10 Common Mistakes Online Slot Players Make

25 August 2022 5 minutes to read
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Many online slot players still blunder away their bankroll when they play slots. Hence the reason we decided to do a piece on 10 common mistakes online slot players make.

Did you know that video slot games are more than 45 years old? It seems improbable, considering that the first Star Trek movie only came out three years later.

So, even with more years under the belt than Mike Tyson received glove-blows, video slot players still make bloopers.

Like it or not, mistakes slots players make are the stuff of legends replete with myths and fallacies.

10 Common Mistakes Online Slot Players Make

When gamblers play slots for real money at online casinos that welcome Americans they make silly mistakes. We take a look at the mistakes players often make. So, hopefully, you’ll learn something.

1. New Slots Are Loose

New video slot releases have a built-in return to player percentage (RTP), irrespective of the number of plays you make.

This RTP ensures that the slot game’s volatility is the same as the first bet. Of course, online casinos promote the hell out of new slots. Why wouldn’t they?

It’s similar to Apple stimulating sales for newer technology. Newly released slots online bring the latest innovation in gaming to the fore.

In other words, slot machines with new game mechanics, and exciting special features. It’s all for the players’ benefit, right?

2. The Slot Jackpot Is ‘Due’

All video slot mechanics play on a ‘random result program.’ No video slot becomes ‘due’ for a win after a long cold streak; that is pure delusion.

If your chances of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine are 200 to 1. In all probability, it remains as such with each new spin. A video slot is a machine, nothing more and nothing less.

No fairy dust or four-leaf clovers is floating around your universe. Instead, you’ll only see these symbols on the play grid of classic slot games.

3. Latest Slot Releases Increases Player Chances To Win

The reason developers come up with the latest and greatest slot games is a business decision. Therefore, they do not release a new slot game to increase your chances of landing large wins.

Online casinos and developers alike know that slot players need new games to keep them interested. Many players become disheartened when they don’t win big playing existing games.

This is the reason why they constantly play new games. They think the latest one is ‘the one’! But it’s still just a slot game with the same mechanics running beneath it as all the others.

Take Betsoft’s newest slot release Captain’s Quest: Treasure Island for example. The game has cracking 3D art, offers 10 free spins, and a jackpot of 25,280.

4. Low-Rollers Aren’t Important To Online Casinos

This is hogwash, to say the least, and we cannot stress this enough. Let’s say low roller bets of $0.50 on a slot machine every 20 seconds. The machine receives a total of $270 per hour regardless of losses or wins.

After 5 hours of play, the total bets a low roller fed the slot is $1,350. A lot of money, don’t you think? Now, factor in the house edge of about 4% on a regular slot machine.

The online casino profits $54 on average from one player only. Because most of their registered players are low rollers that play slots. Furthermore, they profit $5,400 from 100 players over 5 hours.

Does this seem like the online casino doesn’t care about your $0.50 bet? Yes, you and the other 99 players may win every third bet and have fun along with wins.

That is the nature of real money online video slots. It’s entertainment at its best, and don’t forget that low rollers are important to gambling sites.

5. Slot Bonus Rounds Offers Equal Winning Chances

As captivating as it may sound, bonus rounds are not all equal. With a lucky wheel feature with 10 wedges, you get a variety of probable wins.

Still, the prize differs with each wedge in the wheel. Each option is also different when you land a pick’em bonus round.

There is no way you’ll get the same prize on every bonus that triggers. You may think your chances of hitting the jackpot is 1 out of 10. The reality is could be as high as 200,000 to 1.

Remember, each spin on a slot machine is completely random. So your win in bonus features comes down to the RNG.

6. Only Foolish Gamblers Play Slots

This is absolutely not true. The decision to play a slot machine comes down to player preference, not bankroll.

Slots are the most played and enjoyed online gambling activity in the world. It offers a relaxing and fun environment with diverse themes and superb graphics. Many high rollers prefer slots above any other online gambling activity.

7. Slot Players Gamble All Their Money

This is not a ‘mistake’ online slots players, make but more of a misconception by others.

As a site devoted to the pleasure of online gambling, Casinowhizz is well aware that many non-gamblers feel this way.

Critics claim that slots players gamble their savings away and become addicted. Yes, gambling can be addictive, but slots players aren’t babbling fools who can’t control their bankroll.

If all online gamblers were addicts, there would be no more money and no more casinos. Many things are addictive, like caffeine or watching television.

Does this mean that we should blame Starbucks and Netflix for keeping us awake at night? Smart online slot players know how to manage their money and time, and most do it for entertainment value.

8. Progressive Slots Are Hot During Weekends

There are jackpot hunters that believe that progressive slot machines pay big over weekends. The fact is that most slots players reserve more time to play online for weekends.

Because more players pump the progressive slots, it means more wins during the weekend. It’s simple math.

We read about big progressive slots jackpot winners but never hear about the losers. Because, as a matter of fact, weekends also make for more losers. More players, more losers you see.

9. Profits From Slots Is Only Due To Luck

No, it’s not dumb luck for dumb people. You can profit real money wins from online slots. Make good decisions when opting for which slot you want to play.

The RTP percentage, hit frequency, betting limits, free spins, and paytable wins, have an impact on your profit.

10. The House Edge On Slots Guarantees Losses

While it is true the house edge protects the online casino, slots are not the big culprit. The house edge on real money online slots is between 4 and 5 percent. This is really low relative to many other online games.

When you play smart by activating the full features of the slot, you may get an edge over the house. During the base games, regular symbol combination wins steadily increases your bankroll.

If you bet too high and don’t chase the top jackpot prize in each round. Besides, your chances of winning decent money become more likely.


To remain successful in your online slot adventure, take heed of the 10 common mistakes online slot players make. Next time you play make a mental note of them.

Running into a new real money online slots game with exciting features is a joy. It’s what makes or breaks the monotony of online gambling.

Stick to your guns with intelligent money management strategies, and you’ll never run out of options.

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