Advice To Online Casino Gamblers: Learn The Game Before You Play!

22 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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One would think that casino players would learn from their mistakes but clearly they don’t. We live in tough times and money is not available like it once was.

The problem is, players don’t always educate themselves about the casino games they play, especially slot machines. As a result they become easy pickings for online casinos. It’s like players fail to understand that casinos can’t build themselves on the back of winners. Yet, they keep on throwing money at the site year in and year out.

We’ll say it again. Each and every casino game has a built-in house advantage that favors the casino USA online. So, no matter how smart a player you are. The casino already has the drop on you before you start playing.

Hence the reason online casino gambling is such a lucrative business. Do players win? Of course, they do. If an online casino just takes money of its players it will run out of business soon. To keep itself afloat it must maintain a fine line. If players have a poor overall experience at the casino. This can have a downstream effect in terms of player visitation and they money they spend online.

The question is why do so many casino players still refuse to learn from their mistakes? Some players say they don’t have the time, others say they just play for entertainment.

Generally speaking, table games are the best games to play in online casinos. For the simple reason they carry a house advantage of less than 10 percent. If you play blackjack at optiomal betting strategy, you can lower the house edge to less than 1%.


Study The Casino Game Before You Play Online

Gambling in itself provides a lot of excitement moreso when one plays a progressive slots jackpot. Hit paydirt, and you’re a multi-millionaire on a single spin! Well, if only life were that simple, but it’s not, unfortunately.

Forget about the notion that casinos can’t survive without your business. Even with their high house edges on certain games casinos online are still way more player-friendly than for example lotteries. In fact, lotteries keep more than 50 percent of the money players wager on them.

Therefore, it’s possible to become a successful casino gambler online. It’s entirely up to you to equip yourself with the necessary tools to become a regular winner. We know online casinos USA do it, why can’t you. The crux of the matter is why don’t players learn from their mistakes?

Things is players love to play slots for real money because they are predictable and they are easy to play. You make a deposit, hit the spin button and you’re on “your way to riches”. Not! Speak to any casino manager and they’ll tell you that they make the most money from slots. Granted, online slot machines are extremely fun to play. If you play them make sure that you have a proper betting strategy!


Players Gamble For The Wrong Reasons Sometimes

Casino patrons love to play slots at online casinos becaus they are predictable. We spoke to a player recently and she told us she prefers the pokies or slots over table games. Because she doesn’t like playing chess. She just wants to sit back, relax and let the slot machine do all the work for her. Furthermore, she loves the themes of slot machines, and their bonuses. Basically, all the amenities are under one roof.

If you do play slots online, play the games with the highest payback rate. In other words, slot machines with a small hold percentage of 2% to 3%. Make no mistake that are a few players that snatch up this info. The vast majority however still don’t care. Woefully there are still way too many uneducated players. Suffice to say, they’re like cannon fodder to casino gambling sites online.

Ironically many players know exactly how an online casino’s player clubs system works. And, how many bets they need to make before they can score a comp. Word on the street is casino gamblers call it “aspirational play”, they even share it on Facebook. Truth is, they talk more about the comps they earned at the casinos then about the games and their odds.

There are some efforts going on to educate players about the casino games. One company that’s leading the charge is the GameSense Program, developed in British Columbia. This program gives players insight into the games. Their rules and how volatile they are. Moreover, they help players who have gambling problems. This is an excellent program and we highly recommend it. We sincerely believe “one small move can lead to a big change”.


Will Players Learn From Their Mistakes?

In our more than 20 years in the online casino industry we can see it happening. We receive tons of letters to our Inbox every month. Players ask us all kinds of questions relating to casino games and gambling in general. By no means are we wizards. We do put in an effort to answer them as truthfully and factuly correct as possible.

Players see gambling online as an escape or outlet from their daily lives. In itself there’s nothing wrong with playing your favorite slots or game for fun. However, it can become a problem if you don’t educate yourself about the pitfalls of excessive gambling.

We clearly see the direction the online casino industry is heading in. If the industry is busy doing its bit with regard to player education. Don’t you think the time has come to knuckle down and study the game you like? An informed and disciplined gambler is usually a successful one.

As online casinos look for a more personlized approach. The time has come for players to educate themselves. Not only about the casino games they play. But, about the casinos online they’re about to gamble at. The global Covid-19 pandemic taught land casinos to rethink their strategy. We think the time has come for you to do so too.

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