5 Common Mistakes Online Casino Players Make

13 August 2021 4 minutes to read
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Thanks to the Internet more and more online casinos pop up like mushrooms after a thunderstorm. USA online casinos compete against each other for one resource and that’s more players! When it comes to gambling online. There’s seems to be a universal consensus with regard to the mistakes players normally make.

As vets of the online casino arena with more than 25 years of experience. Our industry has never been more exciting since online casinos in the US now embrace long-term success. In other words, the best legal casinos USA online no longer shaft players for short-term gains. Let’s just say they are now in it for the long haul.

Moreover, the latest smartphone technology continues to improve and shape mobile US casinos. Therefore, the real money slots libraries of internet US gambling sites are interactive and entertaining.

At the same time, too much fun can increase addiction or reckless gaming. As the ocean’s waves wash away the beach sand. It’s up to you to decide if it will sweep you away or not. Truth is, stability is no longer the norm. The only thing that is constant is change. In this article, we talk about the 5 mistakes USA online casino players make and how to avoid them.

What Are The 5 Common Mistakes US Online Gamblers Make?


1. Progressive Jackpot Wins

Since the early days of gambling at casinos online in the USA; players still refuse to read the terms. Needless to say, not reading the terms and conditions remains the proverbial thorn in many a player’s flesh. We might add, the casinos as well.

There are shoddy casinos online that lace their terms with some nasty stuff. Especially, when it comes to player withdrawals and progressive jackpot wins. They’ll take weeks even months before they pay the player.

The only caveat about US casinos online is that they cap progressive jackpot wins. Is it a bad thing? Yes and no. The UIGEA prohibits banks from processing credit/debit card payments from legal USA online casinos. As a result, the best online US casinos must rely on third-party payment solutions like MST Gift Cards. The quickest way to get your money in, and out of the casino USA online is through Bitcoin.

Before you play progressive jackpot slots, contact the casino beforehand. Ask the support staff to explain to you how the casino pays progressive wins.


2. Failure To Read The Bonus Terms

The casino’s welcome bonus is a nice incentive! All the best casino online for USA players advertises a ‘free bonus’ on their web pages. You’ll note that we put the word ‘free’ in commas. Players blindly accept the bonus without reading its terms.

Before the best casinos for USA players okay’s your bonus wins. You must make the min deposit, supply the bonus code (if any). And, more importantly, clear the bonus terms attached to the bonus. However, the bonus leaves many a player disgruntled. By no means are we’re trying to dissuade you from taking the bonus. Read the fine print before you go in boots and all.

Now, the purpose of the casino bonus is to welcome new players and to entice them to deposit. Few casino gamblers online from the United States will refuse a bonus of 500%. If the wagering requirement of the bonus is more than say 50xb, don’t accept it. Note, the bonus is entirely optional. The casino USA online credits it automatically to your account on your first deposit.

3. Play At US Casinos With No Licenses or Track Record

If the internet casino does not carry a legitimate license invest your time and money elsewhere. Many players still deposit at unregulated casinos. As a rule of thumb, only play at the online casinos in the US, Casinowhizz.com recommends.

In our experience, unregulated casinos are only in it for the short term. They employ every tactic in the book to solicit more cash from you. As painful as it sounds, they also won’t pay you if you won money. We have a nice name for operators like these, we call them rogue online casinos.


4. Playing Without Optimal Strategy

The biggest mistake players make is that they play at the casino ”blind”. They play casino games for real money without a strategy, knowledge, or bankroll discipline. In addition, they didn’t do their due diligence about a site. More often than not they only realize their mistake. But, by then it’s already too late!

Informed players are successful players. Period! They only play at the top casinos online USA and they know exactly which game they want to play. Furthermore, they understand the game’s variations, strategy, and rules. The rules and variations normally apply to card games like blackjack for real money and roulette.

But what happens when you play slots? There’s no strategy involved with slots. Make sure you understand the game’s paytable, set your bankroll aside, and choose the right coin denomination. Also, never play a slots machine with a high house edge.


5. The House Always Wins

What’s the golden rule of gambling be it online or at land-based casinos? The house or in this casino the online casino always wins. The sooner you accept it the better for you. Smart casino gamblers know they’ll lose no matter how disciplined or good they are at a game.

If you played a casino game for real money and you win. Withdraw your winnings from the US casino or a large portion of it. Never chase your gambling losses and keep tabs on your bankroll. Time your gaming sessions. If your bankroll was $500 and you’ve lost it; never try and recover the money you lost.

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