

How To Play A Video Keno Game With Poor Odds

Hi Cathy,

In answer to your question, essentially video keno is a lottery game where players decide how many numbers (from 4 to 10) to mark on a field of 80 (1 to 80) numbers and the wager they have to place on each spin. In turn 20 numbers are drawn from the random 80 numbers. Depending on how many the selected numbers match the twenty drawn numbers, a win is based on the paytables provided in the help screen.

However, there have been cases where players had to pick from pay tables that were poor. This normally happens when a new casino just opened its doors or when the casino upgraded its video keno games. When a player is faced with a keno game that offers really poor odds, what must you do?

  • One thing that’s certain when it comes to video keno the math never lies. When the odds are really poor it’s best to play 7 spots. Reason being this selection has the highest ”Rating” number and in the long run is the best option that favors the player.
  • The ”Odds” number the average number of spins it takes to obtain a winning are the same regardless of the paytable. The worst and the best video keno games will have the same ”Odds”. This means that the changes are pretty good when you play 4 followed by 7 spots. Ten spots are the worst spots and it can take up to 15 games before you get a winning hand.
  • Before you start playing at a video keno table always check the help screen first and place the bet multiplier as ”1” to keep computations simple. If necessary record the paytable on a sheet of paper by using your cell phone’s note app, or you can take a photo of it with your cell phone.


Online Keno Strategy and Tips

For what it’s worth we’ve thrown in a few tips that will hopefully stand you in good stead next time you play keno at your favourite casino.

1. Before you play for real money play the game in the free mode first.

2. Find out which casino has the maximum payout.

3. If you play keno online play at it our best USA casinos that offer spectacular bonuses to first time customers.

4. Don’t use to many numbers (see above).

5. Scrutinize the odds and pay special attention to them.

6. Vary your small numbers.

7. Play with multi-race cards and don’t rush your bets.

8. One of the most important aspects when it comes to any form of gambling is smart bankroll management. The same rule applies to keno.

In summary. If video keno strategies are not tried and tested by a reputable mathematician, don’t play the game or believe what you read.

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