8 Solid Tips For Playing Video Poker

14 March 2022 3 minutes to read
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If you want to take your video poker to the next level at the top casinos for real money online. This article is for you.

We’ve been playing online slots and video poker for real money for many years.

Video poker is one of few casino games where the player can still beat the house.

In fact, by playing smart. You can reduce the house edge with an optimal betting strategy.

Let’s take a peek at our 8 tips that will improve your video poker play.


8 Tips How To Play Winning Video Poker

Summer is not too far which gives us cause to celebrate. It’s been a cold winter and we look forward to basking in the sun again.

Until then, it’s time to play video poker at the greatest casinos online in the United States.

So, if you’re a video poker fan, you’ll know that video poker requires some skill and luck, of course.


1. Only Play The Best Video Poker Games Online

We do admit that online casinos rearrange their video poker libraries. In other words, they seldom offer 9/6 video poker games.

The 6/5 varieties are more common now. What it means not is that the payouts are less for a Full House and Straight Flush.

We answer common questions about video poker, make sure you read it.

Certain online casinos still cover 10/7 Double Bonus and full-pay Deuces Wild. If these games are not available at the online casino.

Look for video poker games with an RTP of at least 99 percent. Games such as 9/6 jacks or Better or 8/5 Bonus Poker with RTPs of 99.54% and 99.1%, respectively.

Don’t even think of playing games with an RTP that is less than 98 percent.

Pay close attention to their paytables. Also, check how much they’re paying for a Royal Flush.

By playing the highest-paying video poker machines, you’ll improve your odds of winning.


2. Learn A Playing Strategy For One or Two Video Poker Varieties

To maximize your wins, you must know how to play the games properly, right?

Now, the only way to do that is to learn the playing strategy. You can find them at Casinowhizz.com, in books or software.

Pick the video poker varieties you like and study their strategies. Our favorites are Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker.

Their basic strategies are easy to learn. Besides, your bankroll will last longer if you don’t play games like Triple Bonus.


3. Play Only When You Feel Sharp

If you had a good night’s rest and you mastered the game’s strategy, you can start playing.

More often than not, players play video poker if they feel tired.

Don’t do that! In any event, you’ll make plenty of costly mistakes. Even though a royal flush can pop on any hand.


4. Make Sure Your Bankroll Can Go The Distance

A proper bankroll is critical for any successful video poker outing. Don’t play with next month’s mortgage payment.

Remember, it’s far better to play with a depleted bankroll. Then log out of the online casino with no money in your bank account.

If you can’t afford to lose any money then it’s best not to gamble in the first place.


5. Don’t Play For Comps

When you play video poker for real money online casinos award you comps.

However, earning comps should not be the sole reason why you play video poker.

Play for fun, the wins, and the comps will follow.

Another thing, it’s pointless to lose a few hundred dollars for the sake of a few comps.


6. Play Video Poker at Different Online Casinos

Don’t play video poker at the same online casino.

Some sites will offer you better odds for example games such as 9/6 Jacks or Better.

Moreover, new online casinos award video poker bonuses, and they settle video poker wins faster.

Remember, can be as good as a holiday.


7. Take It Easy!

In other words, slow down!

If you play for too long and too fast; you’ll run out of cash in no time.

Mix up your games from time to time. Whether we play video poker or online slots, we time our sessions.

After a session of Jacks or Better switch to Deuces Wild or to Double Bonus Poker.

Not only does it break up the monotony; it keeps things interesting and exciting.

Also, when you take it easy, it helps to conserve your bankroll.


8. Have A Blast!

What’s the point of gambling at online casinos if you’re not having fun.

Playing video poker should always be for the enjoyment of it.

If you play smart you’ll be able to have fun for longer, see it that way.



If you follow our 8 tips for playing video poker, you’ll improve your odds at winning.

Another thing we’d like to mention is free play. If you like Jacks or Better. Play it for at least 35 to 50 hands with free credits before you deposit.

Ask the support staff at the online casino if they’ll give you a free comp. Last but certainly not least, bet the maximum 5 credits!

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