5 Common Mistakes Online Gamblers Make

2 June 2016 3 minutes to read
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Thanks to the Internet more and more online casinos are popping up like mushrooms after a thunderstorm. Operators are forever competing against each other for one resource:players. When it comes to online gambling and the mistakes players normally make there seems to be a universal consensus.

Our industry has never been more exciting since operators are now embracing long-term success. It has been shaped by the latest smartphone technology and improved gaming software. The game libraries web casinos now offer their customers are huge, interactive and entertaining. At the same token it can increase addiction and to put it blunt, reckless gaming. In the end, people and technology move forward. As the ocean’s waves wash away the beach sand, it’s the player’s choice to move away or be swept aside by it. Stability is dead. The idea that you can invent a business that will never be disrupted by technology is over.

In this article I’m going to discuss the mistakes players normally make and how to avoid them.


Common Mistakes Made By Online Gamblers

1. Terms and Conditions: Since the dawn of internet gambling not reading the terms and conditions has always been the proverbial thorn in many a player’s flesh. Some operators included some nasty terms that players only found out about when they tried to cash out. If they won a huge progressive jackpot the terms stated that all progressive wins will be paid out in monthly installments of $3,000. Hoodwinked? I think not. Had the player taken 5 minutes to read the terms or email the support staff they would have notified him about this term. The crux of the matter is, always read the terms before you deposit.

2. Deposit Bonus: Ah what a nice incentive! I don’t know about a single web casino that does not offer their first time customers one. The sign up bonus has left more players disgruntled than I care to remember. The purpose of the bonus is not only to welcome new players but to get them playing. Common sense dictates that if you’re offered a ‘free’ bonus of $100 who wouldn’t take it?

You’ll note that I put the word ‘free’ in inverted commas. Players blindly accept the bonus without reading its terms. For example. Before a withdrawal is permitted the bonus comes with a play-through, a minimum deposit and weighting of certain games attached to it. If the wagering requirement attached to the bonus is more than 35xb, don’t accept it. Note, the bonus is entirely optional. If the operator credits it automatically to your account without your consent. Kindly notify the support staff that you’re not interested in it.

3. Only Sign Up At Licensed Operators: If the internet casino does not carry a legitimate license invest your time and money elsewhere. Many players still deposit at unregulated casinos. In my experience unregulated operators are only in it for the short term. They employ every tactic in the book to solicit more cash from you and they don’t pay legitimate winnings. We have a nice name for operators like these, rogue online casinos.

4. Playing Without A Definitive Strategy: Without a doubt the biggest mistake gamblers make is that they play at the casino ”blind”. They play the casinos’ games without a clear-cut strategy, knowledge, bankroll discipline or understand how the payout percentage works. Informed players are normally successful players. When they start playing they know exactly the type of game they’re going to play and they understand its variations, strategy and rules. The rules and variations normally apply to card games like blackjack and roulette. But what happens when you play slots? There’s not strategy involved with slots. Make sure you understand the game’s paytable, set your bankroll aside and choose the right coin denomination. Also, never play a slots machine with a high house edge.

5. The House Always Wins: This is the golden rule of gambling be it online or at land-based casinos. The sooner you accept it the better. Informed players know that in the long run they’ll lose no matter how disciplined or good they are at a specific game. If you’ve won a huge amount of cash. Cash out your innings or a large portion of it. Never chase your losses and keep to your bankroll. If your bankroll was $100 and you’ve lost it, stop playing and walk away.

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