Are Hot and Cold Tables at Live Casinos a Myth?

25 June 2022 4 minutes to read
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Are hot and cold tables at live online casinos a myth? Well, it depends on who you ask? We heard an interesting story from Joan the other day.

She said that she played at a live online casino where all the tables “were cold”. Not sure we understood her correctly. Perhaps she didn’t understand the rules of the live dealer casino games she was playing.

Anyhow, we decided to do a bit of digging. We spoke to a few table game players; to see if it is the case at the best USA online casinos with live dealer casinos.


Hot and Cold Tables a Myth at Live Casinos?

One thing we do know is that the odds of blackjack change on every hand all the time. The reason for this is simple; the dealer removes cards from the deck all the time.

Whilst with other real money casino games at online casinos the odds remain the same. Nonetheless, streaks do occur and smart players know where the best tables are.

Personally, when we play live dealer games a hot or cold table doesn’t matter to us. The best blackjack players told us they look for the tables with the most chips.

While others prefer tables where the players crack a lot of jokes. The golden rule of blackjack; play at tables where there are at least 6 players.

You’re most probably thinking how so? If you’re the only player playing against the dealer the odds are against you. Always make sure there are a few players at the table.

Strictly speaking, that’s the golden rule, or “live casino table gameplay 101”.



Different Strokes for Different Casino Gamblers

Jim said he picked a live dealer casino blackjack table where the players looked happy. He started playing with $100 and managed to cash out $500 after an hour’s play.

He said it didn’t bother him when they changed dealers at the blackjack table he was playing. Besides, Jim said that the new blackjack live dealer was a hoot.

Now, some folk become superstitious when live online casinos change their dealers mid-play. Jim also said that the players at the table said he took away all their luck.

The new dealer was hitting one 21 after the other. He said it didn’t bother him even though the blackjack table he was playing at went cold turkey. After all, he was up $500.


What About Craps?

Mia said she always scouts for the best live craps tables online. One particular American online casino with the best live dealer craps tables is MYB Casino.

The site has been online for a few years with an outstanding reputation. If everyone is looking glim at one table and at the other hollering at the other table; I want to be with the winners!

When the dice are hot they’re hot. The best runs I’ve ever had were at hot tables where the other players were winning too.


Live dealer Casino Blackjack Rules The Roost

Amber said she doesn’t believe in hot or cold tables. She plays the games she wants to play at her own pace. If she joins a $15 table she won’t join a hot table where the average bet is $25.

I’ll stick to my guns win or lose. Besides, I had a great time at a table where the dealer tried to intimidate me. The dealer said to her “you don’t want to play against me I’m red hot”.

She said she loves a challenge when she plays live casino blackjack. It helps her to focus. Contrary to what the blackjack experts said she was the only player at the table. She was at a $5 table.

Well, the dealer wasn’t red hot but Amber was. She started at $15 per hand and was playing a progression. She said she had a lot of five-win streaks. At one stage her progression took her bet to well over $100.

Long story short, Amber was up a hefty $1,200! She admits that she’ll lose sometimes when she goes to a cold table. But, she’ll also lose at hot tables.

Best of all, she says if players are afraid of losing. They shouldn’t be gambling at live dealer online casinos in the United States.

Hot Numbers at The Roulette Table

Danny said he doesn’t care about the hot tables, but he loves the hot numbers in roulette. He said when he’s not playing online slots for real money that’s what he plays.

“I probably play 80 percent slots and 20 percent roulette”, he said. I’ll look at the boards if there’s a choice of more than one roulette table.

He’ll start playing at the roulette table and use that number in his combinations until it’s off the board. He confesses that it worked like a charm for him thus far.

The first number he started on was a hot number. He had it for a single number, on a three-number street. Moreover, he bets on its column and its color.


Is Betting Against The Grain Any Good?

Peter from Wyoming said that he’s a contrarian and hot or cold tables don’t interest him. He’ll try and liven up the craps table if it’s cold and start betting on the don’t.

The same hard and fast rule applies to a hot table. He’ll also bet on the don’t. “Give me the dice, it’s time to win”. Peter believes that sooner or later a hot table cools down and vice versa.

Whether he wins or loses to him it’s all about having a good time. More importantly, he says it’s so much more satisfying betting against the grain.



We’ve heard various stories from novice and expert live USA casino table game players alike. Hot or cold tables really don’t matter to them.

One thing stands out like a pole above water, they know how to turn the tables in their favor. Whether you play live blackjack or live craps at live casinos it all boils down to you.

Some players won’t join a hot table right away. Sometimes a lot of high cards are coming out which means that a lot of players are getting good hands. Whilst others are getting blackjacks.

If players leave the cold tables at least there’s more open space. Don’t let a hot or cold table play you; you must play the table.

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