Are You On A Losing Streak?

13 July 2018 4 minutes to read
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We normally write about how to win consistently at online slots, today however, we’re going to give you some advice what to do if you’re on a losing streak. Suffice to say the time has come to reevaluate your style of play and the choices you make.

”Gambling is a calculated business that requires a sound mind and severe discipline.”

One of the best ways to guarantee a losing streak is to play the online casino games with the highest edge to the house. Many players chase those big jackpots on progressive slots, unfortunately they get carried away in all the hype and spend far more cash than they intended to. We’re not so sure any more because it looks like players still don’t understand the concept ‘highest house advantage’ as such they experience losses of Biblical proportions.


With a 25% advantage over the player, keno has one of the highest house edges. Let’s break the 25% house edge down for you quick, for every dollar you spent you will lose 25 cents in the long run, crazy huh?



Being the slots lovers that we are we’re the first to admit that they are not labelled the ‘crack cocaine’ of casino games for nothing. Slots requires absolutely no skill, there is a reason why there aren’t any professional slot machine players, plus it’s impossible to beat the game consistently. Even if you play slots for entertainment it can be costly at times.

Depending on the volatility of the slots you’re playing, the more you play the more you’ll lose. If you experience a huge loss and you’re under the impression that the game will pay out soon, you’ll be on your way to the poor house quicker than you can say ‘what the heckjust happened!’. Slots machines have no memory and they couldn’t care less about your losses.

This is why we always divide our bankroll equally between 4 games that includes some golden oldies and the newest releases. For example, if our bankroll is $400 we’ll split it into $100, essentially this allows us to play 4 slot games simultaneously. Therefore, we’ll decide on an average bet per spin for each game and we’ll stick to it. We’ll also mix it up a bit by playing low and medium variance games where the in-play bonus rounds such as the free spins feature are triggered relatively easy. If we’ve lost the $100 on a game we’ll simply move onto the next one and we won’t try and recoup our losses.

Caribbean Stud Poker

In most U.S land-based casinos the mechanical roulette games have two green 0 and 00. The house edge is 5.3%, players who play the game for long sessions will see their cash disappearing faster than a paper in a bonfire.

Let It Ride

Let It Ride is hands down one of the most volatile games we’ve comes across, you’ll lose approximately 76% of all your hands when you play it. The hands that you do win will most probably be even money.

The casino will have an advantage of 3.5% over you, your bankroll will make a couple of flip flops before disappearing into thin air. So, players who take crazy to the next level play the progressive version of Let It Ride, the game’s house edge is a mammoth 24%.

Playing casino games with a high house advantage is not the only culprit, another major contributor is ”Bad Ideas”. There’s was a video game I once played as a kid, forgot the game, but one of the characters in the game said ”It’s a bad’ idea to attack that enemy”. Let’s have a look at some of these ‘‘Bad Ideas’‘:

  • Whether you play online or at a land-casino, if you expect to lose you can might as well leave it or stay at home.
  • If you’re not familiar with the basic strategy of the game you’re about to play, its rules or bankroll management, you’ll be one of the ”biggest losers” in no time.
  • Don’t drink and never gamble when you are tired. This is one of the main reasons why casinos love to ply their patrons with ”free drinks”. Players under the influence of alcohol play reckless.
  • If you’ve lost your bankroll stop playing and don’t think that prolonged play will help you get it back.
  • Gamble more in order to earn a simple comp such as a free lunch. It’s painful to lose $2,000 just to earn a free dinner!
  • Never gamble with borrowed, scared or rent money. Folk who do this are normally the ones who talk to themselves when they leave the casino.
  • Don’t gamble big to impress a girlfriend or your boss.
  • Go with your gut feeling or believe that gambling is based on luck. To a degree yes, remember that each casino game is governed by a random number generator (RNG) that’s if you play video slots or video poker.
  • This is one of our all time favorites, ask your friend or relative to give you the money back you told them to keep.

In summary. Players guilty of playing high negative expectation games or doing any of our ”Bad Ideas” must take some time out to reevaluate their play. It occurred to us that if ”Gamblers Anonymous Hotline” made every tenth caller a winner their phones would be buzzing non-stop.

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