7 Rookie Mistakes Online Casino Gamblers Make

1 August 2022 4 minutes to read
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Many rookies who started their online gambling journey made a few mistakes. As online casino experts, we can relate to that because it’s a fact.

At some point in time, every casino gambler was once a rookie or a newbie. The team at Casinowhizz understands and sympathizes with newbies. Hence the reason we are here to help you.

More often than not newbies jump online and expect to hit the jackpot when they play slots for real money within the first few spins.

Apologies for bursting your bubble; this is not going to happen. Let’s look at the errors newbies make gambling online. And, how they can avoid them.

1. Living In a Fantasy World

We all want the big wins, right? Unfortunately, online gamblers with experience realize that the odds of that are small.

Newbies go into their games wanting to win money for a new car or a nice vacation. It’s fine to dream big, by all means, go for it. However, your modus operandi should always be within the ambit of sound gambling principles.

Players who gamble at online casinos that welcome Americans need to be realistic at all times. We all know that guy who buys a lottery ticket every week. Heck, some of us might even be that guy.

Then we proclaim, “this is my lucky ticket; tonight, I’m winning the whole shebang!”. How often has that guy won the lotto? He might get a few numbers correct and win a few dollars on his purchase.

2. Forgetting The Fun-Factor

Online casinos are great to have hours of fun and winning a bit of money. New players often forget to have fun playing online.

They put too much pressure on themselves chasing the big wins. Don’t gamble online for the wrong reasons and the possibility of using it to get rich.

We can tell you now and we tell you for free that ain’t gonna happen. Whatever you do, don’t listen to the guy that says: “Make it happen, captain”.

So, the bottom line is if you can’t have fun whilst gambling online you might as well leave it.

3. Disregarding Their Bankroll

New players dive in and often lose themselves in the frenetic energy of online gambling. A prime example is playing at live dealer online casinos since they simulate a real casino environment.

Rookies should remember that their bankroll is money they are willing to lose. It’s as simple as that. Playing with a budget and sticking to it unfailingly is essential for every online session.

Start by betting low when you play games for real money online. You might even learn some money discipline along the way.

4. Applying ‘Cheat’ Systems

With a host of betting strategies and cheat sheets on the internet, it’s easy to think they guarantee wins.

Yes, they often win online gamblers decent money. However, they are never going to beat the house.

Systems like the Martingale, for example, teach you mere betting tactics. No ‘cheat’ system can win or a betting strategy can go against the Random Number Generator.

If such a system were out there, online casinos would go out of business.

5. Playing At Random Online Casinos

Online casinos that don’t have the best of intentions lure rookies with massive deposit bonuses. All bonuses come with playthrough requirements that newbies may not be aware of.

They commit to the bonus, seeing it as free money. Always research the online casino you want to register an account with before depositing real money.

The best legitimate online casinos have policies relating to security encryption and fair play. In addition, they have strong ties with a legal gambling authority and provide the best banking methods like Bitcoin.

New players hunting welcome bonuses should check that the wagering requirements of bonuses remain clearly set out.

If you sign up for every deal that looks good, you will lose your money, which we can guarantee you.

6. Reckless Game Choices

Another mistake newbies make is playing online gambling games they don’t understand. They don’t take the time to learn the game’s rules, and some hardly know how to play it.

Online casino games, even slots, are not as simple as they appear. Don’t let the cutesy symbols and animations fool you.

Make an effort and learn the games, especially table games like poker. You might find it dreary to learn the rules, but we promise it will make you a more successful player.

Use the practice or demo free play modes to read the game’s rules and play a few rounds. Only once you feel you have mastered it, play for real money.

Be cautious with table game variants. For example, Blackjack has many variants with different rules for each.

7. Playing On Hunches And Misconceptions

Have you ever heard about the Gambler’s (or Monte Carlo) Fallacy? It’s the principle that if something happens frequently, the chances of it occurring in the future decrease.

For example, if the ‘black’ in Roulette comes up many times in a row, players think it’s time for ‘red’ to win.

They basically bet on the history of the previous results. When you place your real money wager, bet each new bet like it is your first.

Forget about ‘lucky numbers’ and gut feelings. You are playing against a system that throws out random results like soft drinks in a vending machine. The size of your bet nor your gut instinct will help you to win.


We made many more errors as new players. And, unlike many players out there we did learn from them. Our advice to newbies is to gain experience before playing high stakes.

It is imperative to play at online casinos with a good reputation. Take a break when online gambling becomes frustrating, or you lose too much real money.

Go for smaller, consistent wins and learn the bonuses and game rules before committing to them.

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