10 Video Poker Dont’s

7 March 2021 6 minutes to read
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We dedicate this video poker article to all the players who love video poker as we do. We play our fair share of slots for real money every month, so they can become a tad monotonous. Hence the reason we dig video poker because it offers us a welcome distraction. Aside, from slots, it’s our second favorite game at USA casinos online.

In this piece, we tell you about the common mistakes video poker players often make. And, how to avoid them. Moreover, if you listen to what we have to say. You’ll have more winning sessions next time you play video poker online.

Video Poker Lessons From The Casino Experts


1. Not Betting The Maximum Credits

As a rule of thumb, wager the maximum of 5 credits just in case a Royal Flush pops up. The Royal Flush is the only video poker win that’s not proportional to your bets; unlike progressive jackpot slots, for example. Therefore, it’s a huge oversight by players if they ignore this extra bonus.

If you play a min bet of $0.25 on a quarter video poker machine and snag a Royal Flush. The payout you’ll receive will only be 250 quarters. Make no mistake a payout of $62.50 is good especially on a stake of $0.25. By all means, it’s a very good return on your investment. However, if you wager the same amount of $0.25 on a nickel machine; you’ll win $200 if you hit the Royal Flush. It makes a huge difference do you agree?

The bottom line is, bet the maximum credits when you play video poker! If you don’t, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. But, more importantly, you give the casino money that should have been yours in the first place.


2. To Examine The Pay Tables

A true video poker player will never ignore the Pay Table or the Help Screen. If you believe the difference between a video poker machine that pays 30 to 40 credits for a Full House at the max bet, as opposed to 40 credits. You’re making a mistake.

To best illustrate our point, we’ll use Jacks or Better as an example. If you play a “short pay” less than the full payback percentage that pays 40 credits for a Full House. This is at the maximum wager rather than the “full pay” at 45 credits for the same payout. You’re losing 50 to 100 credits per hour. Obviously, this depends on how many sessions you play and the speed at which you play. We strongly urge you not to take it lightly.


3. Not Using The Perks Casinos Offer You

The comps online casinos award for video poker play is different from that of slots. Before you sign up at a casino shoot them an email. In it ask the casino how it rewards loyal video poker players.

If you disregard the video poker perks casinos online offer you; you’re wasting your money. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how good a video poker player you are. If you can’t take care of the small things the big things won’t take care of you.


4. Failure To Play Progressives

Another big mistake video poker players make is that they don’t play progressive video poker. In other words, video poker machine that belongs to a pool of jackpot games. Thing is, progressive video poker machines pay for a Royal Flush. Heck, some of them even offer payouts for Four-of-a-Kind and a Straight Flush.

Progressive video poker machines grow every time a player plays them. Moreover, don’t play a progressive if it has a shoddy paytable.


5. Not Using An Optimal Betting Strategy

If you don’t use an optimal betting strategy when you play video poker. You might as well kiss your hard-earned cash goodbye. In fact, this applies to any casino game you play for real cash. There are many different video poker variants and each has a different betting strategy. Double Bonus Poker has a different betting strategy than Deuces Wild, and so forth.

Start with Jacks or Better; the game is easy to learn and it pays really well for a Royal Flush. To be a successful video poker player learn optimal betting strategy. There are many video poker books video poker experts wrote. You can buy them at Amazon for under $10.

If you have the cash to spare buy a second-hand video poker machine. Video poker goes by the same hard and fast rule: Practice makes perfect! You can also buy cheap video poker apps.


6. Ignoring Bankroll Management

It doesn’t matter which casino game you play, if you ignore bankroll management, you’re tickets. If you plan on playing Jacks or Better put some money aside for it. In this case, a bankroll, and decide how much money you want to spend.

If you plan on playing video poker for an hour. Divide your play into 6 sessions of 10 minutes each. This works well for us and we noted that our concentration doesn’t waver. Even the Roman legions worked out that a soldier can fight for 10 minutes, tops. Hence the reason their lines were 6 columns deep.

Roughly speaking you should spend at least $100 to $200 per hour. Moreover, your average bet should be $1.25 which is the max 5 credits. Never exceed your bankroll! If you play a dollar machine your bankroll should be $400. Never play with money you cannot afford to lose. More importantly, quit while you’re ahead.


7. Lack of Concentration

To be good at video poker requires a lot of skill and concentration. If you don’t focus on the task at hand. You’ll just give the casino your money on a silver platter and mistakes will creep into your game. Needless to say, they can be very costly.

When you play video poker avoid any distractions. Don’t chat to fellow players while you play. Unlike blackjack or craps, video poker is not a social game. We know of a case where a lady was chatting to someone whilst she was playing. The video poker machine dealt her 4 Aces of which she only kept two and discarded the other two Aces. What a costly mistake because she dipped out on 800 credits!

When you play video poker at online casinos. Never play when you’re socializing, you’re looking for trouble.


8. Don’t Give Up So Easily

The most successful video poker players are like honey badgers – they never give up. Nor, do they quit the game after a few sessions. Players often believe that if they received a big payout the video poker machine will just clam up. They then cash out their money and play other casino games. Unlike slots, video poker is a different beast altogether. Suppose you still remember that the game is based on skill.

That said, a video poker machine goes through hot and cold streaks as well. You can also play off your bankroll and still walk away with a profit. In other words, if you managed a four-of-a-kind hand early on. You can still keep on playing with your original bankroll. Only then can you stop playing.


9. Not Quitting Quick Enough

It so happens that many players still flog a dead horse. To put it differently, they continue to play while lady luck bolted a long time ago. They just keep on playing just for the sake of playing.

Plus, they don’t employ an optimal betting strategy. They let the machine do the thinking for them, or so to speak. The more stubborn you become, the more stubborn the video poker machine becomes. Professional video poker players know when to kiss their losses goodbye. They time their sessions and if the bell goes, they stop playing.

They also focus on their next playing session and they maintain a positive attitude. Video poker is one of the very few casino games that favor the player. Whether it’s over the short or the long run. The problem most video poker players experience is fatigue after long sessions. When you play video poker ensure that you’re always in control. Only you call the shots and not the machine.


10. Don’t Have A Plan

Video poker is a game of skill where the player can still gain an advantage over the house. When you play video poker you’re making an investment. But, this investment requires careful planning and a methodical approach.

When you invest your money you hope for the best possible return on your money. Not so? The same rule applies when you play video poker for real money. The pros carefully map out their betting strategy. They have a bankroll. They focus on the task at hand and they know the video poker variant they want to play.

In addition, the best video poker players have an optimal betting strategy. They know the game’s rules, its odds, and poker hand ranking. Make sure you keep the right cards. The last thing you want is when you receive a Full House; to discard the one Jack instead of hanging onto all three of them.

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